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ENG101 Grand Quiz + Mid Term Quiz Fall 2020 Due Date: 29-12-2020

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ENG101 Mid Term Solved MCQs and Subjective by Moaaz

ENG101 Mid Term Solved MCQs and Subjective by Moaaz

ENG101 Mid Term Solved MCQs and Subjective by Moaaz

ENG101 Mid Term Solved MCQs and Subjective by Moaaz

ENG101 Mid Term Solved MCQs and Subjective by Moaaz

MCQs Download 

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ENG101 Mid term solved past papers

ENG101 Mid Term Solved MCQs and Subjective by Moaaz

Download ENG101 past papers,

ENG101 Mid Term Solved MCQs and Subjective by Moaaz

ENG101 – English Comprehension

In ENG101 English Comprehension we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

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ENG101 Orignal Solved Final Term Papers Made by Waqar Siddhu 1 link

ENG101 Final Term Past Papers
ENG101 Final Term Paper
FileName: ENG101 Final Term Solved MCQs By Moaaz.pdf

ENG101 Final Term Paper
FileName: ENG101 Final Term Solved MCQs File by Moaaz.pdf

ENG101 Final Term Paper
FileName: ENG101 Final Term Solved Waqar File.pdf

ENG101 Final Term Paper
FileName: ENG101 Final Term Solved Waqar Papers File 2.pdf

ENG101 Final Term Paper
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ENG101 Final Term Paper
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ENG101 Final Term Paper
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ENG101 Final Term Paper
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ENG101 Final Term Paper
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#eng101 #grandQuiz #fall2020 ENG101 Grand Quiz Fall 2020 Solved | Vu Short Notes |Virtual University

ENG101 updated latest Solved MCQs for Grand quiz 2020

1.The FALLACY of this approach is that it overlooks the extent to which every large organization is a network of small primary groups. (point)

2.This is the best book (of all others on History)

3.Many students are study to become-----engineers(Electrical)

4.Bens new watch was -----. It cost 2$ and after two days it didn’t work anymore. (Expensive)

5.Which of the following best describes an opinion?(A person’s thoughts and feelings about something)
6.It takes a lot of inspiration and hard work to come up with a new--------------in art and painting field.(creation)

7.I live ----------in the bank. It is across the street from my house. I can walk to it. (Close to the bank)

8.Yesterday, after the party. He----------------home. (went)

9.Sometimes, tone is evident from the -------------of the first paragraph. (First line).

10.This year, after a lengthy, noisy debate, they decided to take separate vacations. (complex sentences).

11.The payroll package was purchase is very well(documented)

12.where are Jordan and Michael? They------------ gone to the library. (have)

13.He would starve rather than --------------a loan. (to ask)

14.-----------irony occurs when the discrepancy lies in the situation itself. (Situational)

15.It often------------in NEW York. (Snow)

  1. The adjective form of ‘wealth’ is, (Wealthy).

17.Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option.

     Though the two fingerprints were quite -----------------, they were not a perfect match, so no identification could be made. (Similar)

18.Somepeolple still---------------that the earth is flat. (Insist)

19.The laboratory is not only equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instrument----------renowned scientist. (but also with the service of)

20.With reference to computers, the word memory mean------------------(Internal storage)

21.In wal mart we can find all necessities of life in various-------------and made. (designs)

22.If the rulers of a country is -----------------, then he is king. If the rulers of the country are female, then she is a---------------. (a male, queen)

23.There is an Expansion------------any rule. (to)

24.I had the--------------- experiences of sitting need to an over-talkative passenger on my flight home from Brussels. (galling)

25.The way in which writers indicates character through the words they put into their character

, s mouth is called(speech)

26.To err is human; to--------------divine. (forgive)

27.-----------------the car, he went to restaurant. (parked)

28.What is the definition of an effect? (The result of what happened in the given situation)

29.Which sentences is a simple sentence? (The fire alarm sounded)

  1. Sparta and Athens were enemies during the Peloponnesian war(War)

31.If the information is organized in any type of order or mechniaicm (say Alphatical or chronological) then the reading skill used would be-------------(Skimming)

32.When are you going to take the garbage out? Sometime this year, may be? (Sarcastic}

  1. Which one of the following is not an ADJECTIVE? (Quickly)

34.Dan enjoys reading science fiction.

