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CS614_Share Your Current Papers of Mid Term ,Fall 2015 at one Place from 19 Dec to 31 Dec 2015.

CS614 ALL Current Mid Term Papers

Fall 2015 at One Place

from 19 Dec 2015 to 31 Dec 2015  


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statements kia theen Q6 ki

wo bhe share kareen plz

Today Midterm Paper Fall 2015

Question : 26
Marks : 40

Time : 60 Mints 

Total 1 Marks Mcqs : 20 
Total 2 Marks Short : 2 
Total 3 Marks Short : 2 
Total 5 Marks Short : 2

1. Additive and non additive facts    2 marks

2. One to many transformation with example 3 marks 

3. Aik statement d hoi thi about timestamp  btana tha true hae yan false with reason.

4.Star aur snow flock schema ki digrame thi and identify karna tha k kon sa schema hai.

5. What is murge/purge when we performed the cleansing in the dataware house 5 marks

6.    5 Marks

Product Id

Region ID















Find the dimension, primary key & dimension.

1- Two limitation of aggregation? … (2 Marks)

2- One too Many Transformation with example … (2 Marks)

3- What is “ranking” in data source selection? Explain with an example. (3 Marks)
4- Performance vs Trade Space? (3 Marks)

5- Given a table of DATE, PRODUCT, CITY, SALES_Amount, Average … Choose Additive Facts and described it? (5 Marks)

6- Two Statement given … Tell them Correct or incorrect and described it

Following were the subjective questions;

     1. What is the purpose of "aggregate awareness"? (2 marks)

     2. The problems associated with the extracted data can correspond to non-primary keys.List down any four problems associated with the non-primary key. (2 marks)

     3.What is “ranking” in data source selection? Explain with an example. (3 marks)

     4. Identify the given statement as correct or incorrect and justify your answer in either case. (3 marks)

     5. In context of MOLAP cube, identify the proportionality relation between the cardinality of dimension and cube size. Justify your answer with logical reason. (5 marks)

     6. Identify the types of transformations used for the following two scenarios. (5 marks)

  • One data element form the source system is mapped to several columns in the DWH.
  • One set of values is mapped to another set of values using straightforward rules.

please in ky koi answer bi dy do ... please

koi Allah ka banda in ky answer share kr dy please

             Today paper

Mcqs 10 or 12 from past papers






Q1  : Write two disadvantages of MOLAP?   (2marks)


 Q2; What is merge/purge problem in data cleansing?(2 marks)


Q3: Identify the given statement as correct or incorrect and justify your answer in either case. 3    “ROLLUP” is used for transfer the data(something like that sorry I forget full statement)

Q4: The problems associated with the extracted data can correspond to non-primary keys. List down any four problems associated with the non-primary key? 3

Q5:  What is “ranking” in data source selection? Explain with an example.? 5

Q6:  The table is given and need to identified the additive fact ? 5

                               GOOD LUCK

Ayeza кнαη Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ thanks for sharing

Attention Students: You don’t need to go any other site for current papers pattern & questions. Because all sharing data related to current Mid term papers of our members are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links. Just keep visiting for all latest updates.

my cs614 paper 26 dec 2;30 pm

objectives are:

1-multi-valued dependencies are removed in 4th Normal form.

2-the need to synchronize data upon update is called Data Coherency.

3-the users of data warehouse are knowledge workers in other words they are Decision maker in the organization.

4-Node of a B-Tree is stored in memory block and traversing a B-Tree involves o(lg n) page faults.

5-the ratio between the numbers of unique values in a column divided by the total number of values in that column is called selectivity.

6-Development of data warehouse is hard because data sources are normally Unstructured & Heterogeneous.

7-During ETL process of an organization,suppose you have data which can be transformed using any of the transformation method.which of the following strategy will be your choice for least complexity? one to one scalar transformation.

8-once the data has been transformed and ready to be loaded into data warehouse,we adopt one of two prevalent loading strategies.

9-it is called a constraint violation,if we have null values for attributes where NOT NULL constraint exists.

10-after implementing change data capture the advantage we have is that, data is able to be integrated and transformed In-flight.

11-Quality means meeting customer's needs,not necessarily exceeding them.

12-Extract,transformation,load (ETL) process consist of steps which are Independent and Interrelated.

13-fact-less fact table is a fact table with out numeric is used to capture relationships between Dimensions.

14-Dimensional modeling techniques focus on the concept of Facts and Dimensions.

15-cube is a logical entity containing values of a certain fact at a certain aggregation level at An Intersection of a combination of dimensions.

16-the most common use of range partitioning in data warehouseis on Date.

17-OLAP is a(n) classification of application.

18-In context of OLAP which of the following is not a part of FASMI test? Fitness.

19-Effects of De-normalization on database performance are Unpredictable.

20-Redundancy causes anomalies which are called Update Anomalies.

all these objectives are correct...over all paper was easy.



asmarabenish  thanks for sharing 


Q#1:In Data extraction "change data capture"is considered as the most challenging activity.Why? (2)

Ans:It is challenging because it can effect the operations of the source system.

Q#2:what is the purpose of "aggregate awareness"? (2)

Ans:the approach of "aggregate awareness" allows us to develop/ compute higher level aggregates usiong lower level or more detailed aggregates.

Q#3:Identify the given statements as correct or incorrect and justify your answer in either case:      (5)

1-"the intelligent learning organization never shares its information with its employees"

Ans: This statement is incorrect..Because the intelligent organization shares information openly across the enterprise ia a way that maximizes the throughput of the entire organization.

2-Orr's Law says that the data which is not used is always correct"

Ans: This statement is incorrect... because according to Orr's Law "Data that is not used cannot be correct"

Q#4:keeping in view the performance factor only,weather you will prefer a single MOLAP cube structure or a cube partitioned into sub cubes?consider the context when frequent queries involve joins across partitioned cubes.justify your answer with reasons..........(5)

ANS: in the given context, the single larger cube structure will be preferred,as we will not need any join in order to get desired results.Whereas in case of partitioned cubes,as frequent queries are involving joins,so preformance will be degraded in order to retrieve data.


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