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CS201 Current Final Term Papers Fall 2011 ( 03 Feb to 16 Feb 2012 )

Current Final Term Fall 2011 Papers, Feb 2012 Final Term Papers, Final Term Fall 2011 Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs


Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

My today papers is

Total questions is 54 and 40 mcqs

4 questions of 2 marks

4 questions of 3 marks

4 questions of 5 marks

mostly mcqs from past papers and the long questions about classes and friendship

 mcqs pooranay aye thay...

75% paper mein template per hi baat hoi
15% classes n inheritance tha
aur baki ka 10 % mix mein se tha...

so templates ko mostly prepare karen.

Cs 201
2 Feb 2012 Final Term

Long Question 

Q1: Given is the code for a class named Coordinate.(10)

class Coordinate


int X, Y;


X = 0;
Y = 0;

class Coordinate
friend void Displaycord();

int X, Y;


X = 0;
Y = 0;


Q2: Write a program that defines a Template function named Square () which finds the square of a number and then return it. Define one variable of type int in main function and then call Square function on that. (10)

Program output should look like this:

Enter an integer value to find its Square: 6
Square of integer number is: 36

Q3: Why is it necessary to initialize a static object as the time of creation and how it is initialized ?(5)

Q4:Transform the following If-else statement into switch statement.(5)

if (x == 5)
else if (x == 10 || x == 11)
else if (x == 8)
else if (x == 9)

Q5:Read the given code and explain code functionality. (3)

Matrix :: Matrix ( const Matrix & m )
numRows = m.numRows ;
numCols = m.numCols ;
elements = new ( double * ) [ numRows ] ;
for ( int i = 0 ; i < numRows ; i ++ )
elements [ i ] = new double [ numCols ] ;
for ( int j = 0 ; j < numCols ; j ++ )
elements [ i ] [ j ] = m.elements [ i ] [ j ] ;

Hint : This function belong to a matrix class, having 
Number of Rows = numRows
Number of Columns = numCols

Q6: In the following code;(3)

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
main() {

double j; 



Is double j; an example of global variable or local variable ? Why ? 

Q7: Identify and correct the error in the given code segment.(3)
int val = 30;
int &ref = val; 

&ref = &ref++; 


Q8: Determine the output of the given program code.(2)

for (int I = 1; i<5; i++){
if ( I == 3)
cout I endl ;

Q9: What is the output of following code snippet.(2)

// class templates
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

template <class T>
class mypair {
T a, b;
mypair (T first, T second)
{a=first; b=second;}
T getmax ();

template <class T>
T mypair<T>::getmax ()
T retval;
retval = a>b? a : b;
return retval;
int main () {
mypair <int> myobject (100, 75);
cout myobject.getmax();

Q10: How can we declare and initialize static data member of a class?(2)

Q11: When memory is allocated dynamically using new operator within the constructor of class then what is an appropriate place to de-allocate the memory?(2)

Q11: Write down the output of the following code segment? (2)

int x[10] = {0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9};
int *xptr;
xptr = &x[5];
cout *(xptr++) + 1;

Sequence of event(s) when allocating memory using new operator is ____________.

Assignment operator is ________ associative

To avoid dangling reference, always return _________.
Which value is returned by the destructor of a class?
The functions used for dynamic memory allocation return pointer of type ______.
The function free() returns back the allocated memory got through calloc and malloc to _____ .
At the time of linking, library functions are available in the ________form.
Which of the following is NOT a preprocessor directive?
When we define an array of objects then ___________.
A constructor will create a new object with a full copy of the other object, this type of copy is known as ___________.
When an object of a class is defined inside another class then ______________.
Every stream has _________.
_________in the following options is not a method of output stream.
To perform manipulation with input/output, we have to include ________ header file
A class whose object is contained as const object, must have ____________.
By using objects as class members, _________ is achieved
The operator function will be implemented as _____, if both objects (obj1, obj2) are passed as arguments to - operator in the statement given below. 
obj3 = obj1 - obj2;

ANSI stands for _________.
A template function must have at least _______________ generic data type.

Which of the following is true about operator overloading?
1-The operator works with only objects of the class in which it is overloaded.
2-The operator works with objects and primitive data types regardless of parameters.
3-The operator works with both objects and primitive data types depending on parameters.
4-The operator must have a constant and an object as parameters.
Operator overloading can be performed through__________________.
The pointer returned by the new operator points to ___________ of memory chunks allocated by the new operator.

The return type of the operator function for operator is __________.

What will be the output of following statement?

cout setfill(‘0’) setw(7) 128 ;

The operator used for casting in C is standard ________ operator.

Consider the following code segment.

struct intorDouble
Int ival;
Double charvar;


intorDouble VAZ;
int size ;
size = sizeof(VAZ);

What will be the value of variable size if integer occupies 4 bytes and double occupies 8 bytes?

The file-open mode __________ is used to open a file for output and move to the end of the file.

In the statement int &x = y; compiler ______.
Which header file must be included to use the functions tolower() and toupper()?
Which one of the following functions is included in stdlib.h header file?
For one byte, there are _____ combinations of values which can be stored in computer.
Which of the following statement is best regarding declaration of friend function?
Answer- It can be declared anywhere in class as these are not affected by the public and private keywords.
The operator used for dereferencing the elements of an array using a pointer is _________.
The __________ statement forces the immediate next iteration of the loop.
A function is a block of statements (code) that can be __________.
Which of the following values are used in C/C++ to represent true and false?
Ans- 1 and 0
The dynamic memory allocation uses memory from the ____________.
In C/C++, null character is represented as ________________.

Cs201 final paper                                      07\02\2012


Mcqs were easy and from past papers.

  1. Write down the syntax in two different ways to initialize character array with string 'programming'. 2


  1. Write the C++ code for the declaration of overloaded stream insertion(>>) and stream extraction() operator for the object d of type Date. 2 marks



  1. What happens when an object is assigned to another object without overloading an assignment operator? 2 marks
  3. Suppose there is a template function 'func' having argument of type U and return type T. What will be the C++ syntax to call this function, when we pass a variable 'x' of type double and it is returning an int type? 2 marks


  1. If the requested memory is not available in the system then what does calloc(), malloc() and new operator return? 3 marks


  1. Which one of the given two methods is better to read from a file and Why ?  3 marks

Using stream insertion operator >>

Using get() function

  1. Write a function named Sum which takes an integer as its argument and uses a static integer variable to keep track of the sum of all values passed to it during the running of a program.  3 marks


  1. Given is the code for nested classes.

class First




        class Second    

        {     public:            



                    fValue = 20;


               void Display();


                int fValue;                



Write the code to define Display() member function of class inner class outside the body of outer class. The function Display() will display the value of data member fValue of class First. 3marks

  1. Briefly explain the logic of given code. Also determine what is the value of 'counter' variable if the code below is executed ? 5 marks




   int num = 5;   

  int counter=0;

   while(num != 0)


       if ( num & 01)




   return 0;



  1. Using Template (code given) have to write a function square() that takes “x” as double but return its square as integer.  5marks


  1. One  question was from the phone example in the handouts. Have to write part of missing code . 5marks


  1. Using manipulation operator show

Virtual--------university (8 – character between them) 5 marks



Subjective questions were mostly from past papers but objectives were mostly new but not that difficult ,well that's relative to your knowledge.
Subjective questions were
Use of new and delete operator
A short program to calculate area of circle
A program of class date with dynamic memory allocation



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