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Assignment No. 3 Semester: Spring 2015 Data Communication - CS601 Total Marks: 12 Due Date: 27/07/2015



To have the understanding of Transmission Impairments

and Performance of Transmission Medium.


Uploading instructions:


Please view the Assignment Submission Process document provided to you by the Virtual University for uploading assignments.


  • Your assignment must be in Microsoft Word format.

(Any other format like scan images, PDF, Zip, rar, bmp etc will not be accepted)

  • No assignment will be accepted through email.



Rules for Marking:


It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:


  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupted.
  • Your assignment is copied from internet, handouts or from any other student

      (Strict disciplinary action will be taken in this case).

Question No.1:          


Consider a noisy channel in which the value of the signal-to-noise ratio is 2500

and the channel capacity according to Shannon Capacity formula is 33840 bps.

Find its bandwidth? Provide your answer with full calculation and correct unit.




Bandwidth with proper Unit






Question No. 2:


Suppose a signal travels through a transmission medium and due to some

reasons its power is reduced to quarter. You are required to measures the relative strength of this signal before and after power loss. Provide your answer with full calculation and correct unit.




Relative signal strength before and after power loss with unit





Note: Give you solution with all relevant calculations in given tables.

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Replies to This Discussion

if please you have solution of this assigment, thanks abdur raheem

Question: 1 Marks: 10

Prove the following by using the principle of Mathematical Induction:
, For all integers
Question: 2 Marks: 06

Prove by contradiction that is irrational.
Question: 3 Marks: 04
Name the four properties which a loop with guard G needs to satisfy in order to be true with respect to its pre and post conditions.

Section 2
Section Incharge Name:- Saima Shafi

Question: 1 Marks: 10
Prove the following by using the principle of Mathematical Induction:

Question: 2 Marks: 05+05
(a) A bank customer can only access his locker if he enters his code consists of from one to six digits (repetition is allowed). Then how many different codes are possible?
(b) Find the number of n ways that a team consisting of 12 members can select a coach, assistant coach, and captain. Assume that no member is selected more than one.

Section 3
Section Incharge Name:- Jamshaid Nasir

Question: 1 Marks: 10

Prove the following by using the principle of Mathematical Induction:

Question: 2 Marks: 10
Use the Euclidean algorithm to find GCD (108, 30)

bahi jan yeh 2no questions ka sol hai na???

  Assignment No.2 (Course STA301)

Spring 2015 (Total Marks 15)



Your Assignment must be uploaded/ submitted before or on

31st July 2015, 23:59, 2015



Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your Assignment will not get any credit IF:

  • The Assignment submitted, via email, after due date.
  • The submitted Assignment is not found as MS Word document file.
  • There will be unnecessary, extra or irrelevant material.
  • The Statistical notations/symbols are not well-written i.e., without using MathType software.
  • The Assignment will be copied from handouts, internet or from any other student’s file. Copied material (from handouts, any book or by any website) will be awarded ZERO MARKS. It is PLAGIARISM and an Academic Crime.
  • The medium of the course is English. Assignment in Urdu or Roman languages will not be accepted.
  • Assignment means Comprehensive yet precise accurate details about the given topic quoting different sources (books/articles/websites etc.). Do not rely only on handouts. You can take data/information from different authentic sources (like books, magazines, website etc) BUT express/organize all the collected material in YOUR OWN WORDS. Only then you will get good marks.



Objective(s) of this Assignment:


This assignment will strengthen the basic idea about the concept of the following distributions:

  • Binomial distribution
  • Hypergeometric distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Normal distribution






Assignment No: 2 (Lessons 28 – 30)

Question 1:                                                                                                       Marks: 3+4=7

a)      A box contains 4 red and 5 white flowers. A random sample of 6 flowers is drawn without replacement from the box. Find the probability that the sample contains 3 red flowers.

b)      If X is binomially distributed with mean 8 and variance 4.8, then find the parameters of binomial distribution.

Question 2:                                                                                                          Marks: 3+5=8 

a)       Suppose the number of defective screws produced by a machine per day follows Poisson distribution with parameter 2. What is the probability that, out of the total production of the day, there are at least one defective screw? 

b)       The  Army  reports  that  the  distribution  of  head  circumferences  among  soldiers is  approximately  normal  with  mean  23.4 inches  and  standard  deviation 1.4 inches. What  percent  of  soldiers  have  a  head  circumference  between  21.0  inches and   24.0  inches? 









Question no 1:

A particle with a charge of 0.17coulombs is in a uniform electric field of strength 55 N/C as shown below. An external force pushes the charge 0.12 meters directly against the field. What is the change in electric potential energy?                                                                            Marks 8















In order to find Change in Electric Potential Energy = ∆Ue =?

We need electric potential = V = ?

∆Ue = q∆V

∆V = -E∆x = -(55 N/C)(0.12m) = - 6.6Nm/C = -6.6 J/C

Now  to find:

∆Ue = q∆V = (0.17C)(-6.6J/C)= 1.122 J




Question no: 2

A)    Where does an electron go when it is free to move: to a location of higher or lower potential? Explain it.

A student of Physics calculated a negative potential difference between two points. Is that possible? Explain it by giving a solid reason



Ans.    As electron has negative charge, it will always move towards the pole containing positive charge, Irrespective of the fact that, which potential you denote as higher and which lower.



Ans.    Negative potential means potential in opposite direction. For example if we connect the negative terminal of a battery to ground than our meter will calculate positive potential difference, but if we connect it other way round than our meter will calculate negative potential difference.



Question # 3

What is the electric potential at the location of the test charge as shown in the figure?    Marks 5














Question no 4:

What is the potential difference between the plates shown in the following figure?       Marks 6






Potential difference between plates


Vb = 1.0 volts

Va = -0.5 volts 

∆V = Vb – Va = 1.0- (-0.5)

∆V = 1.5 Volts

Lisen or read lec no 27 and 28 from handouts ur assignment will b solved

thanks its good to read and understand instead of just copy past the solution

Topic covered in the assignmnt is transmission impairements

Shannon capacity formula

Handouts pg No 145:):)

C = B * log2(1+ S/N)


C is the achievable channel capacity

B is the bandwidth

S is the average signal power

N is the average noise power.

S/N shows the signal to noise ratio

The signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) is usually expressed in decibels

Bandwidth is measured in hertz (Hz)

Put the given values in the Shannon Formula given above ur ist que will be solved:):)

But keep in mind that u have to find the Bandwidth mean "B" not capacity "C"

So, be careful while putting the values in the formula


Signal strength is usually expressed in db (decibels)

salam if please send solution of   

Prove the following by using the principle of Mathematical Induction:

 , For all integers  


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