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Allocation of Assets to Remaining (1st Merit List) Students of Masters and BS Degree Programs (16 Years) under PMNLS Phase-III

Allocation of Assets to Remaining (1st Merit List) Students of Masters and BS Degree Programs (16 Years) under PMNLS Phase-III

List of those students is given below whose names were included in the 1st Merit List of BS & Master (16 Year) Programs published on 14th July 2017 but their names were not present in Assets Allocation List published on 26th September 2017.


These students are informed that allocation of assets is in progress and should complete soon.  The assets will be transferred to respective Collection Points, as mentioned against each name, soon after the allocation completes.

Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Amna Yaseen 016-VU-002148 VFSD01
Aqib Yaqoob 015-VU-005879 VFSD01
Bilal Dar 016-VU-004903 VFSD01
Faisal Salam 015-VU-010875 VFSD01
Hafiz Muhammad Zaman Kashif 013-VU-011006 VFSD01
Hafiz Muzamal Tahir 015-VU-008447 VFSD01
Isam Ali Khan 015-VU-014452 VFSD01
Kashif Raza 014-VU-000287 VFSD01
Muhammad Ahsan 016-VU-005265 VFSD01
Muhammad Ali 014-VU-007384 VFSD01
Muhammad Kamran Ashfaq 015-VU-008869 VFSD01
Muhammad Waqas 014-VU-008251 VFSD01
Saddam Hussain 016-VU-003891 VFSD01
Saqib Ali 015-VU-013198 VFSD01
Tauqir Ahmad 013-VU-007103 VFSD01
Zain-ul-Abidin 016-VU-001197 VFSD01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Adeel 016-VU-003602 VGJW01
Amir Majeed 015-VU-009083 VGJW01
Anam Yaseen 016-VU-002250 VGJW01
Haider Ali Usman 015-VU-014514 VGJW01
Hammad Akram 015-VU-004373 VGJW01
Mehak 015-VU-009977 VGJW01
Moona Saleem 014-VU-009308 VGJW01
Muhammad Irfan Sarwar 015-VU-007888 VGJW01
Namra Waseem 015-VU-008374 VGJW01
Qasim Javed 014-VU-000498 VGJW01
Sohaib Nasir 015-VU-012236 VGJW01
Syed Jazib Hassan Zaidi 015-VU-007704 VGJW01
Syed Shajie Haider 016-VU-003671 VGJW01
Syed Sibt-e-Hassan 016-VU-003157 VGJW01
Waleed Tahir 015-VU-012052 VGJW01
Zeeshan Usman 014-VU-012811 VGJW01
Zeshan Ali 014-VU-009314 VGJW01
Zubair 013-VU-009892 VGJW01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Ahmad Ayub 013-VU-008939 VU Head Office Lahore
Ahtisham Rasheed 013-VU-011606 VU Head Office Lahore
Ali Faraz 015-VU-009642 VU Head Office Lahore
Ammad Khaliq 014-VU-012822 VU Head Office Lahore
Amna Qadeer 013-VU-012595 VU Head Office Lahore
Anam Akhtar 013-VU-011114 VU Head Office Lahore
Arifa Latif 015-VU-008067 VU Head Office Lahore
Asna Rida 016-VU-004090 VU Head Office Lahore
Azeem Zulfiqar 015-VU-004675 VU Head Office Lahore
Faisal Abbas 013-VU-007357 VU Head Office Lahore
Feraz Hussain 015-VU-007921 VU Head Office Lahore
Haider Ali 015-VU-007990 VU Head Office Lahore
Hassan Farooq 016-VU-005251 VU Head Office Lahore
Hina Ahmad 016-VU-003766 VU Head Office Lahore
Hira Qureshi 015-VU-012194 VU Head Office Lahore
Imran Ali 016-VU-003682 VU Head Office Lahore
Kamran Sadiq 013-VU-012604 VU Head Office Lahore
Mahnoor 015-VU-012730 VU Head Office Lahore
