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Do not copy this, try yourself. this is only for idea purpose. i added this in pdf and word format both.

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CS201 Introduction to Programming Assignment Solution Fall 2013

Due Date:  25-11-2013

Solved By:    Lion

#include <iostream.h>



double f_temp, k_temp, c_temp, temp;

char ch, quit;


cout " *********** Temprature Conversion Calculator **************";

cout "\n\n Please enter the temprature unit for which you want the coverison ";

cout "\n 1. F for Fahrenheit to Celcius and Kalvin";

cout "\n 2. C for Celsius to Fahrenheit and Kalvin";

cout "\n 3. K for Kalvin to Fahrenheit and Celcius";



cout "\n\n Please enter you choice: ";

cin >> ch;




     case 'f':

     case 'F':             

            cout " Please enter temprature in Farhenheit: ";

            cin >> f_temp;

            c_temp = (f_temp  -  32)  *  5/9;

            k_temp = (f_temp + 459.67) * 5/9;  

            cout " Celcius =" c_temp;

            cout "\n Kelvin =" k_temp;

            cout "\n Do you want to calculate another value (y/n): ";

            cin >> quit;

            if (quit == 'y' || quit == 'Y')

            goto startagain;



     case 'c':

     case 'C':             

            cout " Please enter temprature in Celcius: ";

            cin >> c_temp;

            k_temp = c_temp + 273.15 ;

            f_temp = c_temp  *  9/5 + 32;  

            cout " Kelvin =" k_temp;

            cout "\n Farhenheit =" f_temp;

            cout "\n Do you want to calculate another value (y/n): ";

            cin >> quit;

            if (quit == 'y' || quit == 'Y')

            goto startagain;



     case 'k':

     case 'K':           

            cout " Please enter temprature in Kelvin: ";

            cin >> k_temp;

            c_temp = k_temp - 273.15 ;

            f_temp = (k_temp - 273.14)  * 9/5 + 32; 

            cout " Celcius =" c_temp;

            cout "\n Farhenheit =" f_temp;

            cout "\n Do you want to calcute another value (y/n): ";

            cin >> quit;

            if (quit == 'y' || quit == 'Y')

            goto startagain;




            cout "\n Invalid Choice";            


cout endlendl;





To learn programming watch others listen others and practice yourself. Remember these golden words.


“I hear I forget, I do I learn”    Unknown.







13 error show ho rahy hain es statement main kindly zra thori c rehnumai ker dain . . . . . . . . . 


cout k baad (cout) nahi lgay hoay

yes dear, Less than signs do not show when code is paste here...

so, these errors r occur due to missing the less than signs.

its better to all  of u download .cpp file which is given above.

yes eman, i am also telling that copy .cpp file

cout k bad 10 error show ho rhy hain 

let check ur errors here in pic format.

Lion thanks for sharing your idea.keep it up 

But Lion & 

Dear Fellows,

All of you are requested, Please post Only One Discussion For Current Assignment/GDB/Online Quiz and everyone reply/share/discussed his/her data on that same discussion, so that all members get solution & discuss easily on Current Assignment/GDB/Online Quiz.

So please don’t post two or more discussions for one Current Assignment/GDB/Online Quiz, hope you’ll understand and cooperate with us.

Already started discussion for the same assignment link is

thanks for understanding 

Ok sir.

ktne intelligent log hen yaha, sbko assignment submit krwane ki pari he, discussion koi ni kerta bs jaldi se copy paste mar k thora bht change ker k submit kerwai ja rae hen, fer kehte hen univeristy theak ni he, 


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