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CS201 All current Final term paper Fall 2015 at one place from 5th March to 16th March 2015.

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 koi to share ker dy paperrrrr.......

Shared by Atif Aslam:

CS201 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2014 - 2015, 05 March to 16 March , 2015

CS201 Current Final term Papers Fall 2014 - 2015, 05 March to 16 March , 2015.
The correct syntax of do-while loop is,
► (condition ) while; do { statements; };
► { statements; } do-while ();
► while(condition); do { statements; };
► do { statements; } while (condition); Answer
Which of the following can not be a variable name?

10area Answer

new and delete are _____ whereas malloc and free are _____.
► Functions, operators
► Classes, operators
► Operators, functions (Page 342-285) Answer
► Operators, classes
The appropriate data type to store the number of rows and colums of the matrix is____________.
► float
► int (Not sure) Answer
► char
► none of the given options.
The function free() returns back the allocated memory got thorough calloc and
malloc to _____ .
► stack
► heap (Answer)
► stack and heap
► None of the given options
Which kind of functions can access private member variables of a class?
► Friend functions of the class (Page 374) Answer
► Private member functions of the class
► Public member functions of the class
► Friend, private and public functions
All preprocessor directives are started with the symbol______.
► *
► +
► @
► # (Page 269) Answer
New and Delete are also used with ___________ and data types as well.
► Class, Objects (Page 342) Answer
► Structures, Pointers
► Both Class and structures
► None of above
Which of the following statement is best regarding declaration of friend function?
► Friend function must be declared after public keyword.
► Friend function must be declared after private keyword.
► Friend function must be declared at the top within class definition.
► It can be declared anywhere in class as these are not affected by the public and private key words. (Page 346) Answer
NULL value has been defined in ______ and _________ header files.
► strings.h and iostream.h
► ctype.h and conio.c
► conio.c and conio.h
► stdlib.h and stddef.h (Page 281) Answer
Default mechanism of function calling in case of array is _____ and in case of
variable is ___.
► Call by value, call by reference
► Call by referene, call by reference
► Call by reference, call by value (Page 119) Answer
► Call by value, call by value
What does STL stand for?
► Source template library
► Standard template library (Page 519) Answer
► Stream template library
► Standard temporary library
new and delete are _____ whereas malloc and free are _____.
► Functions, operators
► Classes, operators
► Operators, functions (Page 342-285) Answer
► Operators, classes
The prototype of friend functions must be written ____ the class and its
definition must be written ____
► inside, inside the class
► inside, outside the class (Page 346) Answer
► outside, inside the class
► outside, outside the class
Which one of the following is the declaration of overloaded pre-increment operator implemented as member
► Class-name operator +() ;
► Class-name operator +(int) ;
► Class-name operator ++() ; (page 389) Answer
► Class-name operator ++(int) ;
For cin, the source is normally a ________ and destination can be ______.
► File, native data type
► Disk, user-define type
► Keyboard, variable (Page 424) Answer
► File, user-define type
The functions used for dynamic memory allocation return pointer of type ______
► int
► float
► void (Answer)
► double
Question No:- ( Marks: 2 )
What happens when we use new and delete operator?
When we use new operator to create objects the memory space is allocated for the object and then its constructor
is called. Similarly, when we use delete operator with our objects, the destructor is called for the object before deallocating the storage to the object.

if a class A declare a friend B and the friend B is also a friend C then C is the, describe it???
Question:- A program bnana tha jis mein ak array value ko 2nd array mein copy kr k bnnana tha,

Ak 3 num ka program tha jis ka out put dena tha object wala, us ka out put my object a>b tha.

Question No:- ( Marks: 5 )
Write a program which defines five variables which store the salaries of five employees, using setw and setfill manipulators to display all these salaries in a column.
Note: Display all data with in a particular width and the empty space should be filled with character x
Output should be displayed as given below:
#include <iostream.h>
#include <iomanip.h>
int sal1 =1000;
int sal2 =1500;
int sal3 =20000;
int sal4 =30000;
int sal5 =60000;
cout setfill ('x') setw (10);
cout sal1endl;
cout setfill ('x') setw (10);
cout sal2endl;
cout setfill ('x') setw (10);
cout sal3endl;
cout setfill ('x') setw (10);
cout sal4endl;
cout setfill ('x') setw (10);
cout sal5endl;
int i=0;
cin>>i; // to stop the screen to show the output
Jo yad tha wo likh dia MCQz 80% Moeez wali file mein se thay jo me ne upload ki hy, Best Wishes

Thanks for sharing 

Thank u

thnx for sharing..

My Today’s Paper……….cs201 ,final term


Just 10 % was from objective mooaz file and 10 % from subjective moaaz file.

1) How you differentiate an object from a class? 2 marks

2) How the data members of the class are initialized with meaning full value? 2 marks

3) Suppose we have a class student which contains the object of the class string as its data member, now if we create an object of student type, then what will the construction sequence of the objects? 2 marks

4) What happened when we use new and delete operators? 2 marks

5) Suppose you are going to code a macro over function in this particular case? 3 marks

6) Write equivalent template function for the given function                    

     Float Clesius(float fahrenheit)


Float Celsuis=0.0 ;

Celsuis=((Fahrenheit -32)*5/9;

}                                                                      3 marks

7) What will the output for the given code……code was very lengthy about width… 3 marks

8) Write general syntax of” two way friendship between two classes” i.e [class 1 and class 2].  3 marks

9) Output of the code the (code about friend function).   5 marks

10) Code was again about friend function  .          5 marks

11) What will the output of the code (Class file …) .   5 marks

12) Coding…Bad practice has adopted here…Change the code.  5 marks

Thank u :)

thnx for sharing....

mth202 k group me mth202 ka current paper share krdo plzzzzzzzzzzz

mera kal paper hai or wahan kisi ne share ni kia

 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

me ne sary paper share kiay hain or bht logo ne mujy thnx kaha,

lakin mujy mth202 ka current paper ni mil rha

plzzzz help

plz agr kisi ne mth ka paper dy dia hai to share kr do

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