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MGT301, Principles of Marketing, GDB # 2

By BlackMist

Please use this document only for your information and guidance. Replication

and copying will only earn a 0 for you. I am in no way liable for any illegal usage

of this document.

If you are working as a marketing manager in a multinational mobile

manufacturing company and your company wants to introduce a new brand of

mobile. What factors you will consider while setting your pricing strategy?

Discuss any three factors which may affect your price-decision?

Being marketing manager for mobile company, the factors which I will consider for

pricing will be costs, competition and organizational considerations.

Further, 3 factors which may affect my price decision will be as follows:

a) Costs: Costs have to be calculated backwards from the target price which the

consumer is ready to pay for the proposed mobile. Therefore, cost is definitely

a consideration when the product has to be priced to meet the desired target as

we cannot put the target price which cannot cover the costs at minimum.

b) Competition: Growing number of mobile manufacturers around the world are

posting a threat. Therefore to survive, one has to be competitive both in

pricing as well as in product offered. These days, high priced mobiles are no

longer a privilege for customer.

c) Organizational considerations: Growing competition is now forcing the

company to keep some room open for further negotiations and special

packages that can be offered. For example these days, we may offer mobile

phones with free mobile connections by making liaison with mobile

connection providers. This act will give both of us a new customer. Their cost

for a sim card will be minimum but they will have the revenue generated from

the usage of their connection. We will be able to sell our product with an

additional item i.e. the sim card which if purchased separately will have its

own cost to be borne by consumer.

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