Maryam Ashraf 015-VU-013249 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Afzal 016-VU-006090 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Ijaz 015-VU-009388 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Talha Bin Ijaz 016-VU-004930 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Tauseef 015-VU-006818 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Ubaid Tariq 015-VU-011269 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Umar Inayat 016-VU-003978 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Waqas 014-VU-010313 VU Head Office Lahore
Muhammad Waqas Fareed 015-VU-010959 VU Head Office Lahore
Nokhba Noor 016-VU-001072 VU Head Office Lahore
Saira Haq 015-VU-012715 VU Head Office Lahore
Sameer Ahmed 015-VU-013846 VU Head Office Lahore
Samra Arshad 013-VU-011222 VU Head Office Lahore
Shehroz Nabeel Khan 015-VU-009528 VU Head Office Lahore
Shoaib Bin Shahid 015-VU-011261 VU Head Office Lahore
Sibgha Akhtar 013-VU-011980 VU Head Office Lahore
Syeda Nayab Zahara 015-VU-011054 VU Head Office Lahore
Umair Hassan 015-VU-011648 VU Head Office Lahore
Umer Bin Akhlaq 014-VU-005169 VU Head Office Lahore
Usama Asim 015-VU-000301 VU Head Office Lahore
Usman Sharif 014-VU-008001 VU Head Office Lahore
Yasir Yousaf 015-VU-003143 VU Head Office Lahore
Zainab Bibi 015-VU-008037 VU Head Office Lahore
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Javaria Raees 016-VU-000369 VHYD01
Mahnoor 015-VU-014551 VHYD01
Shafiq Ur Rehman 014-VU-010402 VHYD01
Zeeshan Nawaz 016-VU-001474 VHYD01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Amna Khudadad 015-VU-000298 VIBD01
Arsal Mehmood Naz 014-VU-010486 VIBD01
Arslan Ahmad 015-VU-000783 VIBD01
Atia Saba 014-VU-008988 VIBD01
Ayesha Jabeen 015-VU-005882 VIBD01
Azhar Khan 016-VU-002886 VIBD01
Fahad Hassan 016-VU-002246 VIBD01
Faiza Haider 016-VU-003945 VIBD01
Khadija Bibi 013-VU-009908 VIBD01
Mahnoor Anjum 016-VU-004493 VIBD01
Muhammad Adeel 016-VU-000707 VIBD01
Muhammad Adil 016-VU-001644 VIBD01
Muhammad Eisa Awan 013-VU-010441 VIBD01
Muhammad Hassan Raza 015-VU-014260 VIBD01
Muhammad Saeed 016-VU-003535 VIBD01
Muhammad Saqlain Iqbal 015-VU-001431 VIBD01
Muqaddas Zulfiqar 016-VU-005907 VIBD01
Nimra Ibrar 016-VU-000034 VIBD01
Qurat Ul Ain Ijaz 013-VU-010081 VIBD01
Sadia Shabbir 016-VU-002611 VIBD01
Shahzad Ahmed 015-VU-009316 VIBD01
Shahzad Hussain 016-VU-001567 VIBD01
Tayyib Yasin 015-VU-008866 VIBD01
Zartashia Shabbir 014-VU-007326 VIBD01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Hasnain Yaqoob 014-VU-006739 VJHM01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Faiza Khalil 016-VU-001490 VKHI01
Ijaz Ul Haq 016-VU-000390 VKHI01
Muhammad Ali 014-VU-006310 VKHI01
Muhammad Talha Khan 016-VU-001351 VKHI01
Rao Mazhar Iqbal 015-VU-008240 VKHI01
Samra Arshad 016-VU-000470 VKHI01
Um E Salma 015-VU-014227 VKHI01
Zeeshan Ahmed 016-VU-001559 VKHI01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Aftab Ahmed 015-VU-010813 VMTN01
Fizza Irfan 015-VU-010797 VMTN01
Hadeeqa 016-VU-002804 VMTN01
Muhammad Ashar 016-VU-000073 VMTN01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Ahtahsham Ul Haq 016-VU-001864 VPSW01
Jehangeer Khan 016-VU-003256 VPSW01
Muhammad Fayaz Khan 015-VU-014791 VPSW01
Muhammad Salman 016-VU-004225 VPSW01
Sajid Khan 016-VU-001632 VPSW01
Shahid Ramzan 015-VU-013155 VPSW01
Zahid Mahmood 016-VU-000022 VPSW01
Name VU Reg.No. Collection Point
Syed Moinuddin 015-VU-000482 VQTA01

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