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Replies to This Discussion

jo program is tarha kary return 0; say pahly   system("pause"); laga do  

 system("pause"); lagane se error de raha hai ka

system is not defined in this scope

errors aa rahian hain es main. Kiya code sy phele koi directory lagani hai??

koe btaye ga output rukti ku ni jaldi se chali jati hai????

@Fiinder system("pause"); add kro code k end pr output ruk jaye gi. 

 system("pause"); lagane se error de raha hai ka

system is not defined in this scope


Assignment No : 3
Date: 19/01/16 17:31

#include <cstring>
using namespace std;

class Computer
private :
string Vendor;
string CPU;
int Hard_Disk;
int Ram;
public :
// setter functions
void setVendor(string vndr)
this->Vendor = vndr;
void setCPU(string cpu)
this->CPU = cpu;
void setHDD(int hdd)
this->Hard_Disk = hdd;
void setRam(int ram)
this->Ram = ram;
// getter funstions
string getVendor()
return Vendor;
string getCPU()
return CPU;
int getHDD()
return Hard_Disk;
int getRam()
return Ram;
// Default constructor
cout"\n\nDefault constructor called....\n";
Vendor = "None";
CPU = "None";
Hard_Disk = 0;
Ram = 0;
// parameterized constructor
Computer(string vndr, string cpu, int ram, int hdd)
cout"\n\nParameterized constructor called....\n";
Computer pc1;
cout"\nVendor : "pc1.getVendor();
cout"\nCPU : "pc1.getCPU();
cout"\nRAM : "pc1.getRam();
cout"\nHard Disk : "pc1.getHDD();

Computer pc2("Intel", "i5", 4, 500);

cout"\nVendor : "pc2.getVendor();
cout"\nCPU : "pc2.getCPU();
cout"\nRAM : "pc2.getRam();
cout"\nHard Disk : "pc2.getHDD();
cout"--------------------------------- "endl;

system ("pause");
return 0;

cs201 solution 2016

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class Computer{
string Vendor;
string Cpu;
int Ram ;
int Hardisk ;

public :
Computer(string Vin ,string Cp,int rm,int hr) {




void show(){

cout Vendor" "endlCpu " "endl "Ram : " Ram" "endl"Hard Disk : "Hardisk" "endl;


void setVendor(string);
void setCpu(string);
void setRam(int);
void setHardisk(int);
string getVendor();
string getCpu();
int getRam();
int getHardisk();

Ram ;


void Computer::setVendor(string Ven){
Ven= " :None";



void Computer::setCpu(string cap){
cap = " :None";
Cpu= cap;

void Computer::setRam(int r){

r = 0 ;
Ram = r;

void Computer::setHardisk(int h){
h = 0;
Hardisk = h;

string Computer::getVendor(){
return Vendor;


string Computer::getCpu(){
return Cpu;
int Computer::getRam(){
return Ram;

int Computer::getHardisk(){
return Hardisk;

int main(){

Computer sys ;
string Vin;
string Cp;
int rm;
int hr;
cout "The default Constructor is called....."endl;
cout "Vendor:"sys.getVendor()endl;
cout " Cpu: "sys.getCpu()endl;
cout "Ram:"sys.getRam()endl;
cout "Hard disk:" sys.getHardisk()endl;
cout endl;

cout "The parameterized Constructor is called......" endlendl;
Computer para(" Vendor : Intel"," CPU :i5",4, 500);

return 0;


 CS201 Assignment 3(Solution)

  • First of all create class with the name of computer with following code:

         class computer{


  • inside the class define 2 sections as private and public with following code:

        public: // for the public variables.
        void setModel(string s);
        string getModel();

         void setRamMemory(int i);
         int getRamMemory();
         computer();// define constructor without parameters
         computer(string, int);// define constructor with parameters
          private: // for the private variables.

          string Model;
          int RamMemory;

  • After this close the class and your code should look like this 


  • Now start working on defined functions above" let us start with default values for the constructor without parameters..


  • Now define the constructor's objects with values with following way:

computer::computer(string Model,int RamMemory){

  • After doing this start writing SETTER function's code with following way:

void computer::setModel(string s){
void computer::setRamMemory(int i){

  • Same like this now write the code for GETTER functions defined above with following code:

string computer::getModel(){
return Model;
string computer::getRamMemory(){
return RamMemory;

  • Now come to the final point with displaying values in program with the following way:

int main()
  cout "computer without paramerters" endl;
       //initialize the constructor and display
  computer comp1; cout"Model == " comp1.getModel() endl;

cout"RAM Memory == " comp1.getRamMemory() endl;
cout "computer with paramerters" endl;
computer comp2("IBM",5);
cout"Model == "comp2.getModel() endl;
cout"RAM Memory == " comp2.getRamMemory() endl;

  return 0;


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