Question 1:                                                                                                                                5 Marks

In this question, you are asked to select the best suitable answer to the scenario below and provide a rationale for your choice.


Suppose you are the In-charge of a team that is working on a project of developing a Supply Chain Management system for a large Company that has several departments.  Eight project managers have been assigned the key areas of design and development and your responsibility is to coordinate the collaboration between those managers. Identify your role that align with the above scenario (e.g. director, secretary, project manager or program manager). Justify your answer with a valid reason.







Question No 2:                                                                                                                          10 Marks


Project manager should have knowledge of nine specialized areas (knowledge areas) to ensure the smooth and successful completion of any project or activity.


Below activities relate to one of nine knowledge area. You are required to name that knowledge area and identify the sub knowledge area (process and plan) of each activity and write in the table.


Knowledge Area: __________________________________


Sub Knowledge Areas (Process and Plan)

Description of Activates


Resources disengaged. Things must be passed on to the customer or consumer as per plan.



Whatever project you are given to implement. What are the domains, you have to work within. Why this project is being implemented. Who will be the beneficiary of this project? Help in combining of different bits and pieces?



When, what and how things are going to be organized.


Project might consist of a variety of activities and elements. Things are developed as per the given specification. Any kind of deviation needs more resources in terms of money, people and time. It should be well defined and illustrated.


Some factors are included and some factors are left out. Testing and verification of the changed factors.


Things are going as per schedule, as per program and according to the qualitative standards.


Planning in terms of money and time, and to ensure that things are developed as per the specification. Ensure Micro level details.

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