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CS501 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2016 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 25 February 2017 to 08 March 2017

CS501 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2016 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 25 February 2017 to 08 March 2017

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How to Find Your Subject Study Group & Join.

Find Your Subject Study Group & Join.

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thanks every one for sharing your current papers....................be blessed..............

CS501 kl tha
Mcqs halwa thy  95% past sy thy
Briefly explain types of serial communication 5 marks
What is connection oriented communication,write down its features 5 marks
convert 392(base 10) to hexadecimal.show all steps... 5 maks 
what is one level decoder and its inputs?write uses of matrix decoder. 5 marks
How DMA is effcient than interrupts driven I/O. 
what do u know about platters in hard disk ? 2 marks
Write two advantages of interrupts.2mrks
Itna e yad rha, ap bhi duaon mein yad rakhiye ga 

today's paper

MCQS are 95% from mooaz and zain arsaln file

How DMA is effcient than interrupts driven I/O. 
what is NUIX (2)

difference between connection oriented and connection less communication on the basis of bandwidth?

convert 392(base 10) to hexadecimal.show all steps... 5 maks 
three advantages of DMA. (3)

what is tri state buffer? (2)

An IO system with single disk gets 100 IO requests/sec.  Assume the average time for a disk to service an IO request is 6ms. What is utilization of the IO system? (5)

(.4CD) convert into decimal (3)

interrupt sy related question tha 4 statements di hoe thi batana tha k ye kon si type hai interrupt ki? (5)

bs yahi yaad hai

best of luck

and pray for everyone!

all mcq's and subjective from these files.

How data is stored on DRAM? 2 marks

Describe DRAM.How it's cells work? 2 marks

Advantages of interrupts? 2 marks

3 Advantages of DMA? 3 marks

Difference between selector and multiplexer channel. 3 marks

Numerical from page no. 372 for average access time calculation? 3 marks

Floating point addition ka numerical from handouts page no 348? 5 marks

FALCON A assembler ke in features main se 2 describe karne ka kaha tha 5 marks


Error log

List file

I/O port

Single step

Symbol table

Write 5 signal's names of 8 bit The Centronics Parallel Printer Interface. 5 marks?

baqi questions yad nahi aa rahe.

Duaoon main yaad rakhna aur aik advise hai ke is ka paper past papers se hi aata hai.

so focus on past papers given in following link ok.


feraz hussain  thanks & a lot & best of luck 

Zain ul haq  thanks 

My paper yesterday


MUHAMMAD FAROOQ thanks for sharing 

1. Where TCP/IP Used?? (2 marks)
2. Differentiate between Spatial Locality And Temporal Locality. (2 marks)
3. Write 3 feature of wireless transmission. (2 marks)
4. Similarities between RAID Levels 4 and 5. (3 marks)
5. The NUXI Problem ( 3 marks)
6. Record the integer 485 according to the BOOTH procedure. ( 3 marks)
7. Suppose the I/O system with a single disk get an average of 200 I/O request/second assume that the average time for a disk to service and I/O request is 4ms. What is the utilization of I/O system? ( 3 marks)
8. Solve through Steps used for floating point addition and subtraction. 0.5 -0.432 (5 marks)
9. Calculate time to read 64 KB (128 sectors) for the following disk parameters
–180 GB, 3.5 inch disk
–12 platters, 24 surfaces
–7,200 RPM; (4 ms avg. latency)
–6 ms avg. seek (r/w)
–64 to 35 MB/s (internal)
–0.1 ms controller time (5marks)

10. Consider a 20 MIPS processor with several input devices attached to it, each running at 1000 characters per second. Assume that it takes 17 instructions to handle an interrupt. If the hardware interrupt response takes 1μsec, what is the maximum number of devices that can be handled simultaneously ( 5 marks)
11. Suppose we have 20 magnetic tapes, each containing 40GB. Assume that there are enough tape readers to keep any network busy. How long will it take to transmit the data over a distance of 5Km? The choices are category 5 twisted-pair wires at 100Mbits/sec, (5 Marks)

CS501 (2-3-2017)
MCQS mostly were from Moaz and Waqar Sindhu files. So must prepare.
Subjective part as under.
Remember me in your prayers 
52: What do you know about the time complexity of Dynamic RAM chip as compared to Static RAM chip? Explain it in brief.
51: Find the average access time of a level of memory hierarchy if the hit rate is 80%. The memory access takes 10ns on a hit and 100ns on a miss.
50: Briefly explain the different types of serial communication.
49: Explain the steps which are involved in transferring the data using DMA.
48: In context of memory modules, describe the functionality of PROM.
47: Explain the static property of hard disk.
46: List down and explain any three performance issues related to the computer network.
45: Following are the steps involved in handling interrupts. Arrange them in correct order of their execution.

1. Enable interrupts.
2. Resume program execution.
3. Store current state of program.
4. Restore state of program.
5. Execute appropriate interrupt handling routine.
6. Disable further interrupts.

44: What does the term PROM stand for?
43: Why data rate of shared medium decreases with the increase in number of computers.
42: Differentiate between selector channel and multiplexer channel.
41: Write any two advantages of interrupts in a computer system.

waqar sindhu ki file bhi share krdo koi .

Today CS 501 Advanced Computer Architecture
All MCQS Come From Past Papers
Subjective Also Come From Waqar Sidhu Files Total on Calculation Base and Just one question is theoretical
Define Network Topologies and Type two names of any Network Topologies


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