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All Current Final Term Papers Spring 2013

From 20 Jul , 2013 to 31 Jul 2013 Spring 2013


PLZ Share Ur Papers Files Also where u Study

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My today paper of cs 504 software engineering

Q 1 what phase of software development uses “why”? 2 marks

Q  2 As a programmer why you should write portable code? 2 marks

Q 3 why cyclomatic complexity is useful in white box testing?(sahi tarha wording yad nahi) 2 marks

Q 4 what are inspection pre condition? 2 marks

Q 5 exception increases the complexity give reason? 3 marks

Q 6 how do we simplifies this code to avoid side effect? 3 marks

    A ) max [--k]k;

    b) char name, arr= ‘a’;


Q 7 write one advantage and one disadvantage of software inspection?3 marks

Q  8 write only one strong reason that tells the relation b/w static analyzer & inspection?( not exact words.) 3 marks


Q 9 according to peter strategy “sale” is transaction process. Keep in mind this concept, in any sale point, you write the “attribute” of sale and object the “services” of the sale point. 5 marks


Q 10 what is infeasible path? Give an example. 5 marks.

Q 11 when you use “use case” you should follow the some of steps. Describe all those steps. 5 marks


Q 12 what is this type of error? Give also reason. 5 marks

If(( input>=10&& input<=20) && (input>=25&& input<=30))


// do something for valid case




//do something for invalid case


Ans: logical error page 218

 Best of luck for all and pray for me.


My today's cs 504 paper

Q1. what phase of software development uses “why”? 2 marks
Q2.Why it is necessary for a tester to have knowledge about system and requirements from user before testing the system, explain with proper justification.
(3 Marks)
Q3.How does profiling work?
Q4.How exception handling help to correct the code statement?

Q5.Describe the examples of bug?

Q6.Describe the feasable paths in the following code?

2 codes were given modifiy those codes and find the bugs..... 

Farheen batool thanks for sharing ur of luck for ur result 

Attention Related Final Term papers Spring 2013: All Fellows You don’t need to go at any other site for current Final Term papers Spring  2013, Because All discussed data/sharing of our members in this discussion are going from here to other sites. (Other sites Admins/mods Copy from here & posted at their sites with fake IDs or original name: p). you can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links.

Friends dont go with these current paper aj mera paper tha koi b current paper se Question nai aya me kya kerta mane yahi tyar kye thy

can u plzzz share ur questions?

  1. 1.      What problems can arise If we use vendor specific language extension instead f using STL for writing a program? 2 marks
  2. 2.      Mention at least of disadvantage of requirement scope creep? 2 marks
  3. 3.      according to peter code methodology the object must answer some question, list those question about object? 2 marks
  4. 4.      Spouse that software testing phase has been complete and all the defects have been discovered. What is the next step after completion of test phase? 2 marks
  5. 5.      what are the Inspection pre-condition? 3 marks  
  6. 6.      assume that you are requirement engineer and you have to gather requirements for a company after requirements gathering you have to analyze those requirements to identify problems in them. Source and Sink analysis model is used for this purpose. As a requirement engineer, what do you think is a problem with using Source and Sink analysis model? 3 marks
  7. 7.      If a function is un-related side-effect, it can not always b made strongly exception safe. What should be done in this case? 3 marks
  8. 8.      Do you think that only testing is sufficient for making a program defect-force. Give Justification in spurt your answer. 3 marks
  9. 9.      while working on GUI, user goes for some clicks in order to delete some component of the system that component is in use by some other stockholder and hence can not be delete at the specific time. If you are the developer of the GUI then write at lest 3 ways for molding above scenario and also tell which solution is ideal in your point of view? 5 marks
  10. 10.  Convert this code into a simplified code:



case ‘Mon’: count “today is Monday”;

case ‘Tues’: count “today is Tuesday”;

case ‘Wed’: count “today is Wednesday”;

case ‘Thus’: count “today is Thursday ”;

case ‘Fri’: count “today is Friday”;

case ‘Sun’: count “today is Sunday”;

case ”sum” : default count ”wrong choice”;    5 marks

  1. Consider the code given below :

while(!sorted) {//1



if a[i]>a[i+1];

swap a[i]>a[i+1]; {//3

sorted=false; {//4

} {//5

ye hai mera paper sara likh ker laya hon ta'k ap logo ko bta sakho k current mai se nai aaya

Its a tough paper and maximum questions are not from past or current

plzzz anybody answer these questions:

which will you do reduce the complexity of large systems three ways? (3marks)

Name the 1st successful sequence digital computer

Today i attempt last paper of cs504 at 7 AM

paper is very easy about 75 % MCQs From Tariq Hanif File and 50% Subjective From Moaz File 

Best Of Luck Dear



today was my paper of cs504

54 % mcqs from hanif file, and subjective was completely newly neither from current and nor past.   very conceptual paper........ aisay question thay k yad hi nahi rahe k kons thay!!!


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