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I am a bit emotional today and celebrating the 9th November 2015 as a black day in the history of Pakistan. Took some time off, from project to especially post my sentiments here.

The reason for my mourning is quite ordinary in view of many people. But I may be a ‘Buttt Parast” kind of persons (in definition of some). You may have your own views, but I believe Quaid-e-Azam is the brains of Pakistan and Allama Iqbal is the Heart & Soul of Pakistan. The Soul of Iqbal may have left the virtual heaven (Pakistan) today for real heaven because there seems no need of his soul to be remembered anymore :(


The murderer of Iqbal’s Soul, I believe, is the Govt. of Nawaz Sharif and the voters who elected such incapable leaders who seem to have no wisdom at all, except for their own family business. The Govt. cancelled the holiday on 9th November for their own vested interests. If this decision is not reversed, then start counting the days for clinical death of “Iqbal Day.” Who will bother to remember even the birthdate of Iqbal when we already have, kind of youths, depicted in the following video clip:

"Its not about a mere holiday, but its about breaching the basic principles of nationalism."

Look around in our daily routines of life, we have our loved ones at the length of a cheap mobile call but “we don’t have time” to remember them. We are deeply buried into so called bloody "busy-ness" that our family and friends direly desire to have a few spare moments with us but we are not there for them. If I have this attitude with those I love then who is this man “Iqbal”? Why should I have time to remember a person or his teachings. The person, who is not even in my relationship?

Sometimes I like Indian people more than Pakistanis because I see better nationalism in them as you see how much we love Indian movies/songs and their culture. Pakistani’s celebrities seem desperate to go India but Indian celebrities never bothered to visit Pakistan even for tourism purposes or as a goodwill gesture.  

Above all, every knowledgeable person knows the desperation of Sharif Family to have business oriented relations with India so his personal factories and businesses could prosper further. Can you imagine how many billions shall be skimmed by the factories of Sharif family on cancelling the holiday of 9th November?

A great scholar Plato said, “Ruin comes when businessman becomes ruler or the General uses his men to establish government, business man is good in trade, General in battlefield both are at their worst in public office.”

Lo and behold, we have even sold our National Hero at the cost of a few pennies. Hero’s don’t need to be remembered unless you create better ones otherwise these dead horses (in view of some people) are like candle light to revive the future of a country.  People who dont believe in celebrating these days, you may go, bury and level the graves of all these hero’s to the ground, but how many national hero’s have we left behind? Are you the one who can replace Iqbal? Nations can only survive with competent leadership? Do you have one? If not! then learn to follow the path of your National hero's & remember them forever. 


I salute….

….The Sindh Government for declaring holiday in Sindh, in recognition of services rendered by the Benazir Bhutto. (Despite not being a true leader like Iqbal).

….The PTI Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa for declaring holidy in KP, in recognition of respected Allama Iqbal (RA). (Despite the fact, m never being a PTI voter).


I condemn….

The Nawaz Government for the “vandalism” they have committed by cancelling this holiday and blowing the psychological impact of this day from the nation’s mind, forever. 

Share anything about Allama Iqbal (RA), your comments / emotions, to revive his services to the nation. (You may at least condemn the Govt decision in this post, its better to at least raise your voice, if you are a bit emotion for this country). 

May Allah save Pakistan from the clutches of incompetent leadership & bestow his special blessings on Allama Iqbal (RA) and those who contributed for this country, especially the unsung hero's......Ameen.

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Dobara mulk ko aisy Iqbal ki zrort hai ..

Allah phir sy hamin dobara wo Asli leader ata kray aamen :)


I think its a wrong decision as we should celebrate our hero’s and try not to forget them and pass the patriotism to our next “Yo” generation. By taking such measures we are further doing wrong with our upcoming generation. As for the work being suffered point I want to make a point here that today the most progressive nation is China but still they close down all activities for continuous 15 days where they dont accept orders from the world during those days. Its not the problem of holidays its the problem of not following ideologies properly. Allama Iqbal was a great poet and a thinker for our nation. Please Nawaz govt. stop degrading your own nation heroes.

Problem is not public holiday...problem is it is the starting point of disassociation...and in nations....these are the symbols of association

its ideology of PAKISTAN which is presented by Allama Mohammad Iqbal,they actually helping PAKISTAN Enemies to destroy PAKISTAN by betraying their own country.They forget that how many attacks are done by indian army this year and then why they said that NATION is not trust them so whom they trust now where they have to go to find some trust worthy like PAKISTAN ARMY,its simple either govt is with us or they against us.
They are talking about public servant so how many cases are made by NAB to rusticate people who are corrupt and use public resources for their own sake and do nothing for public in their tenure.They never work inn actual they enjoy without fear to be accountable by law enforcement
Whom ever in PAKISTAN try to make nation forget the message given by OUR HEROES by removing their signs of GREATNESS, they are wrong about that.

PAKISTAN is in the save hands and no one have power to undo what this great nation have and will.

There time is up now and they know that well,they soon be run and never found again on the level of earth but better underneath.


,, اے چاند یہاں نہ نکلا کر

,, بے نام سے سپنے دیکھا کر

,, یہاں اُلٹی گنگا بہتی ہے

,, اس دیس میں اندھے حاکم ہیں

,, نہ ڈرتے ہیں نہ نادم ہیں

,, نہ لوگوں کے وہ خادم ہیں

,, ہے یہاں پہ کاروبار بہت

,, اس دیس میں گردے بکتے ہیں

,, کچھ لوگ ہیں عالی شان بہت

,, اور کچھ کا مقصد روٹی ہے

,, وہ کہتے ہیں سب اچھا ہے

,, مغرب کا راج ہی سچا ہے

,, یہ دیس ہے اندھے لوگوں کا

... اے چاند یہاں نہ نکلا کر


wah very nice ملک شیراز bro ..

kia ye ap ny khud likha ?

nehi ye habib jalib sahib ne likha hai...


please make union for following the teaching of Allama Iqbal.



thank for give information.

I am 100% agree with you. IQBAL day holiday must not be cancelled. It doesn't mean that we are the lover of holiday it means that holiday is simply a symbol to remember a person or an event as an icon. A curse on PML N


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