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CS508 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

CS508 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

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Replies to This Discussion

My Today Paper Sorry me pahli bar apna paper post kar rhaa hun so mistakes neglect.

MCQz zayada tar uper PDF files jo faisal ki hay us me se thay...

1)      Different types of starting tags recommended in PHP ?? give syntax

Q)In how many types we can include JavaScript code in page?

Q) we crteate array in Java and also create in C++ with the same what is the dirrecte B/W in memory allocated. is type ka tha

q) being a java developer you need to cretae web application which internt with browser and browser histro. whibrowser object will you use?

Q) why C++ struct is object/variable light weight?

Q) Aik Java script ki array banai the jo vowels for print karay foreach loop se.

Q)Java Script ki array ka code tha aik code tha output kya ana hay iska

Attached is solved subjective. Hope it helps someone.

Remember me in your prayers.


Ok. Gave paper today. Only 2-3 MCQs came from the Mega PDF file. None of the subjective came from any of the papers available on this form or else where. 

Good news is that I was able to right the entire paper down on the rough sheet :)

Here it is.


1. Foreach in PHP is like foreach in __________

a. ADA

b. C++


d. C#

Not sure could be C++ or C#. Please lookup.

2. We can learn a new language with the help of _____________

a. Syntax

b. Semantics

c. Both Syntax and Semantics (Page 5)

d. Cant remember 4th option.

3. Which language/s support arrays without bound check

a. C

b. Java

c. C#

d. Both Java and C# (page 111)

4. All objects in Java are _____________

a. Dynamic Storage Binding

b. Stack Dynamic Storage Binding

c. Static Binding

d. Explicit Heap Dynamic Variables (page 162)

5. If Condition then exit and exit when condition statements in ADA offer

a. Complication

b. Readability Improvement (page 53. Not 100% sure on this one)

c. Disturbance

d. Some 4th option

6. Java out of bound array index cause __________ error

a. Run time error (page 94)

b. Compile time error

c. No error

d. Some 4th option

7. _________ is stronger in type conversion than C++

a. Java (page 97)

b. C

c. ADA

d. Prolog

8. Data Types and Data Structures improve ___________ of a language

a. Generalization

b. Readability (page 16)

c. Portability

d. Cost

9. ______________ generates readable code which is easy to maintain

a. Backtracking (page 91)

b. Some option

c. Some option

d. Some option

10. Delegate instances hold ______________ to methods

a. Pointers

b. References (page 128)

c. Some option

d. Some option

11. _______________ is harmful for readability

a. Case Switch

b. If else

c. Break Continue (Not 100% Sure)

d. Classes

12. Which language is the Write-Only language?

a. PL/1

b. Basic

c. Cobol

d. APL (page 28)

13. _________ is used for indirect referencing in SNOBOL

a. Unary $ (page 40)

b. Some option

c. Some option

d. Some option

14. We can copy an array in _____ but not in ______

a. Java, C++ (page 94)

b. C, Java

c. Java, C

d. ADA, Java

14. __________ has non rectangular array

a. C

b. Java

c. C#

d. Prolog

Not sure what the answer is. I put C but ...

15. Java array is like a reference type just like ______________

a. Java Pointer

b. C# Pointer

c. Some Option

d. Some option

Not sure of the answer here.

16. Java supports web applications using ___________

a. Applets

b. Some option

c. Some option

d. Some option

17. There is no pointer concept in ___________ but _________ has limited and restrictive use of pointers.

a. Java, C# (page 111)

b. C, C++

c. ADA, Prolog

d. Some option

18. ______ and C# character has same size

a. Java

b. C++

c. ADA


Not sure, I think its C++ but please check.

19. in ______ we can make pointer variable of value type.

a. Java

b. ADA

c. C#

d. C

Not sure. please lookup

20. Delegates in C# are used for __________

a. Pointers

b. Parallel Programming

c. Event handling (page 111)

d. Classes

21. String and numeric value are interconvertable in __________
a. PHP

b. Java

c. C#

d. ADA

Not sure. Please check.

22. Break statement has optional paramater in ________ language

a. PHP (Google)

b. JavaScript

c. ADA

d. C#

23. Magical think in ProLog is ___________

a. Inference engine

b. Some option

c. Some option

d. Some option

24. In JavaScript concat operator is ____

a. + (page 144)

b. "."

c. &

d. Join

25. Document object model in JavaScript includes features and issues of

a. Browser


c. Some option

d. Some option

26. Array in PHP unlinke c/c++ are ________

a. Records

b. Map (page 132)

c. Some option

d. Some option

27. "with" statement in JavaScript is equivalent to:

a. While Statement

b. Union

c. Single Document.write

d. Multiple Document.write (page 153)


1. Explain Class Attribute in C#?

2. Give example of interaction and non-interaction events in JavaScript

3. Why one has to be aware of left recursion in Prolog?

4. Relationship between Package and Class file in Java

5. Three ways PHP supports function arguments?

6. Which data type would you use in C# if

    - Always a number

    - Number less than 55, 535

7. Give two ways you can define multiple variables at once in JavaScript?

8. Discuss issues and importance of naming convention. Explain Hungarian notation with examples.

9. Categorize Primitive and Reference types

    i. Long   ii. Byte   iii. Array   iv. Struct   v. Classes

10. Differentiate between type binding and storage binding. Give advantages and disadvantages of both.

11. Will the following cause aliasing problem or not. Explain in detail

      C# Code was given as follows

      object studentcs = new object();

      studentcs.id = 123;

      object studentbba = studentcs;

      studentbba.id = 234;

My paper was terrible today. Please pray for me. I hope the above helps many students in securing good marks in CS508.

Good luck!

I solved some questions from Dhoobin Dhoobi's paper.But still some questions are left.


paper at 29/08/2015

  1. While developing any application in php, name three commonly use file extensions.
  2. Which programming language will be represented by script tag if language attributes are not include in <script>?
  3. What are the intermediate language in which C# and java compile initially?
  4. Identify error in the java script statement and write correct statement X=x+1                   alert( x )
  5. Name any three primitive built in data types in C#
  6. Enlist three ways in which php support function arguments
  7. What is the syntax of defining class in PHP?
  8. How the arrays are in C #and java related to each other also mention two types of multidimension in C#
  9. Categorize the followings java variable and functions into primitive and reference type     long, byte, array, class, struct.
  10. Write a php code that store first five multiples of 2 using array data structure.


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