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Corporate Finance......Gdb no 1 ....Start date : 2 may due date : 8 may 2017...Marks : 5

Topic for Discussion: “Common Stock Valuation”



Dividend discount model is a widely used common stock valuation technique suitable for stocks of companies paying all or some of their earnings in the form of dividends to their shareholders.

Firms which pay all their earnings in the form of dividends have zero growth rate (g=0) since they have nothing to reinvest from their earnings in profitable opportunities. It is argued in relevant empirical studies that such firms which pay all their earnings as dividends have less current stock value as compared to those that retain some portion of their earnings to plowback in business. This is because retained earnings are then reinvested in business in available profitable opportunities to earn an expected return that ultimately increase current stock price. The return expected on retained earnings is different from the rate of return required by investors (r). This expected return on plow back (retained) earnings is then multiplied with the retention ratio of companies to determine their growth rate. In real situation, the relationship between retained earnings to reinvest in business and current stock price is bit complex. Retaining some portion of earnings to reinvest in business can have positive, negative or no effect on current stock price of a firm.


Considering the components of Dividend Discount Model (DDM), discuss how plowing back some portion of earnings into business can:

  1. Increase the current stock price.
  2. Decrease the current stock price.
  3.  Have No effect on current stock price.

Special Note:

  • Your answer should be to the point and must satisfy the question requirement.
  • Copied answer or same content with only synonyms changed from any source of internet will straight away be marked zero.


For acquiring the relevant knowledge watch the course video lectures, consult recommended books, and study additional material available online or in any other mode.

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me to ready made solution b ni dhond rai bsh tora sa b kuch related mil gya to submit kr dongi par mil hi ni raha :x 

7 lacture mein after 20 min same topic discuss hoa hey
osi mein answer hey

yes sisooo me ny lecture ni suna tha handouts prhy thy net slow hota na isliye online mushkil :X

slides dwnld krdye ab me ny , me v krti submit abi ^_^ 

handout mein kuch bhi nahi hey GDB say related
lacture say sub samaj aa raha hey ap ney bana li ?

what u say abt Zahid's Sir answer ????

Sir M Tariq MAlik Sb ap he kuch help kr dain..............

Fin622 Gdb solution

  1. Plowing back of profits enables a company to adopt a stable dividend policy. Payment of stable dividends earns a good name for the company and the value of its stock goes up in the market. Thus, the value of the current stock price in the hands of the investors increases and they can dispose off their holdings earning higher profits and also can utilize their holdings as better collateral securities for borrowing from banks and other financial institutions.
  2. He’s about to buy more of his dividend-earning stocks and given the low market, he can get more shares for some portion of earnings into business
  3. all dividends paid by a stock remain the same


Take idea write in ur own words 


Thnx bro........

kuxh kuxh confusion ab b hy me ko

par koi ni JazakAllah Khair Zahid Sir 

stay blessed 


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