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ECO-401, Current Final term Papers Fall 2013 (01 March to 12 March 2014)

Friends, lets share your current final term paper being held from 01 March to 12 March 2014, so that others can have a guideline to prepare well.


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Thansk brother

3 Questions were of 3 marks and 5 questions were of 5 marks.

1-At what point equilibrium occur in foreign exchange market?(3)

2-Discuss the concept of accelerator in your own words.(3)

3-Why an increase in the rate of money growth increase the level of output?(3)

4-Define LM curve.Explain the shape of the curve with the help of diagram(5)

5-Aik table the us ki total revenue find krni thi.(5)

6-If y = Y / L, where, Y = Total GDP, L = Population, y = Per capita GDP then prove that Growth rate of per capita income = Growth rate of total output - Growth rate of population(5)

7-Aik question tha jis mein present value find krni thi.(5)

8-Aik table tha jis mein injection ko fine out krna tha at each level of output.(5)

Consumption and consumption function?
Find out withdrawal by given table?
Calculate inflation rate by given table?
Philips curve and its diagram?
Why do countries trade?
Why people hold money? Discuss.
Exogenous growth theory and its diagram?

VU Today's Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 60 
Total 86 Marks
Total MCQ = 52 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 3 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 5 Each of 5 marks

Differentiate between Actual GDP and Potential GDP.
(Marks: 3)
Differentiate between international trade and international finance.
(Marks: 3)
Calculate the multiplier by using the marginal propensity to consume for MPC =1, MPC =0.90 and MPC =0.67. (Calculate for all three)
(Marks: 3)
Differentiate between risk and uncertainty.
(Marks: 5)
Keeping in view the Keynesian paradox of thrift Explain what is the effect of savings on consumption, output and investment. 
(Marks: 5)
Prepare a Balance Sheet from the given data. (6 items were given) 
(Marks: 5)
Define and explain the main resources which are needed in any kind of production. 
(Marks: 5)
Differentiate between Appreciation and Depreciation. 
(Marks: 5)

My today Eco401 paper 

acha ho gya 

Best of luck 

or is golden file se paper aya tha


ĴĮÃ ČĤ thanks for sharing 

Attention Students: You don’t need to go any other site for current papers pattern & questions. Because all sharing data related to current Final term papers of our members are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links. Just keep visiting http://vustudents.ning.com/ for all latest updates.


Current paper fall 2013 1st to 12 march


52) MCQS mostly in past paper but I was read the handouts. Then i will paper is good. 

53) Differentiate between real exchange rate and nominal exchange rate ? (3)

54) Define money multiplier formula with the help of income and consumption ?(3)

Y=C+I+G+NX   C=a+by

55) What is the effect of expansionary fiscal policy on debt of any country ?(3)

56) Differentiate between the real business cycle(RBC) and the ralional expectations schools of thought? (5)

57) Define the investment demand curve with the help of diagram?(5)

58) Define the marginal utility in a maximum point with the help of diagram?(5)

Sol:question no 58)

59) Under developed countries ka batana tha k kaisy thek kar sakty hain 3 condition di thi ?(5)

60) Explain difference between current and capital account?(5)


Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) equals:

► Nominal GDP minus net exports.

► Nominal GDP divided by the GDP deflator. (p 121)

► Nominal GDP multiplied by the GDP deflator.

► GDP minus depreciation

Countries that are not among the high income nations of the world are categorized


► Developed countries.

► Progressed countries.

► Developing countries.

► High income countries.

If average physical product (APP) is decreasing then which of the following must be


► Marginal physical product is more than the average physical product.

► Marginal physical product is less than the average physical product. (p 55)

► Marginal physical product is decreasing.

► Marginal physical product is increasing.

The concept of a risk premium applies to a person that is:

► All of the given options.

► Risk averse.

► Risk neutral.

Risk loving.

Law of diminishing marginal utility indicates that the slope of the marginal utility

curve is:

► Horizontal.

► Vertical.

► Negative.

► Positive.

The extra value that consumers receive above what they pay for that good is called:

► Producer surplus.

► Utility.

► Marginal utility.

► Consumer surplus.

If a decrease in price increases the total revenue then:

► Demand is elastic. (P 28)

► Demand is inelastic.

► Supply is elastic.

► Supply is inelastic.

Which of the following is NOT a reason of downward slope of aggregate demand


► The exchange-rate effect.

► The wealth effect.

The classical dichotomy / monetary neutrality effects.

► The interest-rate effect.



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