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How to Find Your Subject Study Group & Join.

Find Your Subject Study Group & Join.

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exact solution kiya he mje to kuch smj nai aa rhe he agr kisi ko koi idea he k kn sa correct he to plzz bta do



kya koi banda correct ans btaye ga???

Aj last date he 

koi suggest hi ker do answer 

which is right ??????????

any idea which one is the correct solution?

now i find the right answer 

yeah please tell me kon sa thek hai eik file mei 2 solutions hain eik mein ik kis k sath jain

Question No. 1
A box contains 4 red and 5 white flowers. A random sample of 6 flowers is drawn without replacement from the box. Find the probability that the sample contains 3 red flowers.
Solution (a):
Given Data: N=9 n=6 k=3 p=? 
Applying the Formula:
Putting the Values If X is binomially distributed with mean 8 and variance 4.8, then find the parameters of binomial distribution. Solution (b): Given data: Mean: 8 Variance: 4.8 Find Parameters of Binomial Distribution “n” and “p” ? Hence, Applying the Formula: P = 0.4 Question No. 2 Suppose the number of defective screws produced by a machine per day follows Poisson distribution with parameter 2. What is the probability that, out of the total production of the day, there are at least one defective screw? Solution (a): Let suppose the X be the number of defective screws produced in a day. Hence: k = 0,1,2,3,…. The Army reports that the distribution of head circumferences among soldiers is approximately normal with mean 23.4 inches and standard deviation 1.4 inches. What percent of soldiers have a head circumference between 21.0 inches and 24.0 inches? Solution (b): X = Head circumference; with X ~ N(23.4, 1.4) Given: P(21.0 < X < 24.0) = 0.6228

STA301 GSB Solution 



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