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Hi & Welcome to Show Time.

Exams are getting closer but University is seriously making efforts to torture us with LMS activities. I guess they believe in torture to death :P Well life moves on and so do we.

As informed last week, we will have a co-host from this week onwards in our Showtime. When we think of creativity and intellectual mind, whom can we imagine. Well ofcourse none other than Ayesha Awan. Elegant lady with interesting vision.


Welcome Ayesha and thanks for joining me. Since you are here now so i should stop appraising you 

Moving on, this week we have the previlige of meeting a charming and chulbuli lady. Someone who'z least bothered about the world and most bothered about looks  Yes , shez none other than the admirer of Style N Lukz...."Chweet Dua"



Hi Dua....As per our format, here is a glass of fatless half-cream skimmed milk 


Wont add fat

BlackMist: How are you...Howz things...Everyone has been noticing you here and there but very few know you in detail. So , please tell everyone about you and what are you doing in VU ?

BlackMist: Y did you select VU for your studies ? and how has been your time in VU so far ?

BlackMist: Your chats are quire interesting...Stressing on certain alphabets...Yz Dat ?

Ayesha Awan: Apko nahi lagta k ap k kuch frndz ko apki language understand kerney mein thori dushwari paish ati hogi? Give an interesting name to your unique language.

BlackMist: By the way do YOU understand your own language or not

Ayesha Awan: Ager apko super makeover opportunity di jaye then what you’ll select for your self?

a.     What type of Dress?

b.    Of which Color?

c.     What type of hair cut n style?

d.    Which accessories u’ll use?

e.     What type of shoes?

f.     What will be your make up color scheme?

Ayesha Awan: Just answer YES or NO..

·       Do you think you are purely Chweet?

·       Are you crazy about fashion?

·       Do you lub Kareena Kapoor?

·       Do you hate fake & liar people?

·       Are you smarter then your friendz?

·       Are you possessive?

Ayesha Awan: Select just 1 option:

a.     Rain or Music

b.    Silver or Gold

c.     Forgiveness or Revenge

d.    RJ Sam or RJ NightiNgale

e.     Fantasy or Reality

f.     Jazz or Pop music

g.    Rakhi Sawant or Malika Sherawat

BlackMist: You are fond of taking your own snaps ? Wats the reason behind it ?

BlackMist: How did your interest develop in Style N Lukz...Tell us a perfect dress combination for male and female as per your imagination.

Ayesha Awan: MashALLAh you are going very good in style n lukz activates on VUSTUDENTS…strength of members increasing day by day…besides it what are your hobbies in which you articulates your creative mind?

BlackMist: You had a nick Dua here which later changed to Chweet Dua...What made this transition ? What could be your next nick ? Cute Dua or "NatKhat Dua"

Ayesha Awan: How many nicknames your friends call you? What is reason behind they call you with that?Which one you like most?

Ayesha Awan: Whenever you get bored…what do you do for fun?

BlackMist: Do you like sports ? Which one is your favourite and which one do you like playing.? Ever played at college or university level ?

Ayesha Awan: Har insaan ki koi na koi weaknesses & strengths hoti hain…if you agree with this phenomenon then tell us your biggest weakness and strength.

BlackMist: Sing for us Allama Iqbal's "Lab pe aati hai dua"

BlackMist: Like all ladies, do you like being praised ? If  No , why not ? If yeah , tell us few phrases that you would love to hear

Ayesha Awan: Ap ko kis kism k log attract kertey hain? Mostly ap kis tarah ki personalities se milna pasand kerti hain?

BlackMist: Define ideal ? Do you believe in it ?

Ayesha Awan: Apki ideal personality konsi hai? Aur kya reason hai k ap usko follow kerti hain? (Reason should be very logical)

BlackMist: Whoz your favourite model ? Why ?

Ayesha Awan: Define Chweet Dua just in one line.

Ayesha Awan: Post a best fashion picture you ever found ? (Just 1 only)

BlackMist: I am not sure if you understand punjabi ? If you know then count from 1 till 20 in punjabi if No then do it any other language other than Pakistani or English language....

BlackMist: If a hajj is scheduled on friday, what is it called ? Don't take help

Ayesha Awan: Have you ever had a catfight with another pretty girl in your life? (Or believe in “No PangaZ”)

Ayesha Awan: How would you explain “database” in three sentences to 8 year-old child? 

