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ENG101 English Comprehension Assignment No 03 Solution & Discussion Spring 2016

English Comprehension (ENG101)

Spring 2016

Assignment No. 3

Total Marks: 20

Lectures: 23-37



  • Upload your assignment in a proper format i.e. MS Word file. Corrupt files will be awarded zero marks.
  • The font color should be preferably black and the font size 12 Times New Roman.
  • The assignment should be zoomed in at 100%.
  • Please avoid plagiarism; plagiarized work will be awarded zero marks.
  • Please avoid submitting copied assignments; otherwise, such a case may be referred to the discipline committee.
  • After the due date, the assignments submitted via email would not be entertained.


Reading and Writing Skills

Q1. Create a word cloud image of the given essay on ‘Invading Personal Space’ and write four suggestions on how to regard the personal space of others using the prominent words of your word cloud image. Paste your word cloud image of the text as well. You may use the following links or any other link to create the word cloud.


Note: Write each suggestion in 2-3 lines in the bullet form.                                              (8+2)                            

Personal space is an area immediately surrounding a person, sometimes described as an imaginary ‘bubble’. It’s an invisible shield that individuals form around themselves as an area of self-privacy and protection, psychologically— possibly subconsciously. They regard this space as ‘their turf’— not to be violated. If an intruder enters their space without permission, it makes them feel very uncomfortable or they may even react in some negative way.  Most people value their personal space and feel discomfort, anger, and anxiety when their personal space is being encroached. Permitting a person to enter one’s personal space or entering somebody else’s personal space is an indicator of the level of relationship between these persons. The idea of personal space is rooted in psychology and there are many theories about how personal space develops and how people react to violations.

Today’s open office environments often mean that employees work in close proximity to each other. For some people, this is conducive to team work, while to others, it feels claustrophobic. To maintain good relationships with your colleagues, respect boundaries, personal space and privacy. Respecting one’s physical space means not encroaching into others’ work territory, particularly in cubicles or workstations that connect in some way. Be mindful about how aromatic your food and beverages are and be careful about the amount of perfume or cologne you wear. Likewise, pay attention to your volume when you speak, both in person and on the phone to ensure you aren’t interrupting colleagues’ work or concentration. If you walk into a room and see two colleagues in private conversation, respectfully keep your distance or come back later. If you hear a co-worker on the phone, don’t eavesdrop on her conversation and if you do inadvertently overhear details of the discussion, keep them confidential.

Personal space also includes specific physical areas that extend beyond our invisible space. These tend to be spaces that we qualify as ‘mine’ even if we don’t own them, for example: my work cubicle, my desk, my parking space.  Be cognizant that these are people’s spaces and treat them appropriately. At work, do not go through others’ desk drawers looking for a pen; do not take their pad of sticky notes because you see they have two on their desk; do not look at others’ screens or read their chats and when parking your vehicle, park in the center of ‘your’ spot so that your neighbor can easily maneuver in ‘their’ spot. While none of these are really ‘theirs’ or ‘yours’, there is a personal entitlement to whomever they’ve been assigned and that assumed entitlement should be respected.

Personal space is highly variable and can be due to cultural differences and personal experiences. Difficulties can be created by failures of intercultural communication due to different expectations of personal space. Its boundaries are a buffer zone that helps you protect yourself— physically and emotionally. Boundary setting is not about controlling; it’s really about deciding what you will and will not tolerate. It’s about drawing a line around your personal space, boundary or bubble that identifies your personal area of privacy.

Listening and Speaking Skills

Q2. Write a dialogue in 10-15 sentences using the vocabulary of the word cloud image (created in Q1) and use it in conversation with your friend. Paste your dialogue in the assignment file. Also, write your experience in 3-4 lines telling how this activity and word cloud software improved your vocabulary.  


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eng 101?


Yar it's very difficult we don't understand how we solve this
Plz wait
Q2. Write a dialogue in 10-15 sentences using the vocabulary of the word cloud image (created in Q1) and use it in conversation with your friend. Paste your dialogue in the assignment file. Also, write your experience in 3-4 lines telling how this activity and word cloud software improved your vocabulary.

Ali: hi Umer …! Will you go to office tomorrow?
Umer: yes off course and also want to hold meeting with colleagues on personal and public conflicts.
Ali : Ok.. A lot of issues are standing around us invisibly we should to qualify all that problems and better to take views from our colleagues
Umer: Yes we will try to control specific area to treat the customers and after discussion with them we will be highly confident to remove difficulties from this zone
Ali: Off course we will avail a chance to communicate with people to know the expectation from us

Umer: We will make relationship to customers for resolving their personal problems related to our services
Ali: Yes with the permission of CEO our employees will be get their particular area make their team to maintain relations with customers
Umer: Good person. Keep this conversation in your phone,
Ali: ok.. I make a confidential report including discussion topics condensate to our co workers
Umer :Its good to specify a special zone to colleagues to control the situation of their area
Ali: Have a very nice conversation with you .
Umer :Take care
No 2 question
Plz send no one question .answer
Wait for second solution


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