       Here reading is (Gerund)

  1. "jerry announced he would collect it when he -------------back. “would come

36.-------------is a sure sign that the reader is a poor reader. Vocalization

  1. My face flushed as I squirmed with embarrassment

38 To paraphrase you must -------------(change the meaning of the passage}

39.-----------People don’t know what it is like in other countries (.Most of)

40.Coose the anatomy of ‘creditable’ from the following(unreliable)

  1. After she walked two miles, she felt ________. After she walked ten miles, she felt ________. tired, exhausted


  42.I just bot my sisters old house for too million dollars (spelling and punch ion mistake)

43.Although many educators and parents…………….

44.This documentary is a --------------of value between the East and the west.  Comparison

  1. There are three -3 common purpose of communication: to inform, to persuade and to entertain.

46.The services at this restaurant is excellent------the food is delicious. in addition

47.The queen is said -------------Australia next year.(to be visiting)                         

48.I will ---------------- my body with oil. (anoint)

Spring 2020

  • The word or phrase that best complete the sentences. The Beach usually is closed on a rainy day.
  • Select the correct meaning of the word ‘intemperate’ from the given choices. Lacking self-control or insuffiecient
  • Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option.

With heavy packages in my hand. I couldn’t walk fast enough to catch the train.

  • MY best friend lives on Mall Road.
  • Ali our English Teacher, believes that students who major in economics or physics ruin
  • Choose the correct type of sentences.

Do you want to go swimming tomorrow, or would you prefer to play tennis? Compound

  • Choose the most appropriate analogy to complete the sentence.

Matches related to ‘victory ‘in the same way as ‘Examination’ is related to Success.

  • Everyone on the bus was annoyed by the little boy running up and down the aisle.
  • Choose the best option.

The introduction of the computer in the workplace has…reduced. The workload of many people.

  • Choose the correct option from the following.

In circular reasoning the supporting reason is the same as the Conclusion.

  • In the late 1930 a movement to ban the drug marijuana began to gather the force.

What does the ‘gather force’ mean? Get stronger

  • My fingers were injured so my sister had to write the note for me.
  • My parents had tried to make an artist of me, but I refused to be made
  • Your comprehension will not suffer if you read Slowly.
  • Choose the correct option from the following.

My dog(be)has been sick for three days. Or had been

  • The Cloze procedure helps the students in developing the habit of concentrated
  • Fill in the Blank with appropriate option.

What are you doing at the weekend?

  • Choose the sentences with the correct sequences of the Tense.

Do you know that these gloves had layed on my desk all week? Or have

  • “Staring at computer monitor for hours on end. “may lead to the computer vision syndrome(CSV). The part of the inverted commas is
  • Select the correct answer:

He recently married with a beautiful young Greek woman.

  • Discovering the implied/underlying ideas in the writing is called making inferences.
  • The noun form of ‘Compete’ is
  • Which of these aliens do you like better?
  • Which of the correct option from the following?

Value-words often represent opinions

  • I left smoking ‘ago’.

I gave up smoking long ago

  • Read the cause in the situation and choose the effect.

      “I ran as fast as I could. Passing all the others runners in the race. I wasn’t even tired either.

             I won the race.

  • Choose the correct option from the following.

The students asked if he could have an Extension on paper.

eng101 latest solved mcqs 2020

1.Compltet the sentences by choosing the correct option,

For the party, we prepared more than enough food, just in case unexpected guests arrived.

2.Which of the following best describes a fact? Something can be proven

3.An opinion is a statement that can be proved true through objective evidence. (TRUE).

4.Mr. Watson comes from the NDP, as--------------------------- his supporters. (well)

5.Choose the correct form of verb.

I haven’t finished my report because I had a problem with y computers. (not finish)

6.In False comparison you assume that two things are more alike than they really are.

7.Flowchartings symbol are connected together by means of flow lines.

8.No other method of winning your supporter’s confidence is as effective as this method.

9.She was so shy as to refuse all invitations.

10.Complete the sentences by choosing the best option.

     The children at the deaf-mute center can-----hear--------speak. (neither, nor)

11.Provide the contextual reference in the space given below.

      A computer like any other machine is used because it does certain jobs better and more efficiently than humans.

12.I called Bill to find out --------or ----------he did really to Afghanistan. (whether or not).

  1. Choose the correct option from the following.

     Antonio had memorized his lines for the play, but he was still(nervous)

14.Use grammatical information to predict the word correctly completes the sentences.

Sometimes oil (OOZE) to the surface from to form tar pits.

15.Coose the correct option.

