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salam todays was my frst paper of cs504......

almost 15 mcqs were frm past papers .... all other were mostly from lecture 30 to 44

subjective type:

the name of first automatic digital computer... 2 marks

infeasible path ki jo example hy bk me bs a,b ki jga x,y given thy 2 marks

layers of OSI refrence architecture ...5 marks

the extenstion of header files... 2 marks

ak code dia hoa tha usy module me convert krna tha

a student claim that software construction activities, automated and semi automated tools are needed otherwise software can not developed..... agree or not ,,, justfy ...... 5 marks

1 advantage and 1 dis advanage of inspection.

name three layers of 3.tier architecture

baki yaad nai

remember me in your prayers and best of luck

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Assalam-o-Alaikum My today CS504
Mostly MCQZ from mid term portion 
Q.Why Special characters like TAB and page break must be avoided? Explain
Q.2 question coding sy related thy
Q.3 softwere ki characteristics 
Q.4Error from 43 lecture
Q.5 2 question from Cyclomatic complexity
Q.6 use case aur DFD

salam to all friends my 504 paper on 1-3-2-14'

about 90%mcqs from tariq hanif files

Subjective were 40%from mid term espacially from requirement gathering phase.

Four to five questions from moaiz files

maximum questions from pattrens and naming conventions

one 5number question from flow graph,given a code you have to make a flow graph


you must see this is very easy concept to draw a flow graph and one 5 marks question is must in exam

my paper was excellent hope the best for you

here are some file which i prepared.


in tariq hanif file some questions are not answered so it humble request to you please after answerin those question update this file, thanx

Can anyone pleases how much ratio is included from before mid syllabus n what topics before mids precisely. Please reply early

25 to 30 %

Thkns tariq bhai

my paper of cs504

mostly mcqs where from old papers 
and few of them where new
subjective part;
1.statements where given and  was asked to which of them is correct (2) it safe to assume that is the left-hand determine the outcome then right-hand side of && and || operator won't be evaluated ?(2)
3.what are the 2 common reasons for memory over run bug to occur in programe?
4. If a function has multiple un-related side effects , it cannot be made strongly exception free.what should be done?
5.exception do increase the code complexity ,explain with example(5)
6. explain the steps of design analysis( exact wording yad nhi )(5)
7. A code was given and was asked to simplify it(5)
8. if (( x>=10 && x<=20) &&( x>=25 &&x<=30)) then what type of error it produces?(5)
baki yad nhi 

 shaista mukhtar thanks for sharing ur of luck 


Thnks Shaista for sharing paper. gud luck

My CS504 Paper 2/3/14
Total Questions = 52
MCQ's = 40 (70% from Tariq Hanif file)
Subjective = 12

1) XYZ Company wants to re-deploy its architecture. They require certain guidelines for finalizing the design decision. Can you help them by writing steps that will provide them a guideline for performing architectural analysis? (5)
2) Suppose you want to write a Java program that contains declaration of an interface and a class. Class contains different static variables, instance variables, constructors and methods. Write down the exact sequence in which you will declare all these (Note: no need to write actual code, but just sequence). (5)
3) List down any three potential points(phases) in development life cycle where there are greater chances of defect inclusion into development. (5)
4) What is Infeasible path? Give an example of infeasible path. (5)

5) What will happen if defects are not discovered and fixed at the appropriate stage? Give a solid reason. (3)
6) A client sends a request to the system to perform a necessary action e.g insert data.
What do you think which architectural style it is? (3)
7) Write any three attributes of a program that contribute towards making the program self documented? (3)
8) Write one advantage and one disadvantage of using bit fields in writing the code. (3)

9) In which two ways the shift Operator (>>) can be used in C/C++? (2)
10) It is a good programming practice to modularize the code. How it helps in recursive functions? (2)
11) In the “4+1” view model, which view describes the system from a programmer’s perspective and is concerned with the organization of physical code, its main modules, and their dependencies. (2)
12) What is meant by Holistic approach? (2)


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