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CS403 Final Term Papers Spring 2020 & Past Solved Papers, MCQs for Exam Preparation


CS403 Share Your Current Final Term Papers Spring 2020 (05 September 2020 Onward) (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks



CS403 Solved MCQs, Short Notes, Solved Past Papers, Solved Online Quizzes, E-Books, FAQs, Short Questions Answers & More. You must view all the featured Discussions one by one in this subject group by clicking on the below link


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----- 50 % mcqs were from past papers
---- remaining mcqs conceptual
--- unique index query
--- sql query with out allias
--- sql query for join.
--- show output of query
--- define hash function
--- define concurrency controller
--- query for delete and update
--- query for alter table
--- give most suitable attributes for student entity...

Cs403#Purpose of Count *in sql.
Primary index, and Secondary index.
PRIMARY Locke, define shared and update lock.
 Simple and Composit attributes.
 If A is Rno and B is Cgpa. Than find AXB, BXA, AXB=BXA.
 Draw view of Professor table with Profasor name City lahore,, id and subject.
 Define data types of Transation id, Date, Usrname, Quantity.
 Define a scenario where replication is bot allowed
 Write quesry fo salry form emply more then 50000 age between 35 to 45 and id in sequence

Toda is my ppr cs403
Mostly mcq past paper
40 mcq
5 question 3 nbr ka or 5 question 5 nbr ka
1) Rollback dafination
2)" virtual table " explain
3) 4 function thy un ka set or subset bnany thy with diagram
4) Emplyee ,salery, age wagara dya huwa tha un ko denormalization ma likhna tha
5) students ki id , total marks, obtain marks, sab dya huwy thy usy SQL query ma likhna tha
6) Madicn (M- Madicn Discprition) SQL query write
7) Occurrencey problem and explain
8) suppose ap ki old file han or data raugh ho gya huwa usy long time tk save rakhny ka lya 5 majer advantages ,, ya sai yad nai ab
9) RAID 2 Level and RAID 3 Level explain
Best of luck

CS403 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

CS403 current paper | 10-09-2020

40 mcqz...
sbjctv me 5 mx k 5 qstn thy..or 3 mx k b 5 thy...
50% mcqz from pst ppr...wqar ki file se...
subjctv me 5 qstn programing k thy...or bki m errors or output btana tha..
.cursor or itratn me diffrnc pocha tha

CS403 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

CS403 current paper | 10-09-2020

CS403 important topics
De-normalization (concept)
Partitioning and its types
Basic commands of SQL (select ,insert , delete, create)
(DDL, DML and DCL)
Joins and it types
RAID levels pg 259
Handling the collision
Primary and secondary indexing
Clustered Versus Un-clustered Indexes
Dense and Sparse Indices
Transactions and Schedules
Deadlocks , prevention, detection and handling
Problems of Timestamping

CS403 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

Mcqs are not from past papers.But easy

Difference between truncate command and Drop command.
Difference between Alternate key and candidate key with example.
Recovery procedure(write in correct order).
Given 1 line, containing attributes. Like( Reg no , Roll no, stu name, class)
Reg no and Roll no are both underlined. Describe the given line contain candidate keys or not. Also describe it is BCNF or not.
2 Questions are describe with SQL commands.
Write characteristics of checkpoint.
Table is given, Calculate student Mark's. Total Mark's are higher than average Mark's. Compute this table in SQL form and derive Mark's of the student.
How many functions of an SQL. Mention with there names.
2,3questions are describe with SQL command.(Means Mostly Questions are from query part)

Cs403 #current #final #paper
60% mcqs from past paper
Mostly questions from sql queries,deadlock,indexes,sql rules
Total 50 questions
Mcqs 40
Subjective 10
5 questions three marks and 5 questions 5 marks


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