    The machine carries out the (procedure)which the programmer gives it.

16.In simple words, cloze procedure means (to fill in the deleted words)

17.The noun form compete is(competition).

18.Bob Doesn’t like soup and Tom (doesn’t either)

19.choose the noun in the given sentences.

That is a beautiful flower(flower)

20.Dont press the submit button before (completion) of all 10 sentences.

21.What is the CAUSE in the following sentences.

The tree fell in the middle of the road because of high wind? (high wind)

22.The’cloze procedures’ usually shows the student’s (all of the above’)

23.Is your brother (at)home?

24.There is ------fly in ------ointment. (a, the)

25.complete the following sentences using the correct degree of the adjective.

     My brother’s handwriting is -------(bad) mine. (worse than)

26.choose the correct option from the following:

      The students asked if he could have an (Extension)on paper.

27.Reading too slow in order to understand may (lower the understanding).

28.Octupus have not only large brains-------------also a well-developed nervous system. (but)



28.What is the correct form of verb.

In often------in NEWYORK. (snows)

29.The adjective form is ‘courage ‘is(courageous)

30.Which sentences is a simple sentence? (The fire alarm sounded)

31.Select the main correct verb from from the given grammatical categories list, for the words in brackets. We are standing in the kitchen(doing) the dishes. (Base verb)

32.Choose the most appropriate antonym for prejudice. (Bias)

33.Select the answer best explains the metaphorical meaning of the given idiom.

     Carrot and stick (reward and punishment)

34.(Which of) these aliens do you like better?

35.Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option,

       Verbs in that end in ‘ing’are known as(participles).

36.choose the best option.

       You must not(feed)the animals in the zoo.

37.choose the best option.

      Do you know who you will ------- for in the election? (vote)

38.choose the correct option from the following.

       There is a relationship between reading speed and (reading comprehension)

39.Tell whether the given statement is fact or opinion:

       The rising crime rate is a sign of the times(advanced)

40.Choose the correct pronoun from the option given below:

      What’s this music? Do you like ------? (it)

41.Computers--------have circuits for performing arithmetic operations such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication and exponistation. (computer’s)

42.choos the correct option from the following(Vocalization)

43.I will see you -----------home when I get there. (at)

44.Climbing can be--------; nonetheless, some people love the spot and are willing to take risk. (dangerous)

45.choose the sysnnomus of “procrastination “from the following: (delay in action)

46.The dressed -----women is my aunt. (attractively)

47.The-------made beautiful--------appear in the sky. (sunset, color)

48.When you push yourself to slow reading, the compression level ----------(falls)

  1. There is a house on fire and you expect the fire fighter

to aim a water hose/pipe at the fire, but instead he aims a petrol pipe/hose.

This statement an example of (situational irony.)

50.Choose the correct option from the following:

       My dog(be)---------sick for three days. (has been).

51.choose the best interpretation of the words in quotes from the following:

     “Reforestation” will help to “restore” our environment. (planting trees again will replenish our environment) a condition-prediction relationship the sentence must be preceded by---------------(if)

53.choose the correct option:

      Reading between the lines is a skill that can only be acquired by reading------(extensively)

54.choose the correct option from the following:

      Reading and thinking are closely --------skills. (Related)

55.Imagnative writing, In some way or other, has to -------(do with people)

56.It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth --------you know that you would lie if you were in his place. (When)  

57.Choose the correct option:

     One-word substitute for ‘noisy’, rapid talk is(Rat-a-tat)   

58.Pakistanis’s army fought in the war of 1965.

     The word courageously is a/an-----in the sentence. (adverb)

59.There is no unity---------the leaders. (among)

60.Choose the correct option.

     Since July 4th is a holiday, ------------have to go to work. (we do not)

61.A perpetual state of indolence will---------------you miserably. (Bore)

62.His one vice was gluttony and so it not surprising that as he aged he became increasingly--------(corpulent)

63.Another word for program is(bugs)

64.Tabels, charts and map etc, are the -----------which help you interpret visual data. (aids)

65.use grammatical information to predict the word that correctly completes the following.

     Within the last few years a new and ---------------science has been explored. (exciting)

66.My friend and I---------our money, but the-----was not enough to buy the bike. (combined. Total)

67.Most don’t -------their happy hour on their website perhaps to provide more flexibility in discontinuing the specials. (advertise)

  1. Cloze test is also known as (Deletion test).

69.Antoymous of ‘significant ‘is (Trivial)

  1. word and figures--------------into visuals aids. (can be converted)

71.Three-quartres of the students’ body-------against the tuition hike. (is)

  1. The professor---------------South Africa amazed the American students with her stories. (from)
  2. Oh I forget to bring the cookies. (oh!)

