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The Blue Dragon:

This amazing creature is among the family of bluish sea slugs. However, it is much more detailed than an actual sea slug and quite larger in size. Which gives it a lot more room to accommodate more texture and apparent features. The creature for sure appears to be crazy, and somewhat beautifully textured. A thing about it is that it has gas filled in its stomachs sac. This feature enables them to float on the surface of water.

The Mantis Shrimp:

Also nicknamed as sea locusts, this is a breed of the family of shrimps. It is also known to be called as thumb slicers and even prawn murderers. Well an interesting fact about this species is that in tropical and sub-tropical waters, you won’t expect it to be a real common predator. As one, for obvious reasons, gets the impression that it may be a rare species, but it surely isn’t.


The Venezuelan Poodle Moth:

This amazing creature has been recently discovered, somewhere between 2008 and 2009, and for your information, it is a Venezuelan creature. Well by the looks, I’d safely call it cute but yes strange as hell at the same time. The expression this creature wears has made it fairly known in memes and comics. It must be evident that its name is justified, as it looks quite similar to poodle.


The Giant Isopod:

You may want to ask what this strange, rather weird looking thing actually is. Well, for starters, it is the most large species among isopods, and what you don’t know is that it is all for a reason. As it appears to be, crustaceans that live deep inside the sea experience deep-sea abyssal, hence in this situation the crustacean can increase its size of parts compared to its shallower sea level counterparts.

The Saiga Antelope:

The nose formation of this amazing creature gives it a whole separate identity, and it’s what it is known for. The nose looks like the front end of a double barrel gun, but even after possessing such strange features, the Antelope is still adorable enough. The thing which has reached beyond a critical level today is the endangerment of this species, which has already been come to an end in a few parts of the world.


The Bush Viper:

Viper is a breed or category of snakes and this right here is the bush viper. Its habitat is mainly the trees in African tropical forest. The creature mainly goes out to hunt for its preys in the darkness of the night. Well as a matter of fact, snakes are already scary enough, and this snake right here possesses a texture that enhances that look. Apparently, it gives the impression that green autumn leaves of small sizes have been stuck to the skin, but when you look closely, it’s the genuine skin indeed. This species is comparatively short, i.e. the max height goes up to 78cm.


The Blue Parrotfish:

This creature will make you laugh even when you’re not in the mood, just by simply staring at it. This type of fish is 30 to 75cm in length on an average, where a few may increase their length up to 1.2m though. No other species is found to wear such an astonishing monotonous blue color. The rather food loving specie spends around 80% of its time in search of food.


The Purple Indian Frog:

Well yes, you may be thinking if it’s a real animal or just an exaggeration of a regular specie. The thing is that yes, it is an actual creature. The animal is actually much buffed up and round on the corners and edges. The frog basically has a small head and a strange weirdo nose, and its skin is slimy. This frog is a species that you’ll rarely get to see as this creature spends almost the whole year in water, and lives outside water for only two weeks in the whole while, just to look for a partner to mate.


The Thorny Dragon:

This creature is in fact a species of lizards. Its utmost habitat is the sands of desert. The lizard gives a somewhat dragon look as one would agree. Even the eyes, the hands, the claws, all appear to be a mini dragon from one of the dragon movies we see today. The creature has its skin coated with a layer of thorns and spikes, and this is aimed at scaring the predators away. The average lizard lives for not such a long time, whereas this species’ lifespan is close to 20 years, which is quite a lot amount of time.


The Sea Pig:

This is something you won’t get to come across every day. Though this sea creature has no link to an actual pig, it’s just that it looks like one, and the skin appears to be quite similar. The creature has its feet looking like extended tubes, and their habitat is mainly close to the sea bed. This sort of creatures really catches our interest specifically as they have a strange resemblance to pigs, totally co-incidental.


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