Question#1: consider the following statement, "read(pfds[1], buf,-5);" Do u think that given statement will work properly? Give reasons to support your answer.

Question#2: consider scenario when a process does not have adequate pages because the page fault rate is very high.this situation leads to low the CPU utilization. will CPU utilization decreases due to high page fault rate? justify your answer

Question#3: in dead lock prevention strategy do you think it is necessary to check either safe state is exists or not? Give reasons to support your answer.

Question#4: consider a swapping system in which memory consists of the following hole sizes in memory order: 10KB, 4KB, 20KB,18KB,7KB,9KB,12KB and 15KB. which hole are taken for successive segment requests of: a.12KB, b.10KB, c.9KB for next fit?

Question#5: in memory management how does a page fault occur and who is responsible to handle page fault it occurs?

Question#6: CPU is assigned with scheduling activity for some processes where certain parameters are required to meet.

0. Number of process are in execution in such a way that each is assigned a time slice for execution.

1. response the basic citric.

2. waiting time not imposed short.

write the algorithm best suitable above criteria with elaboration in terms of its relevancy to other algorithms in working parameters. 

Question#7: in case of file protection what should the file owner/creator be able to control? and what operations need to be controlled? 

Question#8: consider a process B generates a logical address (15,3922) whose page size is of 1KB . what will be the value of segment offset d and the physical address if page number 2 in frame 10? mention all steps.

Question#9: you are required to calculate the following parameters assuming logical address space of 8 pages of 1MB, and physical address space of 16 frames:

1. No.of bits required for p

2. No.of bits required for f

3. No.of bits required for d

4. No.of bits required for logical address

5. No.of bits required for physical address

Question#10: there are high level and low level synchronization tools. you need to enlist 5 constructs along with this type. also describe the issue of benefits (any two) that can occur when system program is in control of mutual exclusion versus compiler.

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