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ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2015 & Past FinalTerm Papers at One Place from 22 August 2015 to 2 September 2015

Please Share ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2015 & Past FinalTerm Papers at One Place from 22 August 2015 to 2 September 2015

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My Today Paper

Total MCQS 40

5 * 3M Q

5 * 5M Q

Almost 50% of the paper (Obj. + Sub.) was from budget.

Other MCQS were mix 


  • Benefit of Cash Budget to organizaion (30
  • Production Budget format (3)
  • Find Efficiency Ratio ( Actual and Budgeted hours and units were given) (3)
  • Find CM (3)
  • Find Cost of Goods sold and number of units sold (something like that)
  • One question was about allocate cost into product (something like that) 
  • Find Budgeted GP and Budgeted Profit from operations (data were given)
  • FOH budget (data were given)
  • Production Budget (data were given)
  • Forgot the last one

Plz Pray for me didnt attempt 3 Q due to time shortage 

thanks for sharing

Noni Best of Luck and Thanks for sharing

mai na zyada past papers parha nhe tha aik do file hi dekhain thi aur kuch hi mcqs tha past papers sa baqi easy tha 

ya wali

mcq numerical base thy zaida tr....

1 find breakeven is rs and in units numerical qus tha

2  cash budget numerical qus

3 operating budget

4 aim of budget

ALL Final Term Papers Spring 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 August 2015 ~ 02 September 2015

Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 22 August 2015 ~ 02 September 2015 to help each other. Thanks

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My today's MGT402 paper:

Total Marks: 80

Total Qs: 50

Total MCQS: 40

The subjective questions are as follows:

1. importance of cash budget for an organization

2. prepare cash budget (relevant data was given)

3. preparation of cash budget (relevant data was given)

4. discuss the format of cash budget

5. calculate the new FCs and VCs if FC increase by Rs. 250,000 and VCs lowers to 45% of sales (relevant data was given)

6. calculate MOS, BE sales and fixed budgeted cost (MOS and budgeted sales were given)

7. preparation of production budget

8. prepare budgeted income statement, calculate BE sales (in Rs.) & BE sales (in units)

9. how many units the company should sell in order to break even (relevant data was given)

10. numeric question (related to marginal costing)

Hope it will help those who still have to attempt MGT402 paper...


samra tariq Thanks for sharing! Wish you the best of Luck.

samra tariq sis please upload well solved mcq's file.

Q1-Ahmed & Company has the following information about his product (Soap). The selling price is Rs 110 per soap, the variable cost is Rs.75 per soap, and the total fixed cost for the firm is Rs. 70,000. The Company has budgeted sales of Rs. 270,000 and breakeven sales of Rs. 220,000.



Calculate Margin of safety.

Q2-Ali Corporation ltd manufactures two joint products ‘X’ and ‘Y’. In the month of January, 1,000 units of product ‘X’ and 400 units of product ‘Y’ were produced. Joint total cost is Rs. 15,000.

Required: Allocate the incurred cost to product ‘X’ by using Physical quantity ratio.

Q3-Prepare direct labor cost budget for the month of May with the help of given information.

Production units required for the month of May

11,500 units

Required labor hours for the production of one unit

         3 hours

Labor rate per hour

Rs.  250


Q4-Production department of Hi Fi Limited manufactures one unit of its product in 4 standard hours. Actual production during the month is 700 units and the budgeted production for the month is 650 units. Actual hours operated are 3,000 hours.

Required: Calculate activity ratio.

Q5-Briefly explain the concept of “Production Budget”


Q6-N Company has calculated its margin of safety as 25% on budgeted sales. Budgeted sales are 12,000 units per month and budgeted contribution margin is Rs. 40 per unit.


  1. Calculate the margin of safety.
  2. Calculate the Break even sales (units).

C. Calculate the budgeted fixed cost.

Q7-Star Limited is a cement manufacturing firm. Company’s management urges to compute the budgeted profit from operation and budgeted net profit for the upcoming quarter of current financial year.

Q8-It is estimated that sales will be of Rs. 75,000, cost of goods sold of Rs. 2,600, selling expenses of Rs. 5,000, salaries of Rs. 6,000 and financial charges of Rs. 1,100 during the period.   

Required: Calculate Budgeted Profit from Operation and Budgeted Net Profit with the help of given information.

Note: Show complete working.


Q9-Prepare the direct labor cost budget for the 1st quarter of the financial year 2014-15 with the help of following information;

Required units


600 units


500 units


700 units

Required labor hours to produce 1 unit

3 hours

Labor rate per hour


Rs. 50


Rs. 55


Rs. 57


Q10-Prepare income statement under absorption and marginal costing systems, if following information is given as:

Cost per unit under absorption costing                       Rs. 200 (fixed cost inclusive @ Rs. 25 per unit)

Cost per unit under marginal costing                         Rs. 175

Units produced                                                           100

Units sold                                                     100 @ Rs. 250           


Pirates Thanks for sharing! Wish you the best of Luck.


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