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Assignment No.2                                                                                    Dated:Jan 12, 18

Dear Students,

Assignment No.2 has been uploaded; its due date is Thursday, 18- January -2018.

Note 1: Assignment will not be accepted via email in any case. Upload your assignment on VU-LMS with in due date.

Note 2: All times on VU-LMS as according to Pakistan Standard Time (PKT)

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Replies to This Discussion

bro, id jb type kro gy tb show ho gi, pehly se nhi ho gi

Sami Zain have you completed your assignment?


Yeh lo guys. Kia yaad kro gai. Duaon mai yaad rkhna bus.

wrong solution

totally wasted 100% wrong!!!

sami nasm use kase karna plz file name  save kase karni 

Good copy paste from handsout but wrong solution

My assignment is complete, first i am clearing screen, then i am typing my id from key board after that i end my program from enter key, every thing is fine but i am not satisfied from my code, there is no reuse-ability in that, code is not looking very elegant  to me.

coad post karain apna plz

Share the Code


[org 0x0100]
jmp start
message: db 'MC160200512' ; string to be printed
length: dw 20 ; length of string
clrscr: push es
push ax
push cx
push di
mov ax, 0xb800
mov , ax ; point es to video base
xor di, di ; point di to top left column
mov ax, 0x0720 ; space char in normal attribute
mov cx, 2000 ; number of screen locations
cld ; auto increment mode
repstosw ; clear the whole screen
pop di
pop cx
pop ax
pop es
; subroutine to print a string
; takes the x position, y position, attribute, address of string and
; its length as parameters
printstr: push bp
mov bp, sp
push ax
push cx
push si
push di
mov ax, 0xb800
mov , ax ; point es to video base
mov al, 80 ; load al with columns per row
mul byte [bp+10] ; multiply with y position
add ax, [bp+12] ; add x position
shl ax, 1 ; turn into byte offset
mov di,ax ; point di to required location
mov si, [bp+6] ; point si to string
mov cx, [bp+4] ; load length of string in cx
mov ah, [bp+8] ; load attribute in ah
cld ; auto increment mode
nextchar: lodsb ; load next char in al
stosw ; print char/attribute pair
loopnextchar ; repeat for the whole string
pop di
pop si
pop cx
pop ax
pop es
pop bp
ret 10
start: call clrscr ; call the clrscr subroutine
mov ax, 10
push ax ; push x position
mov ax, 15;
push ax ; push y position
mov ax, 0x12 ; blue on black attribute
push ax ; push attribute
mov ax, message
push ax ; push address of message
push word [length] ; push message length
callprintstr ; call the printstr subroutine
mov ax, 0x4c00 ; terminate program
int 0x21


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