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CS502 ALL Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2015 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 20 June 2015 ~ 01 July 2015

CS502 ALL Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2015 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 20 June 2015 ~ 01 July 2015


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Replies to This Discussion

-They asked me to write the time complexity of KNAPSACK theorem & that to of 5 marks.

-Then I had to show the output of some search algorithm with the given input.(5 marks)

-One question was from quick sort

-catalan numbers

-mcqs 75% from mooaz, rabia rauf, tariq hanif file,

thanks all 

20% Mcq’s from past papers.

  • Consider three numbers with comparison based sorting algorithm and write possible combination in a1, a2, a3.               2
  • Explain how pilgarisame detection is done using Edit distance? 2
  • What is better approach of multiplication rather than straight form of Multiplication? Explain                                                 3
  • Which sorting techniques are used when O (n) and O (nlogn). I didn’t remember the exact statement.                               3
  • Knapsack dynamic programming code was given and we have to tell the time complexity.                                                     5
  • Illustrate how Radix Sort works on the following numbers: Show the result of first 2 passes only.

          234, 431, 321, 511, 739, 618 number kuch bhi hu saktay hain?   5

Best of Luck to All 

Mirza Mohsin  thanks 

1). Consider three numbers with comparison based sortig algorithim and write possible combination in a1,a2,a3 .Marks 2
2)How to construct of optimal solution. (chap#6) .Marks 2
3) Define 0/1 Knapsack Problem. (chap#6) Marks 3
4) Draw a table of Chain Matrix Multiply (chap#6) Marks 3
5)The Iteration Method for Solving Recurrence Relations, Marks 5

80 % mcqs from moaaz file
Long questions
Heap property ka ik question tha. 2mark
How can we find optimization of 0/1 Knapsack? 3 marks
Write pseudo code for 0/1 knap sack algorithm developed using dynamic programming techniques. (5 marks
One question about chain matrix multiplication tables complete karna tha. 5 marks

overall paper was easy.. prepare well the knapsap algorithm.

Q:Write pseudo code for 0/1 knap sack algorithm developed using dynamic programming techniques.(5)

Q:what is the effect of calling max-heapify[A, i] > something like [A]/2?(5)

Q:what is the optimal solution for knapsap algorithm?(3)

Q:a)what does dynamic programming have in common with divide and conquer?(1)

   b)what is the principle difference between the two techniques.(2)

Q:related from knapsap..and at the end it was..can we increase it's efficiency?(2)

Q:it was from in linear sorting..counting sort..what is the used technique..i think the answer was radix sort..

That's all what i remembered.. And All the Best..!

most MCQs from moaiz file

Q21. Worst and average case for quick sort?(2)

Q22. How we can build cost table for chain matrix?(2)

Q23. What is the optimal solution for knapsap algorithm?(3)

Q24. dont remember

Q25. Chain Marix and K table were given We have to fill the last column of chain matrix and K table?(5)

Q26.How we can improve the performance of quick sort?


My Today Paper (CS502) Spring 2015

MCQs were partialy from past papers… Subjective all from past papers

Q1.      What is heap and heap order?             2

Q2.      Explain how sound recognition is done using Edit distance?            2         

Q3.      What is Catalan Number? Write its Formula?            3

Q4.      Carry out radix sort to on the following 4 digit  number in first order only  to sort them in ascending order: ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? (No kj b ho skty hn)

Also show in how many passes it will resulted?                     3

Q5.      Suggest and describe the impletation of QuickSort algorithms and how to improve its performance?                     5

Q6.      Draw Chain Matrix Multiplication of binary tree (A1 (A2,A3))(A4,A5)      5

Best of Luck ….


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