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CS604 Online Quiz 1 Solution and Discussion Last Date 22nd Nov 2014

CS604 - Operating Systems Online Quiz 1 Solution Fall 2014 of Virtual University (VU)

Dear Students,

QUIZ # 1 of CS604 will be taken from Lecture # 1 to Lecture # 8, and its due date is 21th Nov 2014 to 22nd Nov 2014, be ready for that.

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who will attempt & share fresh quiz?

The process of switching from one process to another is called ---------------. ► Context switching (page 31)

► scheduling

► quantum period

► latency

_________ directory includes essential system boot files including the kernel image.

► /bin

► /boot (page 23)

► /dev

► /etc

The manual pages can be read in Linux using ____ command.

► man (Page 24)

► wan

► desc  

► help

You can display the contents (names of files and directories) of a directory in UNIX/Linux directory structure with the --------------- command.


► s

► ls (Page 25)

► none of the given options

A time sharing system is

► Multi tasking

► Interactive

► Multi user

► All of these (Page 6)

The main characteristic of a Real time system is

► Efficiency

► Large Virtual Memory

► Large secondary storage device

► Usability

______scheduler selects the process from the job pool and put them in main memory.

► Long term (Page 33)

► Short term

► Medium term

► Swapper

_______ is also called Swapper.

► Swap space

► Medium term scheduler (Page 34)

► Short term scheduler

► Long term scheduler

Command-line interpreter is also called __________ in some operating systems.


►Shell (Page 13)


You can use the mv file1 file2 command to move ______________

►file1 to file2. (Page 27)

►file 2 to file 1

►this command will not work for moving files

►None of the option is correct.

►Both option a and b are correct

Taking the CPU from one process and giving the CPU to another process is termed as
►Context Switching (page 31)




A Process that has finished working, as well as its parent process has also finished its execution. In this state the process A will be called as _________ process.






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