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CS502 All current final term paper Fall 2015 at one place from 5th March to 16th March 2015.


You Can Download Solved Mid Term Papers, Short Notes, Lecture Wise Questions Answers Files, Solved MCQs, Solved Quizzes , Solved Mid Term Subjective Papers , Solved Mid Term Objective Papers From This Discussion For Preparation Mid Term Papers of Fall 2014

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Replies to This Discussion

Todays paper

Only few MCQs were from Quiz's an past papers, like 4-5.

Mostly subjective was from past papers, Must prepare last semester papers

am attaching file that contains almost all last semester's paper but answers are not so very good 


Thanks for sharing

my today paper :
kruskals algorithem working
floyd warshall algorithm
working of dijkstras algorithm
make a adjecensy list
graphs mai sy 3 question thy .
Np-cpmleteness k bary mai pocha tha
polynomial time or is k consequences
reduction k uses
acording to prims algoritm solve krna tha
50% obj from moaaz file

baki yad nahi
remember me in your prayers

Thanks Dia,

plz share moaaz file of cs502 obj and subjct

kindly share current papers

>> Hufman coding. abbccdeef. how many bits, bytes etc while using ASCII coding = 4MCQs of different angles.

>> How Prim's algorithm works?If a NP-complete problem is reduced to Polynomial time problem. What are the consequences?

>> Apply Dijkstra’s Algorithm on a given graph.

>> Show that greedy algorithm gives a optimized solution for activity scheduling.

>> If you have to lay a train track between n cities. How would you find the minimum track length. Tell what algorithm is best to use for it and why?

>>2 or 3 pure mathematical questions.

>> Write a pseudo-code for coin exchange problem.

>> A relationship table was given, find whether a loop is present or not. If yes between what vertices?

* Most questions were taken from last three algorithms.

* Most paper was from last 10 lectures.

Overall, paper was tough.

ALL curent papers spring 2014 finltrm 


Great Job!

paper mostly from last 10-15 lectures

djikstra , kruskal, prim, floyd, long questions

revise running times and storage requirements of as many algo

objectives mostly from moaaz

huffman many mcqs

generally difficult paper (for me)


Thanks for sharing!

mine today paper

mcqs are

Which types of algorithm is harder to prove te correctness?
1- Dynamic programming
2- Brute force
3- Greedy
4- Divide and conquer
If a problem “s” is NP complete it must be ?
1- NP and NP hard
2- NP not necessarily
3- Np hard mean it is NP complete as well
4- In P and NP
The function having complexity O(nk) belongs to?
1- Co-np class
2- NP-prime class
3- P-class
4- NP-class

Using Huffman encoding technique the string “a@$a”will be encoded with ?
1- 5bits
2- 6bits
3- 8bits
4- Huffman encoding fail at this sting

one isThere are Θ(n
) entries in the matrix. Each entry E(i, j) takes ,....time to compute

symptotically equivalent
to g(n). Formally: ka formula btana tha

what is ram

2 number marks

shortest path how can solve in single source shortest path

folyd algorithms running time

cost of tree ka formula btana tha

relax posude code

dijikstra pousudo code

Variants of shortest path solution briefl

Prove the following lemma,
Lemma: Given a digraph G = (V, E), consider any DFS forest of G and consider any edge (u, v) ∈ E.
If this edge is a tree, forward or cross edge, then f[u] > f[v]. If this edge is a back edge, then f[u] ≤ f[v]

floyd ka pasudo code

or last is

Suppose you could prove that an NP-complete problem cannot be solved in
exponential set of time . What would be the consequence

Clique Cover when we need

please pray 4 me


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