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Modern Programming Languages (CS508)
FALL 2012
Assignment No. 3
Total Marks: 20 Dead line: 29th Nov, 2012
Purpose of Assignment:
Intended purpose of this assignment is to give students an exercise that can facilitate them
while working in any professional software development environments. After attempting
this assignment students will be able to:
• Familiarize with the core concepts of a programming language ‘ADA’ which is
used in a wide variety of Military systems.
• Learn the language basic syntax and purpose.
• Students will get comprehensive understanding of at which different military
areas this language can be used.
IdevSpot-Solutions for Software Companies
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range of innovative and reliable eBusiness softwares for companies intending to start
their own online business and earn profits by offering membership services.
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IdevSpot-PAF-Rentals Application
Pakistan Air Force gives a contract to Idevspot to develop a software application named
IdevSpot-PAF-Rentals. This software will create a directory of apartments, houses and
accommodations given to PAF staff members. PAF authorities will be able to visually
search location of apartments and houses on Google Maps and toggle 3D Google Earth
view. In addition, PAF authorities will also be able to search by category and specific
criteria, such as location, code number, etc. The main concerns of PAF are:
• Efficiency
• Highly reliable software
• Avoids error-prone notation
• Concurrent programming support
IdevSpot-Software Development team has decided to use Ada language to develop this
application. Now being a part of this project answer the following questions:
A. Suppose (a+b)*(x-y) is the formula to calculate the location of apartment or
house. Now you as a programmer write a complete program in Ada to solve this
formula. Note that each mathematical operator (such as +) should be solved in a
separate subprogram. [10]
B. Suppose to save apartment or house information of any staff member, you are
using records of Ada. You as programmer write a program in Ada to store the
records of staff member. The record should contain staff member’s name, CNIC,
rank, apparment_Id, and apartment_ Address. Add one complete record for a staff
member in your application. And also print that record. The use of access type is
must. Use Put_Line(Integer'Image()); command to print the values of Integer
type variables. The Output should like this: [10]
Name is: ABC
CNIC is: 3
Rank is: Captain
ApparmentId is: 1
ApartmentAddress is: FlatNo.4

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Replies to This Discussion

with Ada.Text_IO; 
use Ada.Text_IO;
procedure Welcome is
value1 :
float := 15.58_2;
value2 : float := 22.41;
value3 : float := 6.05E5; begin
Put_Line("Value 1 = " & float'image(value1));
Put_Line("Value 2 = " & float'image(value2));
Put_Line("Value 3 = " & float'image(value3));
end Welcome;

This would produce:

Value 1 =  1.55820E+01
Value 2 = 2.24100E+01
Value 3 = 6.05000E+05

Plz dear anybody share 2nd Answer :) plz

Triple you have solved q 1 ....?

SHAHID MAHMOOD plzzzz Q1 share kar dain

please koi q no 1 share ker day....

ap ney 2nd kar liya hai???

ha maine kiya haiii.....2nd questin...


Procedure prog1(n,o,result:IN OUT float) is


            function “+” (a,b :float)return float is

             n: float;



                   return float (i);

             end “+”;

 function “-“ (x,y :float)return float is

             o float;



                   return float (j);

            end “-”;

begin            ---- begin of my procedure


    return float(result);

end prog1;

2nd q pleas


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