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منہ بولے اور ورچیوئل بہن .... بھائی 

جب انسان کی عزت نفس کی بات ہوتی ہے تو بلا تفریق ھونی چاہیے....ھم نے یہ منہ بولے رشتے عورت کی عزت سے منسلک کر کے اسکو محتاج بنا دیا ہے .... عورت کی عزت بطور انسان وہ عملیت پسندی ہے جسکو اپنا کر ھمیشہ الجھنوں اور غلط فہمیوں سے بچا جا سکتا ہے ... رشتے وہی ہیں جو اللہ نے آپ کے حصے میں بائی ڈیفالٹ ڈال دئیے.....رہی جنس کی بات تو جس جنس کے جو تقاضے ہیں ... اخلاقی, جسمانی .... انکا خیال رکھنا بھی بطور انسان ہی ہے......

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Kamal maarfat ki bat ki hai sir ap ne.

But the point to ponder is k ye mohtaji ajkal ki kafi larkio ko khud pasand hai, even k demand kerti hain iski. Jab k dil k behlane ko ghalib ye ghayal acha hai.  

thats mean BE didnt expect this from u -_- "dil k behlane ko ghalib ye ghayal acha hai"

Dil k behlane ko wali bat un larkio k liye boli jo samjhti hain k agar koi unko bhai bol de to wo seedhi aik safe heaven me ponch jati hain. So unke dil ko behlane k liye ghalib ne kaha k ye khayal acha hai. 

exactly ツβµŕɨeď€ʍʍÖツ tab larki ko lagta ha shyed yeah safe heaven ha or phire jab kuch months bad understanding ho jati ha then feelings change ho jati hen both sides ke 

Pa g tussi te end of the story ker ditta and after that wherever it goes its never an issue that the basic defined relation was bro-sis, however its not still a matter, for some people "Ends justify the means" 

 + ᏗttᎥtúᏇᏋ ᎮᏒᎥᏁςᏋ 

پرنس کی بات ایک فیکٹ ہے  

here's a request if any girl or boy is guilty of calling you brother /sister , before judging them keep in mind that u dont have right to judge, everyone is different,

brother ya sister by blood are real relations and just calling them sister wont make them your real sister but that doesnt mean we hide under hood and stop being friendly to people 

Who is judging? Who is guilty? That's the one who is trying to impose/force his/her relation upon other. If you dont want to give an impression of a hood, then why to even do something which makes you a suspect? You know all those who dont believe in this bro-sis thing are already friendly creatures and mostly they quit rather than trying to impose their moderate theory on other.

If anyone intends to be religious or conservative then s/he should better stay away from this chat thing, "Or deen me pooray k pooray dakhil ho jao". Chat is AT LEAST not desirable act in Islam along with some versions clearly call it AN ACT NOT PERMISSIBLE in Islam.

we never can say that religion "ASKS us to call" each other brother and sister. I will  say that it refers to us as brother and sister. This can be seen in various ahadith. Does not mean that one is obligated to refer to another as their brother or sister. The hadiths might use such titles to foster brotherhood or unity.....or perhaps is based upon the belief that all we've all descended from Adam and Eve and are referred to as children of Adam.

قرآن میں مومن مردو عورت کو ایک دوسرے کا دوست کہا گیا ہے جو نیکی کے کاموں میں ایک دوسرے کے مدد گار ہوتے ہیں۔

sure, it may hurt the one on the receiving end. But perhaps such words are used to mitigate the pain/rejection by showing that while you're not not interested in one type of relationship (romantic)'re interested in maintaining another relationship (friendship.)

Clarification (whether you call a person as "just a friend" or however you do it) can be necessary to prevent the other person from entertaining any false assumptions.

Well, obviously..."if the potential" is would never refer to the other person as "brother or sister"


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