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CS408 Grand Quiz + Mid Term Quiz Fall 2020 Prepartion Material Due Date: 28-12-2020

Dear Students, please share your Current Midterm Paper (Grand Quiz) Fall 2020. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there Grand Quiz.

Let's help each other in Grand Quiz and make vustudents into a better community for VU students.

Just copy text of each MCQ of your Grand Quiz and paste here or save in a MS Word/PDF file and upload in replies.


VU Students team will post here Grand quiz about this subject, to help VU Students. Let's discuss here abouth Grand QUIZ, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck 



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cs408 midterm grand quiz 2020 file

cs408 midterm grand quiz (1 quiz.).pdf

120+ MCQs to Prepare for CS408 HCI MidTerm Grand Quiz
CS408 Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Quiz MCQS Objective Questions
CS408-Human Computer Interaction Quiz  MCQS #Objective #Questions #Download PDF

CS408 Grand Quiz Fall 2020 (Current Midterm Papers)

CS408 Grand Quiz Fall 2020 | 28-12-2020

CS408 (Human Computer Interaction) Midterm Grand Quiz Fall 2020 (Set 2)

CS408 (Human Computer Interaction) Midterm Grand Quiz Fall 2020 (Set 1)

CS 408 GRAND quiz. 28-12-2020 complete

CS408 Human Computer Interaction Grand Quiz (Current Midterm Papers) Spring 2020

Grand Quiz Solved Spring 2020


cs408 Solved Grand quiz |midterm grand quiz cs408|cs408 grand quiz 2020

#cs408 #Grand_Quiz
Cs408 Grand Quiz (1) Mid Term

CS408 Grand Quiz spring 2020 | CS408 latest grand quiz 28 jun 2020 | 100% correct solution | VU Quiz

#GrandQuiz #mgt301
CS408 Grand Quiz \ How To Solve Correctly & Easy Way

CS408 grand quiz Mcqs solved 2020

click on the below links to download the files

Link 1.

link 2.

1. Learnability, flexibility, and robustness are three main usability principles that can be considered as general headings for standards and guidelines generation. Which of the following are also high level usability categories that can guide standards and guidelines generation?
1. Effectiveness   2. Efficiency    3. Fault tolerance    4. Satisfaction
  • 1 and 2 y
  • 1, 2 and 4 ✔
  • 2 and 3
  • 2 and 4
2. The comfort and acceptability of use is called
  • Efficiency ✔
  • Effectiveness
  • Satisfaction
  • Adaptability
3. The command-line interface is used because
  • It is easy to understand 
  • It is demanded by DOS
  • It is offered by Unix systems
  • It is powerful and flexible ✔
4. Which one is not an Input Controls?
  • checkboxes
  • tags ✔
  • buttons
  • text fields
5. Which of the following is true about Short-Term memory?
  • Short-term memory has a limited capacity ✔
  • Short-term memory has an unlimited capacity
  • Short term memory has no capacity
  • Short term memory has large but limited capacity
6. Which of the following device can not be useful for a visually impaired person?
  • a typical keyboard 
  • a typical monitor ✔
  • a typical speaker
  • a typical processor
7. Which of the following is considered as the most complex species?
  • Humans ✔
  • Computers
  • Animals
  • Birds
8. Visually impaired persons can interact with the outside world using their
  • sense of sight
  • sense of hearing
  • both sense of touch and sense of hearing ✔
  • sense of touch
9. Which application allows the registered users to communicate through voice using a microphone, video call using a webcam, and instant messaging over the internet?
  • Skype ✔
  • Calendar
  • Amazon
  • CNN
10. Over a short period of time, we find it easier to remember the string of numbers "404 894 6743" because  ___
  • Numbers are easier to remember than arbitrary characters
  • The grouping of the numbers is significant ✔
  • Ten numbers is not that many to have to remember from working memory
  • None of these
11. Which of the following types of reasoning, derives the logically necessary conclusion from the given premises?
  • Deductive ✔
  • Inductive
  • Abductive
  • Distributive
12. HCI deals with
  • Design of interactive system only
  • Evaluation of an interactive system only
  • Implementation of an interactive system only
  • All of the given ✔
13. Which one is not Navigational Components?
  • slider
  • breadcrumb
  • progress bar ✔
  • icons
14. Which one of the below listed mobile devices is considered as a smartphone?
  • Samsung Note2
  • Samsung s5
  • Apple iPhone
  • All of the given ✔
15. The resources expended in relation to the accuracy and completeness with which users achieve goals
  • Efficiency ✔
  • Effectiveness
  • Satisfaction
  • Adaptability
16. Which application can be used by the user to set a reminder about upcoming events like birthday or appointments?
  • Skype
  • Calendar ✔
  • Amazon
  • None
17. Currently, many common environments for interactive computing are examples of the ___ interface style, often simply called windowing systems
  • Three-dimensional
  • WIMP ✔
  • Point and click
  • None
18. There are two aspects in which we can understand the nature of usability 
A. Strategic and Tactical
B. Efficiency and Strategy
C. Tactical and Reliability
D. Efficiency and Reliability
  • Only A ✔
  • Only C
  • A and D
  • B and C
19. ___ aspect guides us to think about user interface idioms in other words, the way in which the user and the idiom interact
A. Efficient
B. Strategic 
C. Tactical
D. Reliable
  • Only B ✔
  • Only C
  • A and B
  • C and D
20. Once the user input into system, the input language is translated into the ___ language as operations to be performed by the system
  • Task
  • Core ✔
  • Both
  • None
21. A small picture that is used to represent a closed window is said to be a/an
  • menu
  • toolbar
  • status bar
  • icon ✔
22. Which of the following is true regarding "Visibility"?
  • The more visible functions are, the more likely users will be able to know what to do next ✔
  • The more visible functions are, the less likely users will be able to know what to do next
  • Functions visibility and user knowing of what to do next, are not related to each other
  • None
23. Which of the following type of devices is related to give instructions to the computer?
  • input devices ✔
  • output devices
  • monitors
  • hard disks
24. Within the display there is an isolated region to call upon a specific operation by the user is called ___
  • Pointers
  • Buttons ✔
  • Both
  • None
25. Choice of operations and services are offered on the screen through ___
  • Pointers
  • Toolbars
  • Menus ✔
  • None
26. ___ are unintentional while ___ occur through conscious deliberation.
  • Slips, mistakes ✔
  • Errors, slips
  • Mistakes, errors
  • Mistakes, slips
27. What is the main strength of the Problem Space Framework as a model of human problem solving?
  • It operates within the constraints of the human processing system ✔
  • It explains what is involved in insight
  • It allows ill-defined problems to be solved
  • None
28. ___ is the process of selecting things to concentrate on, at a point in time, from the range of possibilities available.
  • Perception and recognition
  • Attention ✔
  • Learning
  • None
29. Interpretation inquiry, according to Beyer and Holtzblatt, is based on a master-apprentice model learning.
  • True
  • False ✔
30. The persona is not an actual user of the product, but is indirectly affected by it and its use refers to ___ persona.
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Served ✔
  • Negative


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