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CS619 Final Project Selection Guidelines Fall 2014 For Newly Enrolled Students In CS619 Course

CS619 Final Project list has been announced. Now what you all have to do follow these guidelines

You are given project list from University from which you all have to select the project of your choice. Remember that you have to select the project before the project selection is over. If the project selection deadline is over and you failed to select your project then you will not be enrolled in CS619 Final Project. So make your project selection before the deadline is over.

Select the project carefully from the given project lists. Because once you selected your project you will not be allowed to change your project. Read the Requirements of the project carefully (to whom project deals with and what you have to do to make your project).  Most important is programming Language. Select the project that deals with the programming language in which you have full command or you can learn this language easily like C++, Visual Basics, C#, .Net, Java, PHP etc.  and SQL  MSQL, SQLITE, MS ACCESS  etc as Database connectivity etc

Also check that what you are required to make. Is it a desktop application (A desktop application is the software in which we do not require any kind of client server connection. It can be run easily from Desktop no need for any browser) or A Web Application (An application that requires Client server connection or browser to run. It cannot be run directly from Desktop) , Is it a Mobile application (demanding mobile features can be run from mobile)  or a game etc. Select the project which you can make easily not what others suggest you to select. Select the project you are comfortable with.

Then After the selection of Project it’s the time to make partner or group selection.  Only 2 Members  are allowed in a group. Make you project partner selection carefully because if your project partner is not working with you cooperatively then CS619 department will not take any action about this matter They will simply say “Dear Student its your matter We can not help you in this regard”

So if you want to make some one your project partner then be sure he/she is responsible and works with cooperation. It better to do your project alone because It makes VIVA easy (You have made all of your project documents and coding yourself then there will be no confusion about any concept)

If you do not any one (he/she is not from your campus) then  do not make them your project partner because without knowing anyone its risky (Some students before final term freez their accounts it causes troubles for the partner because he/she then have to do all work alone inspite of having project partner) So be careful and make your project partner selection very very carefully.

If you want to select a  project partner then accept the partner request coming to your CS619 LMS tab. You  will be given your project ID (You and your project partner). In case you do not want any project partner then simply reject all the requests coming to your CS619 LMS tab and you will be given your project ID as individually working student no need to panic about it.

If you do not want to take any project given in the list then VU gives you the option to do the project of your own choice. But this projects must be unique and should not be already available on Internet (Like Library Management System, School Management System etc). You will send the titles of your choice to CS619 department. CS619 department must accept your given title because the final decision about project list is of CS619 department if they reject your project titles then you must have to select from the VU project list before the final date of selection is over.

There will be a Letter option shown In your CS619 Assignments TAB I think RLF (I forgot the real abbreviation but it means Internship reference letter). CS students must ignore this letter. This option is for Business students doing internship. So CS students like BSCS/MIT/MCS have nothing to do with it just simply ignore it.

Now When everything is done about project and group selection and you are given your Project ID then Assignments will show in you CS619 Assignment TAB about your relevant Project usually Assignments are as Follows

Software Requirement Specification ( Requirements of Project, Functional, Non functional Requirements, Scope of Project, Use Case Diagram, Usage Scenario, Workplan (Gantt Chart), Methodology, Chosen Methodology ect (Usually Workplan and Methodologies come in the category of Methodology and Work Plan)

Next is Design Phase that deals with conceptual and structural design of your project containing Entity Relationship Diagram, Context level diagram, Class Diagram, Activity Diagram, Database Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Architecture Diagram GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces of project).

Next is Final Deliverables that consists of Final Report of your whole project, Powerpoint Presentation slides of your project and Coding of your project.

All the Assignments should be “Marked as Complete” by project manager. Try to be regular in your Project. Try to submit your project documents as early as possible. If any of your project document is not accepted (have mistakes) then you first have to make improvements in your document you can not work on next assignment until your previous assignment is accepted. If you missed some assignment to submit then no need to worry  you can send the document to your project manager by  your VUEmail at project manager’s given email address. But try to submit your documents as soon as possible do not wait for the last date to avoid any trouble.

You can make your project diagrams in any kind of software you are comfortable with. Rational Rose or MS VISIO is not necessary you can use any kind of  application or software like MS Word, MS VISIO, Smart Draw, EDraw etc or any other of your own choice.

You can select methodology (Project Model) of your own choice. VU Process Model is not necessary. You can choose any methodology like Waterfall model, Object oriented Model, Spiral Model, Rapid Application Development Model etc any model that  you think suit your project. VU process model is not must to select.

If you want to take ID how to make Diagrams or project Documents, Project Models then read Software Engineering -1 and Software Engineering-2 By Professor Fakhar Loudhi  (CS course). Then your concepts will be cleared inshaAllah.

If you have any problem about project selection then you can mail CS619 department at CS619@vu.edu.pk You can ask question to your project Manager on MDB of CS619 or can mail him or contact to him through skype  (his skype id and email id will be mentioned to your CS619 Assignment Tab)

I  think It is clear to all of you now. If you have any question then don’t hesitate to ask and post your query here


Take Care

Royal Fairy




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 I hope it will be helpful for you all InshaAllah. If there is any question then feel free to ask and post your query here

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is there ch0ice bw project 0r internship............. f0r bsCs student



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riXwan shIekh No dear BSCS students must have to choose Final Project there is no option for internship for BSCS students It is only for Business Students not for CS subject students


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pr0ject contain how many assignment?  


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