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All Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2013

From (20 Dec , 2013 to 1 Jan 2014 )


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Replies to This Discussion

eh lo Nomi Gill 

3 marks questions

1) find contribution rate

2) find selling price

2marks questions

1) find contribution margin

2) suppose 0.4 of a number is equal to 0.06 of another number find ratio between them???

5 marks questions

1) find no of unit sold above breakeven point

1 question bhool gai

plzzzzzz agar ratio valy ka answer n process kisi ko pata ho to bata dain

maine yeh question koi nai kiyaa

  excel k formulaaazzzzzz ka ratta laga laga ker ...kuch b nai aayaa

mcqus Markup....down ...and matrices main sy thy 

best of luk NG

thnx wafa GHAZAL



An article costing Rs.500 is sold at 10% loss. Find its selling price. 2 marks

Cost = 500

Loss rate = 10%

Selling price = cost (1- loss rate)

Selling price = 500 (1-.10)

Selling price = 500 (.90)

Selling price =  450


What is the formula for contribution rate? 2 marks

Contribution rate =  (contribution margin / net sales ) *100


A shoe store uses a 40% markup on cost. Find the cost of a pair of shoes that sells for $63?          3 marks

Selling price = 63

Muc = 40%

Selling price = cost price * (1+muc)

63 = cost price (1+.40)

63 = cost price1.40

Cost price = 63/1.40

Cost price =  45

 Find NPV of given data.   3 MARKS















Evaluate the sum of the years digits depreciation of an asset having the cost of Rs.10,000  for a period of 5 years such that salvage value after 7 years is Rs.5000.    5 marks


Cost price = Selling price – (Selling price × %Markup on sale)
= Selling price ( 1 – %Markup on sale)

Evaluate the sum of the years digits depreciation of an asset having the cost of Rs.10, 000 for a period of 5 years such that salvage value after 7 years is Rs.5000.





Cost Price                                            Rs.10, 000

Salvage value after 7 years                 Rs.5, 000

Depreciable Value                               =Cost Price – Salvage value



Sum of Years digit depreciation.        =7+6+5+4+3+2+1



1st year depreciation                           =7/28*5000     =Rs.1, 250

2nd year depreciation                           =6/28*5000     =Rs.1, 071

3rd year depreciation                          =5/28*5000     =Rs.893

4th year depreciation                            =4/28*5000     =Rs.714

5th year depreciation                            =3/28*5000     =Rs.536

Nomi Gill  thanks for sharing ur paper.. 

Attention Students: You don’t need to go any other site for current papers pattern & questions. Because all sharing data related to current mid tem papers of our members are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links. Just keep visiting http://vustudents.ning.com/ for all latest updates.

wafa ye hy question no.2 solved...

Let one nmber be 'x' and another be 'y'.

Now, given tht,

0.4x = 0.06y

x/y = 0.06/0.4

or x:y = 0.06:0.4 = 0.15

Plz Pray for me...

cncpt clear rakhein....n main frmulas etc yaad.....confuse ni hona

bst of luck.....

Today’s Current Midterm Paper

Total Questions = 26

Total MCQ = 20

2 Questions of 2 Marks

2 Questions of 3 Marks

2 Questions of 5 Marks

1 Question from Sum of the year depreciation (SYD).

2 Questions were from Ratios.

1 Question from Mark Down.

1 Question from Mark UP.

1 was the definition of Contribution margin (CM).

Total Questions: 26    Total Marks: 40

Total MCQs of 1 Mark: 20             

Short Subjective Question of 2 Marks: 2

Subjective Question of 3 Marks: 2  

Subjective Questions of 5 Marks: 2

Q-1 After consuming 88% of income, Ali left with Rs.240, what is income? 3 marks

Q-2 6 stools and 3 chairs, bought at $58, 3 stools and 2 chairs bought at $35...What is price of stools and chairs?


X=Stools Y=Chairs

Put in equation



Subratct A from B and get values and put them in any equation, u ll get ans.

Q-3 Calculate BEP in units, if %capacity is 320, CM is 45, sale price is 85 per unit?


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