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VU Past Papers, MCQs and More

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Semester 1             Semester 2                Semester 3              Semester 4

CS101                         CS201                        CS301                       CS401

MGT101                       ENG201                     CS302                        CS403

ISL201                         MTH202                     CS304                       CS504

ENG101                        MTH301                     CS601                       CS610

PAK301                        ECO401                     PHY301                     MGT301

MTH101                                                        PHY101

Semester 5               Semester 6                Semester 7              Semester 8
CS402                          CS602                         CS619                        CS607

CS501                          CS604                         CS408                        CS609

CS502                          CS605                         CS410                         CS614

MCM301                        CS606                         CS506                        MGT201

MTH401                        MTH501                       CS508                        MTH603

STA301                         MGT501                      MTH601

                  Books for MBA (3 ½ -Year)

Semester 1                Semester 2             Semester 3                Semester 4

CS101                          MGT503                      ENG301                   ACC501

MCM301                        STA301                        IT430                    CS507

MGT101                        MGT301                      MGT401                   MGT610

MGT211                        MGT411                      MGT501                   MGT613

MTH302                        ECO401                       MGT502                  MKT501


Semester 5                 Semester 6                Semester 7                      

MGT201                           MGT510                                               

MGT402                           MGT602                                                  

MGT601                           MGT603                                                   

BNK601                            CS610                                                     

BNK603                            CS615                                                  

CS201                              FIN623

CS403                              FIN625

FIN621                             FIN630

FIN622                             HRM627

HRM624                            HRM628

HRM611                            HRM629

HRM623                            HRM630

HRM625                            MGT604

MKT610                            MKT624

MKT621                            MKT630

                            Books for MCS

Semester 1              Semester 2                Semester 3                  Semester 4
CS201                             CS301                         CS619                       CS506
CS402                             CS302                         CS502                       CS605
CS601                             CS304                         CS501                       CS604
ENG201                            CS401                         CS504                       CS607
STA301                            CS403                         CS601                       CS609
MTH202                            MTH603                      CS614     
                         Books for M.Com
Semester 1                 Semester 2                Semester 3               Semester 4
MGT301                             IT430                       CS507                       FIN624
MGT201                             MGT111                    MGT502                    FIN630
MGT601                             MGT501                    MGT510                    MGT602
ENG301                             MGT603                    MGT520                    MGT604
SOC101                             MGT610                    MGT613                   MGMT627
STA301                             PSY101                     STA630 
                           Books for BS(BA)
Semester 1                 Semester 2                 Semester 3                Semester 4
CS101                                MGT503                     ECO402                    ACC501
MGT101                              ENG201                     MCM301                   ECO403
ISL201                                MGT211                    MGT111                    IT430
ENG101                               MGT301                    MGT401                    MGT502
PAK301                               STA301                     MGT603                   MGT501

Semester 5                Semester 6                   Semester 7                Semester 8
ENG301                              ECO401                     MGT510                   MGT602
CS507                               MGMT627                    MGT613                   MGT520
MGT201                             MGT402                      STA630                    MGT611
MGT601                             PSY101                      BNK601                     CS615
MKT501                             MGT610                     CS201                       MGT620
SOC101                             MGT411                     CS403                      HRM620
                                                                           CS610                      MKT620
                                                                           FIN621                     FIN620
                                                                           FIN622                     BNK620
                                                                           FIN623                     BNK603
                                                                           FIN625                     MKT630
                             Books for MIT
Semester 1                  Semester 2                Semester 3                 Semester 4
CS201                                CS301                         CS619                     CS408
MGT101                              CS401                         CS502                     CS410
CS601                                CS304                         CS506                     CS604
ENG201                              CS504                        MGT602                    CS610
MGT301                              CS403                        CS615                      MGT501
MGT503                              MGT502                      CS614  
                                    Books for MBS
Semester 1               Semester 2                Semester 3                  Semester 4
CS101                               ACC501                     CS507                       MGT201
ECO402                            ECO403                     MGT402                    ECO404
MGT101                            ENG301                      MGT401                    MGT610
MGT211                            MGT501                     MGT502                     MGT504
MGT301                            MKT501                     MGT611                     MGT602 
MGT503                            MTH302                     STA630                     MKT530
                            Books for B.Com
Semester 1                  Semester 2                 Semester 3               Semester 4
CS101                                ACC311                     ECO402                    ECO403
MGT101                              ACC501                     MCM301                   FIN611
ISL201                                ECO401                    MGT411                    FIN623
ENG101                               ENG201                    MGT401                    MGT503
PAK301                               MGT211                    MGT402                    MGT611

Semester 5                  Semester 6                   Semester 7               Semester 8
ENG301                             IT430                          MGT510                    MGT602
MGT301                            MGT111                      MGT502                     MGT604
MGT201                            MGT501                      MGT520                     MGMT627
MGT601                            PSY101                       MGT613                      FIN624
STA301                             MGT603                      STA630                      COM619
SOC101                             MGT610                      CS507                     COMI619       

                 Power Point (PPT) Slides

                                             Power Point (PPT) Slides
               Past Papers for BS(CS)

CS101                          CS201                      CS301                      CS401
MGT101                       ENG201                      CS302                     CS403
ISL201                         MTH202                    CS304                      CS504
ENG101                        MTH301                     CS601                     CS610
PAK301                        ECO401                      PHY301                   MGT301
MTH101                                                        PHY101


CS402                          CS602                      CS619                   CS607
CS501                          CS604                      CS408                   CS609
CS502                          CS605                      CS410                   CS614
MCM301                       CS606                      CS506                    MGT201
MTH401                        MTH501                   CS508                    MTH603
STA301                         MGT501                   MTH601


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