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today my paper is very easy
total 26
20 mcqs old papes main se 12 or 8 new thy lkn achy thy

Discuss briefly of abstraction(2)
muj bool gya (2)
what is difference between aggregation and association? (3)
What is the purpose of collaboration diagrams. (3)

aik programe tha us ka out put lena tha5)
Collaboration Diagrams depict Dynamic behavior of the system, explain it. (5)

Acording to peterCoad are these objects 2Marks
Cash Drawer

Define Coupling                      2 Marks
how can decrease coupling            3 Marks
How OOD is better explain            5 Marks
explain what will u do if cost conflict efficiency  5 Marks

Objective 60% past mai thi baqi new thi.

transaction attribute batao (2)

UML notation of class  (3)

ANS Rumbaugh, Booch, and Coad,

2 long question

our yaad nahi mujhe, bohat difficult paper tha

1. What parameters used to judge the quality of an ordinary Business System? (3 marks)

2. List any two attributes of Object name Student? (2 marks)

3.  Which are true about Object Oriented Design (3 marks)

    (a)   UML is used to design and Object oriented structure




4.  Five code samples were given and we have to point out which is the worst system architecture and describe why?

5. Two Models were given Model-A and Model-B, we have to explain why Model-B is not good as compared to Model-A;  Model-B had so many sub-modules and lot of cross links between sub-modules whereas Model-A was well organized and few association relationships?   (5 marks) 

6.   Explain what is the purpose of Collaboration diagram? (3 marks) 

20 mcqs where in paper.

Mostly mcqs where from the topics of:
Definition of software,
Software architecutre, 
Software engineering
Software development, 
Business requirements, (2 mcqs)
Context diagram
State transition diagram
Coupling and cohesion

questions of 2 marks:
1) select correct statement:
a) The term authorization is use in select place.
b) The term authorization is use in select object.
c) The term authorization is use in select tangible things
d) The term authorization is use in transaction

questions of 3 marks:

define whole part structure:
difine terms synchronous message and asynchronous message

Question of 5 marks:

Define object model?

1) Difference b/w Aggregation and Association. 3 marks
2) A basket contain 2apples and 3 banana
What is the relation b/w basket and fruits and b/w fruits. 2marks
3) Draw sequence level diagram
A client send authentication request (user name password) to the server and the server send back the response to the client . 5 marks
4) Aik fill in the blanks ka Question tha 5 marks
5) According to petr code a "Cap" is a 
Tengible object
An attribute
Thrid option yab nahi aa raha 2 marks

6) ye Q b yaad nahi aa raha 

1)what is Encapsulation?
2)what is difference between aggregation and association?
3)comparison of software architecture and Building architecture 
(iska answer lec#22 k first page pr top pr first paragraph ha 
4) define whole part structure:

5)same as 4 question jst symbolts mere differe
6)UML representation for the association,aggrigation,inheriternce.

Long Questions are

1 Asynchronous Messages 3 numbers
Synchronous Messages

2 Law of balancing act in software 5 numbers

1- Disscuss some of the purpose of interacting diagram? (5)

2-What should be consideration for maintain design? (5)

3- purpose of collaborating diagram? (3)

4- It is fact that gud design makes maintenance easier.Which design princiole help this to be acheived? (3)

5- Some statements about software design......v have to choose correct statements which is given.....4 was given.... (2)

Cs 504 Current paper Date 15MAY 2012..
Masoom fairy
Total 26 Questions:
26-6 MCQ’s
The Subjective paper is:
Q: 21: Late designing decisions remains
constant in software development. Do you
agree? Justify your answer with reason.
Q: 22: Which of the following statements
is/are true about software design?
a) Common coupling occurs, when some
global data repository is shared by two
or more models.
b) Polymorphism is a design principle
that helps the code to flexible and
c) Software reuse injects more
reliability to code.
Q: 23: Asper peter coad methodology for
deriving the object Model, “ Sale” is
transaction object keeping in mind, any
point of sale system, Write the
“attributes” of “Sale” object and “Service”
provide by it.
Cs 504 Current paper Date 15MAY 2012..
Masoom fairy
Q: 24: As Object Oriented approach is
closer to working of human being cognition.
It has low inter-dependence among objects
and provision of generalization and
specialization through inheritance.
From above statement, which features of OO
come to your mind?
Q: 25: Software architecture and
architecture of a house are similar? Give
Q: 26: Your are required to develop object
oriented design for a system. You will
implement control mechanism Centralized or
Decentralized? What is the reason behind
Cs 504 Current paper Date 15MAY 2012..
Masoom fairy


See the attached file 




Autometa ka paper attACH KER DIA HAI

Acording to peterCoad are these objects 2Marks
Cash Drawer

Define Coupling 2 Marks
how can decrease coupling 3 Marks
How OOD is better explain 5 Marks
explain what will u do if cost conflict efficiency 5 Marks

Objective 60% past mai thi baqi new thi.


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