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Replies to This Discussion

Students {1}is a class.if we write class for Name(student).
what will this method do in java

Q2 why server cannot respond to more than
one cilent simutlaneously using server sockets
only?what it does to solve this issue?

Q3 If we want to sent a piece of data through
a network we can use stream f bytes. What is a
solution for that is easy to implement?hwo you will
proposed solution benefits its

Q#4 What is difference between socket and server sockets?
also rightjava syntax to create socket and server socket.
Write soluton by filling given table

Q# 5 You arerequired to writecode for GUI based program
which will display two buttons with someteston them
like “ button 1”and “button 2”respectiviley.when
we will click on any button there text would be swaped each other

Today my paper

4 or 5 mcq from past paper else all are new but easy


Event handle and action listener given and match them acordingly 2

key, ActionListener, Mouse, Button, FocusListener, Window Listener,window, MotionListener?

Applet ka code given tha error find kr k correct krna the  3

Write the prepared statement and delete the row from person data base 3

Write a complete code of a Insert student name class subject in the database by argument and also used prepared statmnet 5 

Inuput stream and output stream ka code likhna tha 5

zahid mahboob thanks for sharing 

today's subjective paper of cs 506 ..............
i m just sharing it with u so best of luck guys.............
Q:1 override the function of action listener interface actionPerformed() which takes one input from user, when user presses" power" button it takes its power. when user press "percent" it divides the number by hundred and display the result in a new Label object event is already created
"operator" text fields and "answer" JLabels are already created.(marks 5)
Q:2 suppose you have given fillRect (x,y,a,b) write what is meaning of each arguments (x,ya and b) in this method? (marks 5)
Q:3 if multiple requests from clients a server can handled, how this network communication will be different from the one to one client-server communication. Explain (marks 3)
Q:4 write a method that gets coordinate of mouse when it moves and display them on screen. consider JLabel coordinates for displaying coordinates. (marks 3 ) 
Q:5 in java if we want to retrieve data from ResultSet object, next method can be used. what next method will return if we will call it on a ResultSet? (marks 2)
Q:6 when we open a serialized file. in which formate does it open?? (marks 2)......

bhi agr kisi or ka b ho to share kro ho ske to mcq b

today's exam 26/12/2015 9:30am

26 total question, 20 MCQs and 6 subjective based

80% MCQs were from past esp. from Moaaz file

Subjective part was tough for me, subjective was based on coding with long statements.... jinhy dekh k hi sar chakra jata hai

Subjective questions were;

  • How the problem of implementing all methods of interface was solved? (2marks)
  • Write html code to run Applet (something like that) (2marks)
  • Identify errors from the following program and give reasons for these errors:Note:Ignore syntax erros if any. (3marks)

 import java.awt.*;

 import javax.swing.*;

 import java.awt.event.*;


public class EventGenerator extends JFrame{


          JButton hello;

public void initGUI ( ) {


Container cont =getContentPane();

 cont.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

//Creating event generator step-1 of our process

           hello = new JButton("Hello");

public EventGenerator ( ) {







   public EventGenerator ( ) {




public class ActionEvent  extends ActionAdapter{


public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) {

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Hello is pressed");


         }// end ActionEvent class


public static void main(String args[]) {

EventGenerator event handler= new EventGenerator ();


}// end class

  • We have a ResultSet Meta Data object rsmd. When we called getColumnName and getColumnLabel on rsmd object the output is same. What can be reason of both methods giving same output? (3marks)

Note: Suppose, it is not allowed to give column name and alias name same.

  • Given code below is printing database “product name”, “product version”, “driver name used to establish connection” and “whether database is read-only or not” on screen. The code is incomplete, your task is complete the code to get the desired goal from program. (5marks)

import java.sql.*;


public class MetaDataEx {


    public static void main(String args[]) {

        try {


            Connection con =        DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:personDSN");


//write code to print

// database product name

// database product version

// driver name used to establish connection & to retrieve data

// whether database is read-only or not




        } catch (Exception sqlEx) {



    } // end main

} // end class


  • Perform the following: (5marks)
  1. Write a code that close a database connection
  2. Import required package for database communication
  3. Execute the following query by writing appropriate code in the blank space:

Statement st = con.createStatement();

String sql = “SELECT * FROM Person”;

ResultSet rs = _____________;

     4. Execute the following query by writing appropriate code in the blank space:

Statement st = con.createStatement();

String sql = “Insert into Person (ID) VALUES (123)”;

ResultSet rs = ___________;


 5. String user= “CS506”;

String passWord= “WebDesign”;

Connection con=null;

Suppose that ConURL is already defined

Write a single statement that establishes connection with database.


Best of Luck to you all

 Black Fairy gud keep it up & thanks for sharing 

paper bohat easy tha sb handouts me sy tha 

MCQs sb new thy but handout me sy thy koi b past papers me sy ni tha 

long questions thory conceptual thy

Q1: write code for while loop to print values of the following ResultSet rs. the following column cotai string

StudentId     StudentName    StudentSubject     StudentClass

10                   Ali                       IT                           BSIT

11                 Ahmed                 Java                         BSCS

12                   Zeb                    Java                         BSCS

( 5 marks).

Q2: Implement the following code using anonymous class that implements Adapter Instead of interface. (5 marks).

Q3: why input & output stream are used in sockets.what is function of stream in sockets. (3 marks) 

Q4: when an event is generated what happened at operation system level. (3 marks).

Q5: Students {} is a class if we write class.forName(Students);

what will this method do (2 marks).

baki yad ni hy overall paper easy he tha

Best Of Luck All Of You ....  

+ βιит-є-Aȿɨƒ  thanks for sharing 

My Today cs506 ppr....
Quit easy 
All Mcq's come from handout

Q1:How can we work with database having closed connections?

Q2:Why Type – 2 drivers are more efficient than Jdbc-Odbc bridge?

Q3:Connection con= DriverManager.getConnection(url, usr, pwd);
DataBaseMetaData dbMetaData = con.getMeataData();
Write the syntax of update SQL Query.

Q4:Write java code that will update name Ali to Ahmed on 5th row. Consider the column name is sname note write only necessary code.

Q5:Override the function of action listener interface actionPerformed() which takes one input from user ,when user presses “power” button it takes its power when user presses “percent” it divides the number by hundred and display the result in a new Label.
Assume that: Object event is already created.
“operator” Text fields and “answer “ JLabels are already created.

Q6:is mai code tha jis mai error find karna tha.

Saba kanwal thanks for sharing ..keep it up  

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