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Iqbal's Poetry helps us understand Holy Quran and Love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) : علامہ اقبال کی شاعری دراصل قرآن و سنت کی ترجمانی ہے

Allam Muhammad Iqbal  has  explained us  in Urdu , the message of Holy Quran. 

Since Iqbal  has  not mentioned the references of his Work,  so I am starting this discussion  to find the reference from Holy Quran.

I suggest this methodology :-

  • Selection from Urdu poetry and Quranic Verse it is explaining
  • We start from known  to unknown.
  • Selected poetry -  with lessons  of our interest
  • On demand , analysis of poetry
  • Give preference to Poetry in Urdu, if Persian is referred , then little elaboration is requested, I do not know Persian. 
  • In the last,  follow the sequence of his Books 

If you have any reservations on poetry, or Allama Iqbal (RA), I have quoted Holy Quran Sura Shura ( specially last Ayat), please do not waste your precious time here.  

Here are few , to start with  :- 

There are many words of Holy Quran , used by Allama Iqbal 

Dedicated  to  Allama Muhammad Iqbal (RA) , The Poet of East : An effort for our youth to be the Momin 

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How to Find Your Subject Study Group & Join.

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A word on love story of Heer Ranja, see these all are folk stories.

I can not explain Iqbal's point of view.

I will not give anymore comment on this issue or any other as they distract and we loose focus.

Let us talk something which we can do.

Beard is a Sunnah, we Muslims must keep it.

Great thoughts from u Sadan

butt still i dont like any kind of poetry

Except Hamad o Naat

Jazak Allah

Agreed  and point supported. 

See how Iblis wants  us to waste our energies.... 

Qul ho Allah ho Ahad 

Yee door apnay brahim ki talash mein hai 

Dear Sadan,,Emmo and Sarosh

Allah ki mohabbat ko dil mein pukhta kr kai Allama sab kai shikwa aur bale jibril parey aur please being a Allah's Lover sochay kaya koi is tarah kai Attititude rakh sakta hai towards Allah

is kai jawab mein Allama sb baad mein jo marzee explain kr lai magr wo is attitude kee explanation nai hai

Thats what i am saying kai

Haq to yeh hai kai Allah hasher mein keh dai

kai sarey dunya daro sai naraz yeh shkash sirf meray liye hai,,,

sarosh yeh meri baat ka jawab nai i said just read lines in shikwaa and bal e jabril,,,,Jazak Allah

Yes u can share these with Allah butt in shikwaa these r not sharings if u read that lines carefully

Post re visited after  4 years.  

I love Iqbal and  have developed better understanding now. 

Iqbal was right ,  we need to  learn more,  read Quran and understand Quran. 

قرآن مجید پڑھیں  ،  قرآن مجید کو  سمجھیں    پھر علامہ قبال  کو پڑھیں 

اس معاشرے کو دیکھیں  جہاں  ہر گھر میں ایک امراو جان ادا تھی

جہاں  ہادی رسوا  تھا 

3 years before I typed and uploaded this on ning.  


Where you have any objection,  well I can not say what was in view of Iqbal But I defend it from my perspective. 



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