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Being a researcher reveals a lot to you; those Idols you once have sculptured & worshiped have to be broken with your own hands. This happens to only those people who used to get out of their own shell, those who don’t blindly believe on everything that is told them to believe. Then we come to know that most of syllabus they studied in school was not more than riddles, it was not more than a fabricated narrative that was stuffed in our mouths to get some vested interests.

Cartoon courtesy: Dawn.com

Nawaz debacle has never been my favorite topic ever, always considered him the worst politician ever, especially because he always seemed like a stooge, like a mannequin. he was never a self-made politician like Bhutto (i.e. debatable) & Benazir.  His fall was eminent, if not today than some other day.

Research gave another daunting lesson, that the worst democracy is better than the best autocracy (read dictatorship).  It’s shameful to confess now as I have been a staunch supporter of Musharraf. Still support his good steps, but not the coup he took on democracy. Too little too late, it’s better late than never.

The truth is, nobody should care about faces in a democracy. It’s unfortunate for us to have only a few political faces in many decades. The legacy left by the person should be higher than the persona they (democrats) try to leave. The idols of dynastic, caste, creed and ethnic based politics are absolutely incapable of engraving long lasting impressions in the future of nations. It’s true that politicians who use such metaphors can never become a legend.

Which political party is not dynastic or ethnic in Pakistan? PMLN? PPP? May be PTI….but isn’t it majorly ethnic if not dynastic? Isn’t PTI’s leadership quite autocratic? Does any of the political party believe in delegation of powers? Who’s the next leader of PTI after Imran? Answer: A pin-drop silence! Asked this question from many PTI jialaz, they had no clue. How many more years a man of 65 years would live and serve the nation with stable mind? But who cares for the future of Pakistan other than their own.

Nawaz is a dunce, a corrupt so is Imran (may be a bit debatable). What other options do we have? Kalsoom Nawaz? Mariam Nawaz? Shahbaz Sharif? Bilawal (read Zardari)? All clearly seems to be embossed either on one side of the coin or the other. Only two parties are dominant on the national front, it can be either head or tail. There is no other probability.


The worst reality is that every now and then a Prime Minister of Pakistan is ousted, the basis of their ouster are almost always the same. However, the hideous circumstances, intents or contents may be different. Why did the people of Pakistan never did their accountability? May be because some power helped them to be a political martyr?

It's strange that our nation could not produce even a single “Sadiq & Ameen” Prime Minister in the 70 years of its history (precisely in around 30 years of political governments). That is why 18 prime ministers of Pakistan were dismissed due to corruption, technical reasons, or fault in their stars. Since according to a hadith, a leader of the nation is the snapshot of common people (Jaise awam waise hukmaran). So it can be concluded that overall: “We are a corrupt nation”.

Let’s suppose this hypothesis as correct, then now what to do with the Made-in-Zia, Article 62 and 63 of Constitution? These clauses were added in the constitution in Zia’s arena when a breed of Sadiqs and Ameens were cultivated by Zia; the crop is ripe now and seems to have taken over the control of the major resources of this country. Did we ever get “Sadiq & Ameen” leaders before or after this amendment? It seems worse than before, isn’t it? If the inclusion of the articles could not help us elect honest people then what to do with it? Is there any justification or ulterior motive to keep it in the constitution prima facie? I think, at least, it’s important for these clauses to be quantitative (measurable) rather than qualitative (not exactly measurable). I agree, it’s an extremely debatable topic.

I’ve always been a staunch critic of Nawaz, with friends like Chaudhary Nisar, Nawaz don’t need other enemies. Nisar’s jugglery has blown away the house of cards built by Nawaz. Nisar knows well better than Nawaz which card to play where & when. He seems to have plucked and kept Shahbaz Card under his sleeves to win the game of thrones in the near future. (i.e. a probability). I have also been a strong supporter of Imran Khan’s dharna ver 1.0 and 2.0. However, I now believe that Imran shall only understand when he’s himself inflicted with the of same sword of either Dharda or Article 62 and 63 in his time to come.

Generally I hate discussing politics, it’s an unpredictable bit**; Still, I assure you Kulsoom Nawaz shall easily win the Lahore election; (If disqualification conspiracy could set aside). I don’t think it’s a litmus test for Nawaz. It’s litmus test for public though. The people will decide how much the corruption of Nawaz matters for them. I have no doubt, Nawaz seems corrupt so far (though until proven guilty). I also don’t have any doubt, Nawaz will not only win this election, he will again lead next election with some loss of seats. (If & only if, his party & loyals are not martyred along with him, if he could save factions in the party).


Mujhe kion nikala? (Why I was ousted?)


You may make fun of the statement, if you like. But isn't it the echo of 18 Prime Ministers of Pakistan in the air? Is there any stakeholder who can answer the question? Unfortunately, the question shall always be asked from the other tiers of powers – the establishment & the judiciary of the time. Supreme Court's verdict in the Panama Case could not have been easily made controversial by the PML-N cronies, had the Supreme Court not included ISI in the JIT, as being a political matter of sensitive nature & the decades old conflict of interest between the institutions. Unfortunately, now an impression is emerging that some "Powerful" has gone personal with Sharif family. We all know clash of institutions, especially on the personal grounds is disastrous for the country, but sadly, it's  the story of 70 years of Pakistan. 

Cartoon courtesy: Dawn.com

Since the question will always be unanswered, the riddle shall always be there, unless democratic forces are given their due time to be kicked out by the awaam. The people will surely be aware, if not today then tomorrow, that who is corrupt and did not deliver and will oust him. Do you remember PPP?


It is observed, people forgive politicians or punish them after granting due time. But will the history & future forget & forgive the role of Judiciary & the establishment? I doubt so. Politics is not about faces my dear, it’s not about Nawaz Sharif as he will be forgotten anyways. It’s about following a legitimate way of governing people on the basis of principled authority or an ideology.

What’s your ideology anyway?

Democracy? i.e. Rule of the people through their representatives.

Autocracy? i.e. Rule of one man over people.

Kratocracy? i.e. Rule by strong who cam seize power by force or cunning.

Krytocracy? i.e. Rule by Judges.

Stratocracy? i.e. Rule by Military.


You may like whatever you want but we should learn to follow & respect the ideology which is law of the land. Is there any other legitimate law of the land other than democracy? If you want me to respect any of the other "-cracies" then amend the constitution and make your desired -cracy law of the land. I assure you to be respecting the law.

I agree, politicians are dunce, so are the people who elect them. It's not the democracy which is dirty, but those politicians who don't follow a principle centered politics. Imran was once my hope, i still hope (maybe) he has  capacity to learn from history.


P.S. It may (falsely) be assumed that I am supporter of Nawaz Sharif, this forum is filled with my criticism against this guy. The final theme of the discussion is ideology, not personalities, the state or non-state actors.  It’s about respecting democracy & the followers of democracy.

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PMLN government and its ministers should face the nation's wrath. They are part of the corruption, part of the problem and part of the PMLN government. Truth hurts.

Okie dokie, den you must be rat, oh I mean right in the next election.

Wrath is dependent on worth. I know many william Wordsworth in Pakistan who sing the same national antham like you....but I can hear a voice from the graveyard...

....Albert Einste died telling people something, they don't want to learn.

سر ایک ریکوسٹ ہے 

Zahra Ma;am wo tia hun ??

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