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Respected girls and boys
we all have the concept of HIJAB/PARDA/ABAYA/SATTAR. But we exactly know what exactly is this?
The reason of this post is many girls and boys dont know that being a MUSLIM what are they allowed by ALLAH.
Some girls think that if they put on DUPATTA that is enough and some covers them with scarf and use half sleeves dress and imagine they are fulfiling the criteria of covering themselves by ISLAM.
Similarly some boys thinks that they can go in front of other boys SHIRTLESS.
Sorry boys and girls you are wrong.
i am sharing a pic in which a boy and a girl just covering their SATTAR (Those parts of body which you cant show to any other person except your spouse).

This picture is minimum criteria of covering your self even girls cant show off their single hair of head front of her sister and boys cant show their navel to their brothers or other boys as well.

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Very usefull information.I just want to Say especially for girls that 


                                                    ThinK about it..... Jazak Allah


woman is all about HIJAB, love this qoute.

Jazak Allahu Khairan!!

Chehra satar me include nahi he .. Bia ap post ghor se perhain samajh ajaye ga

you are wrong sister ... if hijab of niyat were enough then we will be ordered to just do the hijab of niyat

ALLAH is the creator of humanity knows very well that what is better for human .. hijab of niyat or hijab of dress thats why ALLAH ordered us to cover our SATTAR even from our  parents and siblings (except spouse).

second thing is after this level of  covering SATTAR its up to you that you want to cover your face and hands or not ... your Hijab of niyat comes here.. but the essential thing is to cover at least your SATTAR.

Ok! even if we consider that hijab of niyah is enough, even then do you know the intention or thinking or his/her niyah of looking at you? Now here one would say that it's his/her act of sin I really don't have any concern about his/her niyyah, but yes one should be concerned as by looking at you one can think of committing SIN and possibly he may commit, now responsibility of being the reason or source lies on you, is that responsibility suitable for a respectful women. And if we talk about intention ,is there any woman with more pure intentions then Hazrat Ayesha(may Allah be pleased by her) or any of the daughter(may Allah be pleased by them)of beloved RasulAllah(peace be upon Him),even with such pure intentions all of them use to wear hijab and they did proper parda as told by Allah Almighty. If niyyah was the preference then Allah Almighty should not have told momin women to cover them selves so that they are recognized as muslims as said in surah noor
''Apni orhniyan apny chahron per daal lain ta k aap pachan li jain''
Aur ye jo pahchan li jain hai na iss ka matlab hai satai(teased) na jain.
I hope i succeeded in correcting little bit of your concept regarding ''Niyah''.

Salamun Alaikum!
Jazak Allah Hu Khairan mohsin for being the reason to start this discussion.

See!! Yes you are right that no one owns a right to judge and i'm sure no one likes to be judged lets consider this thing right for one second than dear sister what about ''Amer bil Maroof Wanahi Anil Munkir'' ???
As earlier you yourself admitted that no one is perfect, and yes NO ONE IS PERFECT, were sahabas perfect?? they also committed mistakes but did they stop telling people what's right and what's wrong. Allah Almighty also knew that human are not perfect but even then HE Almighty talked about AMER BIL MAROOF....we are humans and humans are the ones who spreads Allah's message.
And i hate this thing when you stop them from doing something wrong and they are like'' who are u man to tell me what i'm suppose to do or not ,definitely you don't look like my mother or father.... i mean really?? I can't understand why don't we just take the advice why we feel that its our responsibility to tell other person''O You!! do you know what you did yesterday you committed a sin and today u are telling me not to do this or that'', A good muslim never criticize the next person for telling him that he is wrong , he always accepts the advice.
And you know what?? that's the reason we are failing cuz we don't accepts our mistakes and accuse other person of giving him advice.
Why to judge that person why not quietly admit our mistake and accept the advice, as it's good for us.

Being muslim its our duty (AMAR BIL MAROOF WA NAHI ANIL MUNKAR)
i was just doing my duty.. thats it
otherwise i was not judging you or others.
its only ALLAH WHO can do this


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