BlackMist: How many surah's are there in Quran...? Recite Surah Kausar for us ....:P Don't forget to cover your head before that ... Hahaha

Ayesha Awan: What is your philosophy towards life? (Don’t copy from anywhere)

BlackMist: Do you believe in first impression is last impression ? Express your view.

BlackMist: If possible share with us any incident that changed your life drastically..

Ayesha Awan: What is your biggest failure & biggest achievement?

Ayesha Awan: What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

BlackMist: If you have a chance of chosing nationality ? would you retain Pakistani nationlity or choose another country ? If yeah which one ?

BlackMist: Do you cook ? Good at it ? Share your best receipe

BlackMist: Tell us about your Shaitaanon Ka Tola .... I mean best friends  Whoz the most close...Be honest ..and name 1 only.

BlackMist: Supposed you have to organize a picnic. How would you organize it and where ?

BlackMist: Whoze smile would you adore ... Julia Roberts or Pentalope Cruze

BlackMist: Imagine you have the power to re-set your life. Who would you wanna be ... Mother Teresa Or Queen Elizabeth

Ayesha Awan: What’ll happen to Pakistani politics? Give some perceptions.

Ayesha Awan: If you were a ghost who’ll be the targeted by you?

Ayesha Awan: If you get one day of ownership at vustudents then what will be your first action?

BlackMist: If you are asked to become a teacher in VU, which subject would you choose & Why ?

BlackMist: There are two categories of fashion lovers....One those who design something new and others who just follow wuts in ...Where do you fit in these ? Have you ever created something in fashion ?

BlackMist: If you have the power to remove someone from VUSTUDENTS...Who will be your first target (Apart From Me) & Why...

BlackMist: Which is the most beautiful place that you have ever been to and where do you wish to go in future. ?

BlackMist: Will you take any professional career in future ? If yeah , What kind of ?

BlackMist: Can you give some beauty tips to the ladies reading you out here ?

BlackMist: Describe your often do you maintain it ? Do you help your mom at home frequently or only sometimes ?

BlackMist: Have you ever done baby sitting ? If yeah, how was the experience ?

BlackMist: If any of your friend is annoyed or angry ? How do you please him ? Tell us Vice versa also that what should your friends do to please you..

BlackMist: Name your Favourite "Icecream, perfume, handbag brand, lipstick color, nailpolish color, dress type & color, hangover spot, gossip topic".

  Is there anyone on this site who has gone for long and you wish to have him/her back here ?

BlackMist: You wash your face and look into mirror " Screaaaaaammmmm" Did this ever happen ?

BlackMist: Afraid of rats, cockroaches , lizards ? Ever killed one of these ?


BlackMist: A message that you would like to give to everyone reading you out here


Well Dua thanks for joining us, it has been a pleasure talking to you and NO Hard Feelings...We wish you great luck for your future ambitions with a blessed life..

Study well for your exams.

Day starts and ends , similarly we start and end.....People live and die .... Sometimes we regret after someone is long gone...It is good to forget past and start a fresh life with clean heart....If we begin to keep small & daily issues in our heart, there is no place left for love & happiness.

Forget what happened and be nice to everyone. Easy to say...hard to do but undoubtely "THE BEST THING" to do...Believe me , makes difference...

Be different, be unique...Dats what life should be about...

BM & Ayesha signing off till next week....Cya ..

Allah Nigehban & Bubye


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yessssssssssssssssssss. i was right  about the co host.. nice to see you Ayesha....
interesting qsns.... :)

:D thnx Noor


hehe mai ghalt co host ayhsa awan hai ...well VERYYYYY niceeee Q.... .

i kneww ashi he ho gi :P :P 

sa Legend serious 

ur sprb 6th sense :p

u legend stupid


oyeee mAza k intrwww

leeme rplyyyyy :P

thnxx ashi n bmwwwww

Wohoooo... Interesting combination... A very best of luck to Ayesha Awan and great thanks to BM to make the show more thrilling and entertaining for us. Ayesha is gng to make ur show more impressive n decent


Excellent placing of questions...wud luv to get the replies soon...coz answering also will be difficult this tym


Best of Luck Dua

thanx Nayab :)
well. what intention behind it
WAOOOOOOO combination dakh k he maza aa giya. dua reply soon dear
Hmmn zabardast show BM n Ayesha............


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