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CS201 Introduction to Programming Current Mid Term Papers May 2011, (Spring 2011)

Current Spring 2011 Papers, May 2011 Papers, Mid Term Spring 2011 Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks


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kya photo ya current papers?? lol
by the way, thanks bro..
Check the attached file
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can any one tell me the paper pattern of cs201..........thanks in advance
What will be the range of numbers generated by function rand () % 9?
(a) 0 to 9
(b) 1 to 9
(c) 0 to 8
(d) 1 to 8
If the file is not properly closed in the program, the program ____________.
(a) Terminate normally
(b) Indicate Runtime error
(c) Indicate Compile time error
(d) Crashe
Which of the following is correct way to initialize a variable x of int type with value
(a) int x ; x = 10 ;
(b) int x = 10 ;
(c) int x, x = 10;
(d) x = 10 ;
Which of the following function(s) is/are included in stdlib.h header file?
(a) double atof(const char *nptr)
(b) int atoi(const char *nptr)
(c) char *strcpy ( char *s1, const char *s2)
(d) 1 and 2 only
Which of the following is used with bit manipulation?
(a) Signed integer
(b) Un-signed integer
(c) Signed double
(d) Un-signed double
The object _______________may be used both for file input and file output
(a) fstream,
(b) ifstream,
(c) ofstream,
(d) none of the given options.
C is widely known as development language of _______ operating system.
(a) Linux
(b) Windows
(c) Unix
(d) Mac OS
Operating system is a
(a) System software
(b) Application Software
(c) Driver
(d) Editor
What is diffrent between pointer and variable.

Write a C/C++ program which defines an array of 10 elements.

This program should ask a number from the user and search this number in the array if the number exists in the array, it should display the location of the number otherwise display the message The number is not in the given array.

My long questions...

- what are function pointers
- Diference between tellg() and tellp()
- difference between random access file and sequence access file
- why do u close a file>
ALL MCQS from past papers of 2010,2009
long Questions 
Code for the programme prints diognals elements of matrix n by n, n is any number.
WRITE note on char strng.
programme out put was asked.
types of pointers and their uses.
one dimentional and two dimentional aray par note.
1)Differentiate between Random access and Sequential access 5marks

2)Write a declaration statement for an array of 10 elements of type float. Include an initialization statement of the first four elements to 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. 5marks
See the attached file for CS201 Mid Term Spring 2011 Paper 


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