74.They love English weather. ------------(don’t they)

75.-----sense. (non)

76.The Brooklyn bride wad made 1883. (Bridge)

77.To draw the conclusions refer to: (Information that is not clearly stated)

78.She looks-------------she’s going to be sick. (likes)

  1. When the college president left, we found are placement for the INTERM, during which a search committee was able to interview and select a new leader. (the time in between)

80.Every writer has a --------------, and you as a reader must recognize it. (purpose)

81.I bought a book from a book fair ‘that cost me Rs 400 to me.  Book

82.That she can him do the exercise but not stick to the diet. (This sentences hs no independent clause)

83.’Fortune Knocks once at every man’s door is a philosophy of---------------(optimism)

84.Bruno went to the white mountains of New Hampshire, and Pauline went to cape cod. (compound sentences)

  1. Just as a speaker’s voice can project a range of feelings, a writer’s words and phrases can project

one or more tones or feelings (words and phrases)

86.Susie is--------------------of all the four sisters (beautiful)..The most beautiful)

87.I asked your brother (to go) to the store for getting medicines for me. (past participle) or infinitive

88.One cause of slow reading is --------------------slow reading itself

89.Tick the correct option. (I intended marry her)

90.I don’t agree with you, but your ideas certainly give me food--------------(for thought)

91.In cloze procedure, the learners need to concentrate on ----------------of the text. (none of the above)

92.He may think himself to be------------------but all of his decisions today have been wrong. (vigorous)

93.----------are those words that are central to the development of the subject of any particular piece of writing. (control words)


94.--------------He works hard all year long. he won’t be able to buy his father an expensive gift. (Although)

95.A writer also presents characters through their ----) Action

96.words are provided in----------- cloze test. (Deletion)

97.In Greek mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. (Imperative)

98.The game was designed to ‘flummox ‘its players, presenting them with a series of complex riddles.               The synonyms of the word “flummox” is------------(Baffle).

99.Mr. Berry feels that the world today is not ------------it was during his childhood. (as safe as)

100.Draw the line between (make a connection)

eng101 solved mcqs fall 2020 grad quiz 2020

101.There is a -----------------difference between written and spoken English.(considerable)

101.There is an optimum way to approach each kind of exam question. (best)

102.computers carry primary and --------memory. (secondary)

103.I will never forget the earth quick -------------in Italy.It------------on April6,2009.(that happened ,occured)

104.-----------------is central to mature writing. (Good Argumentation)

105.what is synonoums for the word cent? (penny)

106.What is synonoums for the word ILLECT? (Illegal)

107.If you see someone falloff their bike. You can infer that: They have lost their balance

108.The comparison in discourse are generally used to show------------(All of above)

109.The man with all the birds--------on my street. (lives)

  1. When apple growers talk about new varieties of apples, they don't mean something developed last month, last year, or even in the last decade (New varieties of apples take many years to develop.)

111.Thomas Edison --------------many filaments for his incandescent lamp. (tired)

  1. the purpose of a table is to give the reader...........information at glance. (Numerical)
  2. Cloze test helps in developing the habit of concentrated reading
  3. One cause of slow reading is--------------, which means of forming the sounds of each word even through you may not say them aloud. (Vocalization)

115.The children are tired-------------happy after their trip to the zoo. (but)

116.Flowcharts are usually drawn using some standard----------------symbol

117.My daughter is great cook, she has---------------her grandmother. (taken after)

118.The student asked if he could have an--------------on his paper. (extent)

119.Eucalptus and Quinine are often hailed as wonder medicines by herbalists for their “prophylactic “effects.

The words enclosed in inverted commas mean (preventative)

120.This is a---------------- movie (new Italian wonder full)

  1. I was wearing my powder-blue suit, with dark blue shirt, tie and display handkerchief, black brogues, black wool socks with dark blue clocks on them.

The above quotation can be called a------------------sentences. (Compound complex)

122.Due to ------------in foreign investment, the leather goods business is declining day by day. (Reduction)

123.The class was too-----------for students at this level. Even the smartest students failed the course. (Advanced)

124.I’ll be back in the twinkling of-----------------------(an eye)

125.The hybrid computers-----------------the analog and the digital. (combines)

126.In everyday life, we keep on---------------(making inferences)

127.peripheral is the antonym of(central)

128.This is a beautiful flower

129.The water is too------------. I can’t see the bottom. Deep

130.The professor became so forceful, so dogmatic in his expression of opinions, that students began to leave his course.

