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CS301 Mid Term Papers Fall 2019 (14~26 December 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

CS301 Mid Term Papers Fall 2019 (14~26 December 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material.


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Cs 301 done
Mcqs mostly past ppr se thy
3 long quedtion 5..5 nmbr k thy jin ma se 2 tree waly thy aur aik programing wala tha.
2 question 3 nmbr k thy jin ma se ak program aur ak ki output btani thee.

Cs301. mcqs 5 6 waqar ki file s ti past paper s koi subjective ni ta long ma avl tree draw krna ta 2 qustion or short ma double ki coading hi ti 2qustions ma


Bhai ye bta den k waqar sidhu wali kn c file mn sy question thy?? plzzz wo file send kr den.

hi.. i have done cs 301...

objective portion was from past papers. but structure of ques was changed.. there was 18 mcq's and 7-8 mcqs were from past pprs..

subjective was very easy.. ak coding likhni thi create a node type tha.. ak ki output thi.. trees ko post order pre order mn likhna tha

Make an AVL tree with......long question 5
Convert ....infix expression into postfix expression 5
Public method for circular linked list add....5

Just finished CS301 mid-term. Here are some of the questions that showed up:

Full Subjective:

1. Write a small program that prints int 1 to 100 using recursion. (5 marks)

2. Draw Binary Search Tree for following ten integers:

10 numbers were given.

Now remove one the nodes (e.g 65) and re-draw the tree. (5 marks)

3. Write code to delete a node from a linked list. (5 marks)

4. In context of shifting contrast, what is the best place to insert an item in an array. (3 marks)

5. When a leaf node is deleted how many pointers are set to NULL? (3 marks)

Some of the multiple choice:

Which structure is used to evaluate postfix operators.  (Stack)

Which structure deletes items in reverse order of how they are written. (Stack)

How do we balance AVL tree. (Rotation)

In a perfectly balanced tree the balance ratio is ? (0)

I prepared using mid-term mcqs by moaz and a lot of mcqs showed up from there, even if wording was changed, the topic/choices were similar.

CS301 Mid Term Papers fall 2019  December 2019

[12/15, 10:04 AM] +92 320 8802503: Cs301
Parenthesis are necessary or not in postfix expression for predecence of operators? 3
Write public method for circular linked list "add". 5
Write steps and make AVL tree with help of give tree. 5
Convert this.....infix expression into postfix.just one and final step. 5
MCQs not from past papers.
[12/15, 10:26 AM] +92 320 8802503: CS301 8:30 am
Mcqs 5 6 past papers.

Short question main aik post order ABC wala
Aik AvL tree bnana tha
Link list k pointer likhnay thay.

Aik program tha tree wala
Aik postorder solve karna tha

Or aik output btani thi


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