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List down any 2 parallel hardware architecture (2)

Parallel Hardware Architectures  Symmetric Multi  Processing (SMP)  Distributed Memory or Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)  Non-uniform Memory Access (NUMA)

Which Scripting languages are used to perform complete transformation in DTS packages(2)

by default VB-Script and J-Scrip

A dataware house project is more like scientific research than anything in traditional informational system do you agree or not justify in either case(2)

A data warehouse project is more like scientific research than anything in traditional IS! 

The normal Information System (IS) approach emphasizes on knowing what the expected results are before committing to action. In scientific research, the results are unknown up front, and emphasis is placed on developing a rigorous, step-by-step process to uncover the truth. The activities involve regular interactions between the scientist and the subject and also among the project participants. It is advised to adopt an exploratory, hands-on process involving cross-disciplinary participation. 

4 static attribute recognized by scouts in agriculture (2)

Static attributes are those attributes that are recorded on each visit by the scouts, usually does not changes. 

Static Attributes  : 1 Farmer Name  2 Farmer Address 3 Field Acreage  4 Predator Population  5 Sowing date 6 Sowing method

In a distributed memory machine a processor can write a value into a shared memory and all process  can read this value(Correct or incorrect statement )(3)

Special-purpose multiprocessing hardware comes in two flavors i.e. shared memory and distributed memory machines. In a shared-memory machine, all processors have access to a common main memory. In a distributed-memory machine, each processor has its own main memory, and the processors are connected through a sophisticated interconnection network. A collection of networked PCs is also a kind of distributed-memory parallel machine.

3 draw backs of traditional web searches?(3)

1. Limited to keyword based matching. 2. Can not distinguish between the contexts in which a link is used. 3. Coupling of files has to be done manually.

In context of nested loop join mention 2 guideline for selecting a table as inner table (3)

A nested loop join involves the following steps: 

1. The optimizer determines the major table (i.e. Table_A) and designates it as the outer table. Table_A is accessed once. If the outer table has no useful indexes, a full table scan is performed. If an index can reduce I/O costs, the index is used to locate the rows. 

2. The other table is designated as the inner table or Table_B. Table_B is accessed once for each qualifying row (or touple) in Table_A. 

3. For every row in the outer table, DBMS accesses all the rows in the inner table. The outer loop is for every row in outer table and the inner loop is for every row in the inner table.  

What is purpose that data profiling must fulfill?(3)

To standardize we need to transform data elements. To identify the degree of transformation required we need to perform data profiling.   Data profiling is a process of gathering information about columns, It must fulfil the following purposes • Identify the type and extent to which the transformation is required • The number of columns which are required to be transformed and which transformation is required, meaning date format or gender convention. • It should provide us a detailed view about the quality of data. The number of erroneous values and the number of values out of domain.

Differentiate between static and data mining w.r.t  No.of parameters (dimension)and type of date ?(5)

Both resemble in exploratory data analysis, but statistics focuses on data sets far smaller than used by data mining researchers. 

Statistics is useful for verifying relationships among few parameters when the relationships are linear. 

 Data mining builds much complex, predictive, nonlinear models which are used for predicting behavior impacted by many factors

3 activities that u will consider as part of required preplanning phase(5)

Requirements preplanning: This phase consists of activities like choosing the forum, identifying and preparing the requirements team and finally selecting, scheduling and preparing the business representatives


Web page dimensions ,5 possible attributes.(5)

Dimensions for W DWH: Page 

 Describes the page context for a Web page event 

 Definition of page must be flexible  

 Assume a well defined function that  Characterizes the page  Describe the page 

 The page dimension is smal

How gender guide is used, when gender is missing ?(5)

If for very large number of records gender is missing, it would become impossible for us to manually check each and every individual’s name and identify the gender. In such cases we can formulate a mechanism to correct gender. We can either use a standard gender guide or create a new table Gender guide. Gender guide contains only two columns name and gender. Populate Gender guide table by a query for selecting all distinct first names from student table. Then manually placing their gender.  This table can serve us as guide by telling what can be the gender against this particular name. For example if we have hundred students in our database with first name equal to ‘Muhammed’. Then in our Gender guide table we will have just one entry ‘Muhammed’ and we will manually set the gender as ‘Male’ against ‘Muhammed’.  Now to fill missing genders in exception table we will just do a inner join on Error table and Gender_guide table. We will get the gender against matching names.   

