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Assignment #  2


MTH302 (Spring 2010)

            Total marks: 13

             Lecture # 9 to 16   

           Due date: 17-05-10                                                                

    DON’T MISS THESE Important instructions:

  • Upload assignments properly through LMS, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
  • All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.
  • This is an individual assignment, not group assignment, so keep in mind that you are supposed to submit your own, self made & different assignment even if you discuss the questions with your class fellows. All similar assignments (even with some meaningless modifications) will be awarded zero marks and no excuse will be accepted. This is your responsibility to keep your assignment safe from others. Many solution files sent by students in assignment 1 are found to be copied and so awarded zero. You are therefore reminding here again.
  • Above all instructions are for all assignments so may not be mentioned in future.
  • Question # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 doesn’t have any marks, it is for your pre-assessment, solve it, see its solution (when uploaded) but you need not include these questions in solution file.



Question 1:                                                                                                  Marks 08


A flying company offers trips in Europe. The company flies three kinds of airplanes: the Boeing 757, the Boeing 767, and the Boeing 777. Each plane is outfitted with tourist, economy, and first-class seats. In Boeing 757, there are 50 tourist, 30 economy, and 32 first class seats. . In Boeing 767, there are 75 tourist, 45 economy, and 50 first class seats.

In Boeing 777, there are 40 tourist, 25 economy, and 30 first class seats.

The number of reservations for its January flight to Germany, 305 reservations for tourist class, 185 Economy class, and 206 first class.

To fill all the seats how many of each kind of plane should the company fly?



Question: 2                                                                                                  Marks 0


Why the inverse of following matrix is not possible





Question: 3                                                                                                           Marks 0


Write all the steps which are necessary to calculate the inverse of following matrix in Ms Excel and then also write the inverse matrix of given matrix.



Question 4:                                                                                                        Marks 0



Discuss the importance of determinant of a matrix in evaluation of its inverse. Also state at least two properties of determinants which help in their evaluation.


Question 5:                                                                                                         Marks 0


Find amount of markup and selling price on an item that costs Rs. 2400 if there is a 40% markup on cost.



Question 6:                                                                                                         Marks 0



An item sells for Rs. 3200. If the markup on the cost is 48%, find the cost and the amount of the markup.



Question 7:                                                                                                       Marks 0


Find the single discount rate that is equivalent to the series discount of 5%, 7% and 11%.



Question 8:                                                                                                       Marks 05


An item that cost Rs. 2300 was marked up 38 % of the selling price.  After some time the item is markdown 30 %.  Calculate the sale price after markdown. 


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Replies to This Discussion

what is this method? how do u derive this and from where? please explain, may be it could be discussed
if generally it wud be asked abt planes,,,,,,, the ans is 2 planes each the company has to fly....but the confusion is they have asked abt each kind of plane to fill the seats according to the resevations,,,,,,,,,,,,,,damn confused i am.............
Wa-alaikum Asslam
suppose it is a ration question, then ratio of what to what? any idea of formate? there is no "if". I mean if this is so, then what is so. In our case if these are the seats then these are the flights and if these are the seats then what are the flights? there is only one variable in Q: 1,
and that are seats, so what u say? keep me updated....
dear i think my question is correct . there just a need of clarify it . i solve this by idea solution tat provides by Mr. Tariq . hhe write 3 planes 3 planes and 2 planes . i solve it and answer become 3 planes 1 plane and 2 planes . and calculation fillfull the reservation seats too . but still here need a proper methodology about which i m also confused
PLANES Eco.Class First Class Tourist
Boing 757 30*3=90 32*3=96 50*3=150
Boing 767 45*1=45 50*1=50 75*1=75
Boing 777 25*2=50 30*2=60 40*2=80
Reservations 185 206 305

To fill all the seats each kind of plane should the company fly:

Boing 757 3 Planes

Boing 767 1 Plane

Boing 777 2 Planes
yes your answer is correct. what method u used to find the solution. i did it but a lot of paper work was involved. whole process involved finding of determinant, inverse and at the end using solution for simultaneous linear equation. lot of lot of work and two much length. may be using excel could shor the length
i m worring how this all process could be converted to ms word document
dear jaisy main ne likha hai aisay hi copy paste kar du . kal last date hai . time is short . kuch na honay se kuch hona bahtir hai .
i just add all seat for touist that are 165 then thougt how much seat remained of reservation . and how can be full fill . and i found out if we add two more plane of boeing757 and one of boeing 777 then the reservation is fullfilled . then apply same process on remain 2 economy and 1st class reservation ., i dont know what is this method :)) ...... its just like a puzzle sms
use this formula
find inverse of A via Excel function, then
this is problem of simultaneous linear equation
A is matrix of Seats, X is matrix of planes and C is matrix of Reservations
Check it out, not diffcult
your ghatka method is fine and u don't know you r making simultanous equations. think of
Tourist seats *x + tourist seats *y + tourist seats *z = total toursit reservations....again u r right
yar ye solution thik hay apka..acha tel me can u share ur mgt case study wd me?i need hlp in it
Assignment# 1

When entering foreign markets you have to deal with different laws and
different means for settling disputes and conducting business. For example
in Japan or China when business people disagree they hurt each other and law
enforcement does not intervene. When starting a business in foreign
countries you must conduct business by the laws of that area, you must learn
to service according to their customs and culture. You have to find out the
permits required in those areas, the laws regarding conducting business, and
you must have business people whom are able to interact with others. The
globalization of most businesses has taught many people to grow accustomed
to other cultures and way of conducting business. In some countries if you
refuse to shake someone's hand they are extremely insulted, in some
countries the thumbs up is the same as 'flipping' someone off. When
conducting business in other countries you must learn the customs of that
area- how things are actually done, and the laws of that area.
Subway has quality food which will be successful in other countries in my
opinion but it is not as simple as just building or renting a building and
setting up shop. Many details must be worked out before starting the
business in foreign countries.
Although the SUBWAY brand tries to keep its menu the same all over the
world so that patrons can expect to enjoy the same great-tasting sandwiches
no matter where they are, it is very conscious of the different religious
and cultural dietary needs of consumers and takes steps to adapt its menu
accordingly. For instance, in India, where the population is either Hindu
and does not eat beef or Muslim and does not eat pork, these ingredients are
appropriately substituted with chicken, lamb or turkey.
The SUBWAY brand evaluates a number of different factors to determine the
potential growth and evaluate our ability to execute against that growth. We
only wish to enter countries where there is high growth potential, high
likelihood of sustainable and profitable growth of restaurants and have a
suitable ability to support and conduct business there. Our team
periodically reviews high potential countries and may change our development
status at any time.*
please giv me the hint that 1st question is matrix or ratio.please make it clear,m tired now,atleast they should give clear questions,why they are making students too much confused...everbody is tensed on this topic....


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