  1. The type of conjunction that is used in compound sentences is coordinating conjunction.

132.Choose the most appropriate antonym for ‘Antagonist’Supporter

133.The children dug a large hole in the grass and then tried to fill it with water.

134.Factory managers constantly think of ways to increase EFFICIENCY TO manufacture more parts in less time.

135.Thw word ‘above’ is a (Preposition)

  1. Tell whether the following statement is Fact or Opinion: Manchester had the highest rainfall yesterday with 16.5 inches falling. 

Select correct option: (Fact)

  1.  Inflectional cloze is good for practicing grammar in a ......... passage. 


  1. 138.  The boy is really talented. He not only knows how to play the piano but can also compose music.

139.He was so worried about his coming examination result that he could-----sleep -----eat properly. Neither or nor

140.One of the benefits of reaching comprehension is the –Ability to assess and evaluate texts.

141.You must be CAREFUL when you are using a Knife.

142.i’ll be ready to leave IN about twenty minutes.

143.Paul and Cathy eat Their Sandwiches.

144.What is the synonym for the ‘word ‘cheap —Inexpensive

145.Didyou get to class AT   time this morning?

  1. The 'to' form of the verb is known as Infintive.
  2. 'Heart; is related to Blood in the same way as ‘lung’ is related to Oxygen.

148.Which one of these means a useless person? Dead Weight

149.The tiger is DANGEROUS.Dont’t get close to can hurt you.

150.Which one of the following statements expresses Opinion?Willaim Shakespeare is the greatest English Writer.

151.Topic sentences,they give you the main idea of the paragraph and are used while----------------written text. Skimming

152.Last week my neighbor had a serious heart attack. He HAS BEEN taken to the hospital.

153.Which of the following expression is not used to define or explain the new/unfamiliar terms or statements? ==Is taken to be

154.HE is OFF to Mumbai.

155.Although it was cold and the rain was getting heavier, We Decided to go fishing as planned. Complex

156.Amber could not see the board so she got glasses. She got glasses

  1. The clues used to complete cloze test are----non-Contextual

158.Evaluation means the ability to distinguish fact from  OPInions

159.She knew his Defection   was nothing more than a show of affection.

160.When I saw him, I couldn’t help but laugh

161.What Is the definition of EFFECT?

The result of what happened in a given situation.

  1. It is assumption It is a FALSE assumption that if one will read rapidly, one’s comprehension will suffer.

163.He is an old. Weak man and his case is severe. Sympathetic

164.The ‘unruly’ students had to stay after school for detention. (wild)

165.Listing markers---------------- is used to depict the sequential between the sentences or group of sentences.

166.The hybrid computer is a combination of both the-----and----computer. (digital; analog)

168.Which sentences is a compound sentence?

The room is painted yellow and it has big windows.

169.The Olympics attract ----from all over the world. Competiors

170.To make clean breast of: To confess without of reserve

171.Which one of the following is fact?

I received a 98% on the reading test.

172.The leading Performer had to change her costume no less than 14 times during the play.

173.which one of the following is a fact?

Dancing is forbidden in some societies

174.antonym to the word ‘tranquil’ from the following choices. URbulent

  1. In order to evaluate a text, the student must be able to discriminate facts from—Opinions

176.A simple sentence may have more than one SUBJECT.

177.Spain was powerful nation IN the 16th century

178.Which one of the is NOT the ADVERB? (Beautiful)

  1. The guy with the guitar came in and PLAYED ALONG.

180.I need an office to myself -----------. I can get some work done. (So That)

181.Delivery. which can distract us from the message, includes

182.As much as she wanted to listen to both speakers, she couldn’t not because the talks were (concurrent)

  1. Vocalization does not affect the reading speed at all ..FALSE

184.The adjective from of ‘Heaven’ is Heavenly.

185.Jack is Extremely upset about losing his keys.

186.My irrespons----little brother is usually kept away from anything break----------. (-ible, -able

187.It is a kind of fallacy often occurs in political debate. Personal attack

188.It was mental illness LEAD provoked Vincent van to commit suicide.

189.---AS------Canada has legalized hemp farming. We can expect to see pulp and paper produce from hemp very soon.

