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CS401 ALL Current Mid Term Papers

Fall 2015 at One Place

from 19 Dec 2015 to 31 Dec 2015  


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Replies to This Discussion

cs401 19-12-2015
Most mcq's are from past paper.
Some question that i remember are:
1) related to push & pop.
2) How string instruction work on block of data.
3) wright algorithm to print munber in assembly language. 5 marks
4) ik program write karna the jis me odd number ko add kar ke DX me save karna the. 5 marks
5) releated to ASCII
Best of luck.

2 qs of 2 marks

1) a list was given and we have to select only bitwise operators

2) what will be the result of execution of the instruction of the instruction” LDS IS [BP +4]”?

2 qs of 3 marks

1) How many BYTES will be move by each of the following block of codes?

a) MOV cx,384 REP movsb

b) MOV cx,384 REP movsw

2) which instruction is used to swap the values?and what is the only limitation in this instruction?

2 qs of 5 marks

1) procedure about intrrupt

2)Replace the following invalid instruction with the single valid instruction

a. (a)mov IP
b. (b)mov IP,L5

c. sub sp, 2
mov [ss:sp], ax

Today Midterm Paper Fall 2015

Question : 26
Marks : 40

Time : 60 Mints 

Total 1 Marks Mcqs : 20 
Total 2 Marks Short : 2 
Total 3 Marks Short : 2 
Total 5 Marks Short : 2

bhai cs401 20 dec aur 21 dec ko jo huwy hain wo mil skty hain

plz koi new paper upload karen aj ka

Ali check my subjective paper of today 

mcqs past papers se aye thy ya nh

Q # 1: 2 marks
Describe the working of “Not” operation.
Q # 2: 2 marks
How STOS instruction works?
STOS:- STOS transfers a byte or word from register AL or AX to the string element addressed by ES:DI and updates DI to point to the next location. STOS is often used to clear a block of memory or fill it with a constant.
Q # 3: 3 marks
Show the process of applying selective bit inversion on the lower nibble of following
bits: 10011011
Q # 4: 3 marks
Explain the correlation between interrupt numbers and interrupt handler.
Q # 5: 5 marks
Explain the operation that are performed by the processor when an interrupt
is generated.
Q # 6: 5 marks
Replace the following instruction with a single valid instruction that has the same effect
1. pop IP
2. Move IP, L5
3. sub sp,2
mov [ss:sp],ax
4. Mov ax,[ss:sp]
add sp,2
5. add sp,6
mov ip,[ss:sp-6]
1. ret
2. jmp L5
3. push ax
4. pop ax
5. call

MY cs401 paper dated 26- 12-2015

mostly MCQ's 4m past papers

Q:1. Explain the instruction            2 marks

       les di [es:4]

Q#2. if 8 bit numbers are multiplied then the answer will be of how many bit?     2 marks

Q#5.Write a assembly code for bubble sorting two array.      5 marks

Q#6.Write a assembly code to print a number.                     5 marks

Maha ali (mcs 2nd) thanks for sharing

its ok. 

paper on 29th dec 2015 8:30 khi

old mcqs mostly from first 4 chapters and chapter 6 display memory etc

all 2 3 and 5 marks question are form interrupts 


what is behavior of processor when interrupts called 

what are hardware and software interrupts 

Interrupts are asynchronous explain it 

convert this  function to assembly

A>B and A<C


DI = 1 

hope best for your paper and wish me luck and pray ..


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