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MGT602  Mid Term Papers Fall 2010 (01~12 Dec 2010) All in One Discussion

Please Share Your current papers & Pattern to help each other in this Discussion.


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Replies to This Discussion

total questions 32
28 mcqs and 4 subjective qs.
70%to 80% mcqs were from past paers

* what is gorden method how is it used for creative problem? solving 3 marks
* explain the factors involve in the growth of e-commerece? 5 marks
* why a lawer is needed to create a new venture explain reasons ?
* business plan
plz if any one have current paper plz share it friday my paper is MGT602.
what are the key environmental factors which differentiate international entrepreneurship from domestic entrepreneurship. 3marks
explain business method patent & give example. 3marks
advantages of registering a trademark. 5marks
explain types of exchange systems & explain how barter system emerged in international trade. 5marks
in this Q i wrote that there r 2 types of exchange system which r monetary exchange system & non-monetary exchange system i-e barter system. & then explained it. & then gave that example of USSR barter trade which i copy pasted from the mcq :)
Question No: 39 __ ( Marks: 5 )
A contract is legally enforceable agreement b/w two or more parties as
long as certain conditions are met.what are the condition of

Question No: 42 __ ( Marks: 5 )
ABC firm (a renowned company) wants to own foreign subsidiary in other country
named Z.ABC firm wants to reduce the risk with a quick entry in the
market of country Z. but the firm is not much familiar with the
culture and market structure of the country Z. Which type of
investment would you suggest the ABC firm should do.Support your
answer with sound reasoning.

Question No: __ ( Marks: 5 )
Explain the factors that involve in the growth of e-commerce.?

Question No: __ ( Marks: 5 )
What factors should be considered by entreprenuerrs to conduct
envoirmental analysis while preparing a business plan.explain
MGT602 Current Mid Term Fall 2010 December2010 All Subjective Solved Questions
see the attached file pls
Question No: __ ( Marks: 3 )
characteristics of searching an outside partner.?

Briefly discuss the status of entrepreneurship in Europe? 5(marks)

What is copyright? What are its limitations. 3(marks)
What are condition of best partner? 3(marks)
Which factors should be studied by entrepreneur to conduct environmental analysis while preparing a business plan? Explain the factors. 5(marks)
TO day i give the paper of MGT602 Entrepreneurship
There were 32 total questions out of which:
28 mcqs(which were 70% from past papers)
there were 4 questions.
Briefly discuss the status of entrepreneurship in Europe? 5(marks)

What is copyright? What are its limitations. 3(marks)

What are condition of best partner? 3(marks)

Which factors should be studied by entrepreneur to conduct environmental analysis while preparing a business plan? Explain the factors. 5(marks)
Total Questions = 32
Objective questions = 28 (60% from past papers)
Subjective Question :4

Question 1: Discuss how the consumer can help in creating a new idea or a new product? (marks 3)
Question 2: Before starting a new venture entrepreneur must view which points for the market? (marks 3)
Question 3:ABC company wants to start business in a Z country.He has a fear of risk.ABC company don't know much about Z country.
what type of investment ABC company should do to establish its business in Z country. (marks 5)
Question 4:Discuss the benefits of trademark. (marks 5)
MGT602 -- Fall 2010 Papers (Latest)
Paper # 01

MCQs = 29

Subjective Questions = 4

1) Characteristics of searching an outside partner. (3 Marks)

Following are a few things that one always tries to search in their partner and which not only makes a great partner but also are the characteristics of a great relationship.

* Someone who is caring and honest.
* Someone who is open and responsive and with whom you can confide in like a friend.
* Someone who is trustworthy and who will risk his/her life for you

2) What is Business Plan. (3 Marks)

A business plan is a written document prepared by the entrepreneur that describes all the relevant external and internal elements involved in starting a new venture. It addresses both short- and long-term decision making. The business plan is like a road map for the business’ development. The Internet also provides outlines for business planning.

3) Why business plan is significant. (5 Marks)

Business plan is significant because, In running or starting a business, the learning curve is short before you run out of resources and are forced to close. Therefore, a business plan helps you set up a sound framework, model and system ahead of time, as well as, treat potential problems and threats, so that you can capably run a business. A funding business plan will save you a lot of time and money. The beautiful thing about a business plan is that it actually creates the future of your business, as you want it to be. It gives you more control over what future success will come. More importantly, it gives you a great process to grow the future business you desire, whether that is a start up, acquisition, expansion or build out.

4) Problem Inventory Analysis Techniques. (5 Marks)

Problem inventory analysis uses individuals in a manner that is like to focus groups to generate new product ideas. However instead of generating new ideas themselves, consumers are provided with a list of problems in a general product category. They are then asked to identify and discuss products in this category that have the particular problem. This method is often effective since it is easier to relate known products to suggested problems and arrive at a new product idea then to generate an entirely new idea by itself.
Paper # 02

MCQs = 29

Subjective Questions = 4

1) How present business plan to potential investor

2) Strategic issues in international entrepreneurship

3) What will your strategic planning while enter international market

4) Why entrepreneur should have good relation with lawyer
Paper # 03

MCQs = 28 (75% from Past Papers)

Subjective Questions = 04

1) Existing product is useful for idea product discuss(3)

2) how prepare business plan for attract investors(3)

3) a.b.c. company want do international business discuss the effects of trade barriers and effects on entrepreneur.

4) a.b.c. company lunch defective product and customer claim about it but company not concentrate on it. Now customer thinking sues on company as entrepreneur how you tell customer about to sue on company.
Paper # 04

MCQs = 28

Subjective Questions = 04

65% MCQs and Subjective from old papers.

1) What activities are required at Test Marketing Stage of Product Planning & Development Process? (3 M)

2) If an entrepreneur is going to start International Business. What are the strategic issues that are more important for him and he has to consider them carefully.

3) Being a entrepreneur you are going to start International Business. Your need to adjust your Business plan according to Regional Difference in terms of Economic development. You are required to highlight the factors which can impact your decision.

4) Discuss why is it necessary for an entrepreneur to have good relationship with lawyer.


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