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CS301 Fall 2017 Final Term Papers Pattern & Questions 17 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018 & Helping Material

CS301 Fall 2017 Final Term Papers Pattern & Questions 17 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018 & Helping Material

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How to Find Your Subject Study Group & Join.

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Share Your Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks



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.... How to Find Your Subject Study Group & Join .... 

Tariq bhai plz share cs301 final paper kay bar me


cs301 paper done 
99.99% paper come from past paper of moaz
40 mcq,s 
5 questions 3 marks
5 questions 5 marks..

Today 17/02/2018 CS301 data structure .
50% mcqs in past paper.
Long and short question.

1. Making huffman binary tree using
A,b,c,d,e,f and their frequency is 40,11,33,9,5,20 ( 5 marks ).

2. Making Threaded binary tree using 
40,34,57,70,93,23 traversal order should be Left to right ( 5 marks ).

3. Correct this code ( 5 marks ).
Class A
Int c;

Int& fun ( &int x) const
c = x;
Int y =10;
cout y;
return (&x);
4. ( 5.marks ) Using union operation data are 
And also define working of "-1" word in union operation.

5. ( 5 marks ) Making skip list sketch s0 to s3
Data are 12,34,56,78

6. ( 3 marks ) define the characteristic of skip list

7. ( 3 marks ) tell the frequency of letter given diagram of huffman code.

8.( 3 marks )Define the Union operation of disjoint set.

9. ( 3.marks )By using Huffman coding how to image segmentation.

Mania Malik thaks for  sharing 

jazak Allah


Can someone post answers to these questions?

Thank you very much.

Today's mine Cs301 paper.......

(1) consider following heap,
(a) Is it a max heap or min heap.
(b) Show the contants of array used to share this heap.
digram is not here.

(2) Evaluate the following postfix expression.

(3) Traverse the full binary search tree in post-order traverse.
digram is not here.

(4) What is Hashing give Example?

(5) Consider a binary tree you have to give the values in give four variable for the node 38.
(a) LTH (b) RTH (c) Left node pointer (d) Right node pointer digram is not here.

(6) Sort the list [18 13 17 25 19] through insertion sort algorithm show each step in your solution.
digram is not here.

(7) Suppose the equlation relation is defined over the five element { a1, a2 ,a3, a4, a5 } the elements can be name of people,pixels,electrical component etc. how many pairs have in this set. and what will be the size of array with five elements.

8th question bhi dugram hi thi.....mujhy to tough laga paer ap log bhi dekh lyn...


MCQS MIX old papers and hanout


"For smaller lists, linear insertion sort performs well, but for larger lists, quick sort is suitable to apply." Justify why?


There is a class Binary_Tree which define three float variables v1, v2, v3. There is an objtect BT_Obj of type Binary_Tree. Write the statements which access the above variables with the object BT_Obj.



Make the frequency table from the following given phrase:

         “A stitch in time saves nine


Construct tree using union-find data structure. Relations are given below

union(O, A) , union(B, M) , union(A,G) , union(O, N) , union(J, H) , union(A, C) , union(O, B), union(J, O)


Create a Binary search Tree from the following input array

Input: arr[ ] = { 19, 37, 9, 6, 12, 10, 1, 8 }

and find the max element from path from 1 to 10 contains


Consider the following sequence of operations on the pair of queues A and B, where:

join(A, i) enters the item i into the queue A


exit(A) removes the item ready to leave the queue A and returns it.


int n=0, m=0 ,k ;

while(B is not empty) {

   join(A, exit(B)) ;

   n++ ;


while(A is not empty) {

   join(B, exit(A)) ;

   m++ ;


m= m-n ;

for(k=0; k<m; k++) {

   join(A, exit(B)) ;


 a) After these operations, what is the change in states of queues A and B as compared to their initial states?

b) What values do m and n hold after these operations


Draw expression tree for the following arithmetic expression :


((x + y) * (p + q)/r) – s


Apply insertion sort algorithm on the following numbers. Show all steps.


                                   77, 33, 44, 11, 88, 22, 66, 55


Define minimum heap and maximum heap, and discuss the array representation of a Heap if

a)Parent node is present at index i then at what indexes child nodes are present?

b) Child node is presented at index i then at what index parent node is present?

10How can we optimize the find operation using the path compression?


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