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-Morgenthau says that a country’s national interests should be proportionate to its -----


._diplomacy has been used for centuries to communicate between powers.


.In some situations, such as between the US and China a large amount of diplomacy is done through __________channels

Semi formal

.The concept of sovereignty was evolved in 16th century in ----


.“Soviets and US incursion into Afghanistan” is an example of .which of the following BoP technique?


.Which of the following is NOT an ingredient of national power?


.The nation-state plays a dominant role in ---

Intentional relation

.BoP based appearance is _Subjective

.French revolution came in


.Diplomacy is the management of IR through _


.Diplomatic recognition is perhaps the most important factor in determining whether a nation is ____________ state.

An independent

.The League of Nations came into being ---------------------.

.The NAM has its origin in the Asia-Africa Conference held in Bandung, __________ in 1955.



.The ____________ of the Muslim world could also make it an effective advocate for the egalitarian approach espoused by NIEO.


.Which phrase is the next stage after IEO?


.Which of the following is the by product of imperialism?


.Which of the following things kept the pervious colonial states under the control of prior colonial powers?

Technological dependency

.______has the closest similarity to non-alignment.

Political neutrality

.The IMF and World Bank have ___________ of the world population and they have less than a third of the voting power.

Two third

.As ___________ industrialized and became increasingly militarized prior to WWII, it annexed parts of Korea and China.



.Decolonization is the product of which period?

Post-WW II Period

.Neo-colonialism implies political control of an underdeveloped people whose _____________ life is directed by a former colonizer.


.Colonialism is __________ rule imposed upon people.

Forign ruel

.British colonial policy was always driven to a large extent by Britain's ____________ interests.

.For which country The Arab bloc pressured NAM to expel, for its unilateral agreement with Israel at Camp David?



.Which of the following is the violent conflict indirectly fueled by the Cold War?

All option


.When did Pakistan withdrew from SEATO? 1972


.When did CENTO winded up?1979


.The Truman Doctrine was initially promulgated in conjunction with U.S. assistance against Soviet pressures in:

When was the Berlin wall dismantled

.Individual liberty is exercised in which of the following political ideologies?liberlisam


 .The October Revolution of _________ had sowed the seeds of Communism in Europe.


.In Lusaka Summit, 54 member nations decided to break off ties with Portugal and South Africa due to lack of compliance with UN decisions regarding ___delocalization and racial decimation


.Capitalistic ideology is owned by which nation?


.The Soviet Union’s ambitions were checked by the rise of fascism in _Italy and Germany


.Which of the following led to the seemingly quick collapse of the USSR?emrgance of china


.Weapons are the___________ of conflictive relations.


.The__________ was not agreed with the US plan for establishment of fissional materials.


-________ was the first effort towards disarmament.


.What role did nuclear weapons play in the relatively peaceful end to the Cold War?


.Treaty of Westphalia was signed in_________


.Disarmament attempts can be traced back to the Treaty of Westphalia in ___


.The key structural elements of the cold war are:


.What is meant by 'Atoms for Peace'? All options

.Treaty of Versailles was signed in ___1919


.Globalization involves:

What is a part of every interpersonal relationship?

Social democratic parties are amongst the largest in most _________ countries.


International laws are rules, which relate to the functioning of ______________ in the international arena.

All options

Unipolar System implies:

One dominant

The conflict between Pakistan and India on Kashmir issue falls in which category of conflict?

Laws of reciprocity refer to : intermediary interaction which implies mutual benefit

In all of the following areas foreign investments can be problematic EXCEPT:


__________ implies partial or gradual amalgamation.


.Idiosyncratic variables focus on:

Individual personality characteristics of decision makers.


.Private law concerns behavior of organizations and even states, whereas public law concerns the _


.Which of the following strategies will help you avoid moving from argumentativeness to aggressiveness?


.Naturalists argued that:

Divine authority source of all law

. NAFTA stand for. North American Free Trade Agreement

.____ is multipolar country . china ( doubted)

._____ is a unipolar country . Rome ( Doubted.

. when was the  the Treat  of Versailles  signed for recognized  that  ‘the maintenance  of  peace  requires  the  reduction  of

national armaments. After ww1

. The Council  of  the League  appointed  another  commission  in  1920 which name was____

Temporary Mixed Commission

.___ makes loans for development projects

World bank

.____ funded by both bilateral and multilateral agencies. wwF

.____ Ngo is the member of   .unicef ( doubted

._____ article recognized natural laws, general lawas, custom and legal and international laws.  38 of the icj

._____ is not involve in th NTP .Israel  (doubted)


. Punishment and deterrence behavior show .sticks

. in Strategies for altering state behavior label mean . Information. Acid rain for example



Final Term 2013

. What is the example of nationalism (3

.What is system theory (3

. Explain Histroy of Environmental concerns.(3


.what is the Reltionship between Environmental Concerns and IR.(5

.What is Dimensions of Integration?(5

. what is meant by BOP Technique (5




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