CS302 Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material


Share Your Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks

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www.bit.ly/papersvu (Link for Past Papers, Solved MCQs, Short Notes & More)

Cs 302 ka paper aj tha mera sara past paper sa aya h 2 long question filflop wal chap sa tha

oday CS302 paper.
MCQS were from Moaaz Solved Past Papers. Jo k ma ne sath me attach kr di hai PDF,
Aur baqi questions ye aye thy.
1. Give three guidelines for the selection of state assignment?
2. Write down the names of the two basic operations which are performed on memory?
3. What is the difference between combination circuit & sequential Circuit?
4. What is the difference between RAM & DRAM with respect to their circuitry?
5. How the information is represented in the digital systems? what are the different types of information handle by Digital Systems?
6. Draw diagram for 74HC163 4-bit synchronous counters to form a signle cascade decade counter?
7. Draw block diagram of Rotate Right Operation?
8. Write atleast three components used in FlashA/D converter circuit?
9. Truth table of J.K Flip Flop with Asynchronouse input?
10. Ye ma bhool gya, koi ABEL represetation sy kuch draw krna tha.
Best of Luck to All Of You.




Cs302 paper aajka

90% mcqs moazz file se thay

subjective me memory se related question thay S-R latch se related thay.

Cs302 mostly from past papers (mcq's and subjective) from waqar and moaz files..
Long short...Flip flop diagrams. ...circuit diagrams...advantages of digital system

Cs302 final term paper. 40 mcqs Mcqs 80% from past. 5 question 3 marks k .5 question 5 marks k . 1.circuit given tha us ka function btna tha. 2.SRAM ka circuit bnna tha. 3.D/A converter ki resolution 3 bits circuit ki bits ki percentage btnai thi. 4.race condition and clock skew defination 5.mealy machine moore machine me difference. 6.using state reduction process and reduce tha state as possible .table given tha. 7.proformance characteristics of analog to digital converter k names likhny thy. 8.main difference b/w s-R latch and d latch .how we convert SR latch into D latch. 9.A'B+B'C +A'C sop expression map into karnugh map 10.write down the test vector table of up/down counter with given information. Inputs are clear ,X ,Clock Output Q0,Q1,Q2 If clear=0 then counter Reset to value 000 X= 1 then count up

today my cs 302 paper
20 mcqs from moaaz past file

binary code diya howa tha usko hexadecimal main convert karna tha

can we reverse counter true or not?

applications of j_k edge trigged flip flop

state reduction

3 bit up down counter ki state di hoi thi thi next state external input py find karni thi

4 bit down counter ki next 4 clock py state find karni thi

decimal to bcd diagram di hoi thi usko 7 bit main change karna tha


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