CS614 Data Warehousing



Do you think it will create the problem of non-standardized attributes, if one source uses 0/1 and second source uses 1/0 to store male/female attribute respectively? Give a reason to support your answer. 2 marks

yes, it will create the problem of non-standardized attributes, if one source uses 0/1 and second source uses 1/0 to store male/female attribute respectively. because one campus consider male other will consider it as female.

Two ways in which parallelizm can reduce system’s performance. 2 marks

Parallelism can reduce system performance on over-utilized systems or systems with small I/O bandwidth.

There are two primary techniques for gathering requirements i.e. interviews or facilitated sessions. Kimball prefers using which one? 2 marks.

Kimball prefers using a hybrid approach with interviews to gather the gory details and then facilitation to bring the group to consensus.


Why Analytic Track is considered as “fun part”. 2 marks.

analytic application track, where we design and develop the applications that address a portion of the users' analytic requirements. As a well-respected application developer once told, "Remember, this is the fun part!" We're finally using the investment in technology and data to help users make better decisions. The applications provide a key mechanism for strengthening the relationship between the project team and the business community. They serve to present the data warehouse's face to its business users, and they bring the business needs back into the team of application developers


Write any three complete warehouse deliverable. 3 marks

Education: Since the user community must accept the warehouse for it to be deemed successful, education is critical. The education program needs to focus on the complete warehouse deliverable: data, analytic applications, and the data access tool (as appropriate). Consider the following for an effective education program; (i) Understand your target audience, don't overwhelm, (ii) Don't train the business community early prior to the availability of data and analytic applications, (iii) No release, no education: Postpone the education (and deployment) if the data warehouse is not ready to be released, (iv) Gain the sponsor's commitment to a “no education, no access" policy.





This query was given SELECT*FROM R WHERE A= 5 and we have to tell which technique is appropriate from dense, sparse, B-tree and has indexing. 5 marks

B-tree Indexing 

 Can be seen as a general form of multi-level indexes. 

 Generalize usual (binary) search trees (BST).  

 Allow efficient and fast exploration at the expense of using slightly more space. 

 Popular variant: B+-tree 

 Support more efficiently queries like: 


SELECT *  FROM R WHERE 0<= b and b<42

B-tree indexes are the most common index type used in typical OLTP applications and provide excellent levels of functionality and performance. Used in both OLTP and data warehouse applications, they speed access to table data when users execute queries with varying criteria, such as equality conditions and range conditions. B-tree indexes improve the performance of queries that select a small percentage of rows from a table. As a general guideline, an index should be created on tables that are often queried for less than a few percent (i.e. between two and four is a general guideline). Note that this is specific to a vendor. 

Why should companies entertain students to visit their company's place? 5 marks

• You are students, and whom you meet were also once students. 

• You can do an assessment of the company for DWH potential at no cost. 

• Since you are only interested in your project, so your analysis will be neutral. 

• Your report can form a basis for a professional detailed assessment at a later stage. 

• If a DWH already exists, you can do an independent audit. 

If you present your case well you are likely to be entertained i.e. welcome by the organization. The first and the foremost reason to get help is, whom you are talking to was once a student too as you are currently, so there is a common bond. Since you have studied well DWH (hopefully), therefore, you can do a requirement assessment (in the form of lifecycle study) of the company at no cost; the company has nothing to lose. Your only interest is completion of your project and grade, so you are going to be very objective and very neutral; hence the company has still nothing to lose. After you have done the lifecycle study, the same can be used as a seed or input by a professional organization for an in depth study, thus saving in money to the company for which you have done the work. Again the company has nothing to lose. It may so happen that the company you contact already has a data warehouse in place, in such a case doing the lifecycle development study can be used as a internal audit of the DWH implementation. Hence in short, if the company allows and helps you with the study, it will be a win-win scenario for both the parties.                                                                                                                             

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thanks alll


Yaar wo MCQs files open nahi ho rahi kindly share it again...

Nasir Shahzad Malik Thx allot for solvng. 

If „M‟ rows from table-A match the conditions in the query then table-B is accessed „M‟ times. Suppose table-B has an index on the join column. If „a‟ I/Os are required to read the data block for each scan and „b‟ I/Os for each data block then the total cost of accessing table-B is _____________ logical I/Os approximately. ► (a + b)M ► (a – b)M ► (a + b + M) ► (a * b * M)

someone answer this

i think ( a + b )M is the right answer

kindly es ka solution hy to share kr dein

Two tables were given employee and exception table.

Employee Table                                                                     Exception table



























We have to write a query to access employee table and set the value of IsAgeValid =0 where age is greater than and equal to 25 and less than and equal to 75. 5 marks

سافٹ ویئر ڈویلپر Thx allot for shrng. 


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