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BT101 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-I GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

BT101 GDB Solution Idea:

Credit: Amaan Khan



Mimicry refers to an animal or plant evolving to take on the appearance of another species, and is a process common among insects and snakes. Müllerian mimicry refers to the ability of two harmful species to be similar to each other for purposes of shared protection. Mertensian mimicry refers to the ability of a harmful species to adapt characteristics of a less injurious species to deceive its prey. Vavilorian mimicry is a kind of plant adaptation where by weeds take on the same appearance as a domesticated plant species. For instance of mimicry is the non-poisonous scarlet king snake, which has taken on a similar color and pattern of the skin of the venomous coral snake to deceive its predators that it is equally dangerous.



Camouflage, also known as caryopsis, refers to the ability of an animal to blend into its environment through changing its color or naturally possessing colors or spots that blend in with their environment. In some instances, an animal completely changes its appearance to remain unseen. Consequently, camouflaging often involves stripes, spots, as well as coloration patterns. Concealing coloration can occur when a species naturally possesses fixed colors that blend in with its environment. For example, the stonefish and flatfish both have coloration that resembles the seabed.





Mimicry involves morphological, behavioral, and physiological adaptations

Camouflage only involves morphological characteristics

Mimicry involves a species taking on the resemblance of another species, and does not usually; involve blending in with the environment.

Camouflage relates to the blending of the animal or plant with its environment.

It occurs both in animals and plants.

It only occurs in animals.





It proposes to avoid from predation.

It helps to hide it from environment.


An example of mimicry is the cuckoo bee.

An example of camouflage stone flounder.

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