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B-Com Part 2 Notes Solved Assignments - B.com Part 2 Cost Accounting Notes, Past Papers, Assignments

B-Com Part 2 Notes Solved Assignments - B.com Part 2 Cost Accounting Notes, Past Papers, Assignments

B.com Part 2 Cost Accounting Notes, Past Papers, Assignments

Cost Accounting 

Section 1. - Nature and Scope of Cost Accounting 

Introduction to Cost Accounting
Objectives of Cost Accounting
Importance of Cost Accounting
Scope of Cost Accounting
Limitation of Cost Accounting 
Cost Accounting Vs Financial Accounting

Section 2. - Cost - Analysis, Concepts and Classification 

Elements of Cost 
Items Excluded from Cost 
Statement of Cost
Cost Sheet Presentation (PPT)
Meaning of Costing 
Meaning of Cost Unit
Meaning of Cost Center
Method of Costing 

Section 3. - Material Cost - Computation and Control 

Material Control
Material purchase procedure 
Techniques of Material Control
Techniques of Material Control PPT
ABC Analysis
Two Bin system
Continuous Stock Verification
Economic Order Quantity
Economic Order Quantity PPT
Lead Time
Minimum Level of Inventory
Reorder Level of Inventory
Maximum Level of Inventory 
Danger Level of Inventory 
Perpetual Inventory System
Store Ledger
Control Ratio
Average Cost Method
Simple Average Method
Weighted Average Method
Scrap in Inventory

Section 4. - Labor Cost - Computation and Control 

Labor Cost 
Direct Labor Cost Examples
Calculation of Labor Cost
Labor Cost Control
Steps to Control Labor Costs
Labor Turnover 
Idle time 
Time Study
Motion Study
Merit Rating 
System of Wage Payment
Incentive Wage Plans
Incentive Wage Plans - Part 2nd

Section 4. - Overheads 

Introduction to Overheads
Segregation of Semi Variable Cost 
Methods of Segregation of Semi Variable Cost
Apportionment of Overheads
Methods of Absorption of Overheads
Calculation of Machine Hour Rate
Overhead Variance
Treatment of Under-absorbed Overheads
Advantages of Machine Hour Rate
Research and Development Expenses 

Section 5. - Accounting Methods 

Non-Integral System Accounting
Integral System Accounting 
Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts

Section 6. - Method of Costing 

Job Costing
Job Costing PPT
Job Costing Q and A
Advantages of Job Costing 
Contract Costing
Contract Costing PPT
Job Costing Vs Contract Costing
Work Certified Vs Work Uncertified 
Batch Costing
Batch Costing PPT
Operation Costing
Production Account
Cost Sheet Vs Production Account
Service Costing 
Multiple Costing 
Process Costing 
Process Costing P and S
Preparation of Process Accounts 
treatment of normal and abnormal loss
Activity Based Costing 
Disadvantages of Activity Based Costing
Cost Drivers Examples 

Section 7. - Techniques of Cost Control 

Marginal Costing 
Application of Marginal Costing 
Break Even Analysis 
Importance of Budgetary Control 
Standard Costing 
Importance of Standard Costing 
Types of Variances 
Direct Material Variances
Material Mix Variance
Labor Efficiency Variance 
Labor Rate Variance
Idle Time Variance
Labor Mix Variance
Uses of Cost Audit
Uniform Costing 
Variable Overhead Variance 
Fixed Overhead Variance - Part 1
Fixed Overhead Variance - Part 2
Sales Variance


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