190.Choose the correct spelling===irritable

191.Most of us are deferential. (Respectful)

192.I will wait----------------6:30,butthen I ‘m going home.AT

193.The earth is the third planet from sun-Fact

  1. Mr. Berry feels that the world today is was during his childhood. (as safe as)

195.-------- moves from one idea to the next.(Transitional)

196.The British spellings of program are (Programme)

197.Marry is this your bike? No   OUR bike is in the backyard.

  1. Complete the sentence by choosing the correct option.
    As he was not prepared for making a speech, he broke _off_______ in the middle.

199.Because of the extreme fatigue----------a marathon, most runners must train for several months before hay are sufficiently conditioned. Involved in running

200.There --------206 bones are in the human body. Are

eng101 solved mcqs for grand quiz preparation

  1. Within the last few years a new and -------------science has been explored. Recently

202.After Paul Walker's unfortunate death shooting of the movie franchise of fast and furious was put ________.OFF

203.Fill in the blank appropriately by using given prefixes.

------------Visible. (in)

204.Which of the following is antonym of ‘Ambiguity’? Clarity

205.Peripheral is the antonym of: Concrete

206.The ----------------way of reading comprehension looks for unspecified information. (Interpretation)

207.I just bot my sisters old house for too million dollars.

208.The above sentence contains-----------------SPEELING AND TENSE MISTAKES.

209.Select the answer that best explains the metaphorical meaning of the given idiom.

Split hairs-to make something less complex.

210.Choose the most appropriate synonym for camouflage. (Deception)

  1. Ali says there is nothing relaxing about chopping wood, swatting mosquitoes and cooking over woodstove. Complex Sentence
  2. Complete the sentence by choosing the correct connector.
    Hina seems to be quite clever _Neverthess_______, she often gets low marks

213.Bread and butter-------our daily foods. Are

  1. All like him immensely regardless of the fact that he is times rather dishonest.
  2. She is simply a wonderful person-  asamatter of fact a real angel to be precis
  3. I scolded him quite harshly  inorderthat he refrained from being shockingly irregular to school.

    217. He is quite a lovable fellow  even if he tends to be utterly idiotic at times.

    218.. He is not a bit gifted  nevertheless he puts in such diligent efforts that he does considerably better than is expected of him.
    219. Pauline and Bruno have a big argument every summer over where they should spend their summer vacation. Complex Sentence
    220. He stole-something beneath his dignity-  owing to the fact that he was utterly broke and very hungry.

    221.. He is quite a generous fellow,  on the contrary his spouse is a shockingly selfish individual.

    222. I prefer reading,  inasmuch as I believe that it is the one and only method with which to tone up my language.

    223. He is a very repulsive fellow,  furthermore his ambitious nature makes him quite a dangerous customer!

    224. He is sunk,  in other words there is no hope left for him at all-such is his pathetic state of affairs!

    225. She is simply a wonderful person-  as a matter of fact a real angel to be precise!
  4. Pauline loves to go to the beach and spend her days sunbathing- Simple Sentence
  5. Bruno, on the other hand, likes the view that he gets from the log cabin up in the mountains, and he enjoys hiking in the forest. Compound-Complex Sentence
  6. Bruno dislikes sitting on the beach; he always gets a nasty sunburn- Compound Sentence

229.Tick the correct option.

I intended to marry her.

230.We are standing in kitchen (doing)the dishes. BASE VERB

231.The Child’s Baloon was slowly----into the sky. Rising

232.Which sentence is a compound-complex sentence?

When Asad saw a rainbow he ran to get his camera and the rainbow disappeared.

  1. you can skim a text by reading The first line by reading of every paragraph.
  2. The mainframes (large) process. large amount of data

235.Select the answer that best explains the metaphorical meaning of the given idiom.To Keep one’s temper- To be in good mood

236.To catch a tartar   To catch a dangerous person

237.To drive home   To emphasise

238.To have an axe to grind A private end to serve

  1. To end in smoke To ruin oneself
  2. which is true of the following example?

The people whose names are on the list will go to camp”. This sentences contains n adjectival clause

241.-Because jane has not caught--------- any trout yet, she is going to change the bait she is using.

242.Select the answer that best explain the metaphorical meaning of the given idiom.

Split hairs :to make trivial distinctions

243.But I (already/travel) to London a couple of times. Have already travel

  1. Continued high-blood pressure is dangerous


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